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Merrimack NH Docs--help needed!

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Hello hello
I am finally in the granite state after one hell of a moving battle! I posted quite a while back looking for family doctor recommendations, but that was when I thought we'd be in Nashua. It turned out that we rented a place in Merrimack super close to the Amherst/Bedford town lines. We are just off of 101. I need a family practicioner for my burgeoning family. We currently have a 2yo, unvaxed, BF'ing little lady and a bambino on the way (Halloweenish). I have gotten some ideas from my midwife but I would LOVE some personal recommendations from folks who actually use the docs.
I have heard of Dr. O'Terri in Bedford but my 2 tiny problems with her are 1) she is booking 2-3mo out for new healthy patients and 2) the practice is a good 25min away. After living in the middle of nowhere, rural NY for 6 years I am being a little greedy & hoping to have a 10min drive to "modern" conveniences, like food and medical care I am also an asthmatic and really need to find a doc to establish as my provider so I can get refills of my inhaler...not sure in NH midwives can Rx them for me....?
Anyone out there, I would REALLY really appreciate your candid thoughts/comments on docs in the Merrimack vicinity. We have not vaccinated yet and are still under debate about which if any we'd give to our children, so this is a player in our hunt for an open minded doc who our insurance will cover. We are a one income family and as much as I'd love to have a naturopath or anthroposophic leaning doc we simply can't afford to pay out of pocket. Thanks a bunch in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on a side note.....anyone looking for an addition to their playgroup or a new friend?? Since we have recently arrived, I don't know a soul!! My dd is quite shy and sensitive (completely unlike her mama ) and we'd love to hang out with a small group of other 2yo.
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Dr. Oteri is well worth the wait!!! Both ds and I see her (and DH sees Dr. Mattin from the same practice- also a great guy, but more mainstream) and she is beyond awesome (and we drive from Milford to see them.) We are very happy with the care both DS and I get from her..... Not sure of anyone else is the area who is as willing to do selective/no vax as she is!
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I know that the drive to Dr Oteri is a pain but she really is wonderful! If you can get past the drive, I have a tip for getting in a bit faster then the 2-3 mo wait. When I was preg with DD, I had to report my choice for a pedi to my mw group. I called Dr Oteri's office and explained that DS needed his 2yr Well Baby check and that I had another on the way. They got me in in abt 4wks. She told me at the visit, when the baby's born to call and they would "squeeze" us in within 5days of her birth.

I'll PM you with the only negative about her office. It's very minor but i don't want to violate the UA.
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If you need a chiropracor, Dr. Tony Giancola at Total Chiropractic is great!
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The ARNP Jill St George at Family Health and Wellness Center in Bedford is pretty chill. We got in to see her in like a week or two. She didn't bat an eye at my un-vaxxed DD. She works with Dr. Thompson, who is very holistic/non-vax friendly. He books 3 months out too.

We see Dr. Oteri for my twin boys. We just love her!! She is awesome. My DH and I see Dr. Matten, he is pretty chill too. When Dr. Thompson was part of Willowbend, we saw him for her, but now he moved, so our daughter now is at Family Health and Wellness until I switch her over to Willowbend.
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Thanks for the info ladies It is reassuring to know that Dr. Oteri is so beloved by her patients.

I have been using Dr. Tony for the past 2 weeks and LOVE him. My insurance co. actually gave me his name and I am really suprised that the practice is so amazing.

I live right around the corner from the Family Health & Wellness center so it is good to know someone has had positive experiences there.

More suggestions welcome. As I noted before we can't get in w/ Dr. Oteri until late October so I am still keeping options open.
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