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Baby Blessing how to??

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I need to know a few things about having a Baby Blessing instead of a Baptism my husband and I are not any one particular religion but believe that it is important for our baby to receive blessings, best wishes, and love from our family and friends. I was thinking it would be kinda like my blessing way??? I guess... Any suggestions?
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Any books or websites that anyone has found when they threw their baby blessing would be helpful. We were thinking about planting a tree to grow with her and have a candle lighting where my husband and I make vows to protect and nurture her then each person in our family lights a candle and says their blessing, words of wisdom or promises that they have written for Brooke. At my blessingway we had each person bring a bead or charm that represented their love for myself and the baby that I wore during labor, I was thinking of doing something similar but have them be items that represent something meaningful that they would like to pass along to Brooke.
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I'd be interested in this as well......

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Check out Real Life Rituals by Karyl Huntley. Page 126 has a script for a beautiful baby blessing that can be done with just parents and with loved ones. Here's the Amazon.com link:

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I like the idea of having people write something for her.

I live abroad and all of my good friends are scattered across the globe, so I couldn't have a regular blessing way....but I did have them send a bead in the mail, along with a written message for me. I have to say it was really special to have those cards to keep and look at and remember the blessings. We also did something similar at our wedding party, had each person write a message for us folded on a small piece of paper and put in a box, and when DH and I are in a rough spot we take out one of the messages and read it. I reckon it might be really special for Brooke to have those blessings to look at later in her life. Perhaps you could ask people to write their best little piece of wisdom about life or something like that, that she'll read later on.

You could also give each person some seeds and ask them to plant a flower/tree/plant for Brooke with a blessing as they do, so there'll be plants growing in various gardens/woods for her.

That's all I could think of right now, not much I know. GL.
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This is how we did ours and a resource list.
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moving to Spirituality... congratulations and blessings on your family!
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ours was very simple. we invited people to join us at a friend's home/yogastudio/garden, where we got into a circle and everyone said their piece--a poem or blessing, and that was it.
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Baby blessings are such a great way to welcome a newborn into the world! My SIL hired an officiant to do their baby blessing - kind of like you would for a wedding.

They did it in their backyard and gathered out in nature on a beautiful Spring day. The officiant read some stuff. We participated, as we are the godparents, and she basically asked us if we would care for the child as our own if something were to happen. She then asked all the family gathered to support and nourish and love the family. They did do a sort of water blessing with water and rose petals. There was a prayer moment. It was beautiful and special without being overtly religious.

I think with an officiant you can tailor it to how you want! Just like with a wedding you can ask them to say/do things or not do.
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