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I've been taking a lot of big steps lately to move away from toxic mainstream products. I'm especially keen on homemade products now that we have very little money to spend on anything besides bills.

I've got almost everything covered now except facial moisturizer and shampoo. Tell me about my best options. I am considering no-poo but am a bit timid about it. What are your tips, and what can I expect during the transition period? If I do use natural shampoos, do I need to use them as often as the mainstream stuff? Is there a transition period if I switch to something like Aubrey Organics?

As far as moisturizer, I'm pretty overwhelmed. I use Cosmetics Database but they are very against SPF in the products, and that's not a huge deal to me, but it skews the ratings so I don't know what's ok for me and what isn't. I've heard about using olive oil, but is there a specific kind, and what kinds of oils to use? I've been fairly acne-prone all my life, and I'm coming up on 30, so anti-wrinkle is a plus too. Do you mix it all together, dilute it, what?

Help me out, please!