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what is the ht/wt of your 27 month old? or around that age...

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my ds is 35 in. and weighs 27 lbs. his doc is not worried or anything, i just think hes looking small today

my husband and myself are 5'9 him, and 5'4 me. so we're not incredibly tall and we're pretty slim too.

my son eats well, moves around a lot, sleeps well, and gets pretty good outside time daily. the only thing he doesnt eat regularly is dairy.

what are all of your digits? hehe
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At that age ds was probably 37-38" and 38lbs, but he's always been off the charts giant.
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DS is now 3.5, and weighs 29#s and is ~37+" tall. At that age he was probably ~34-35" and ~24-25#s... sounds fine to me
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DD was about 36" and 29 lbs. She is taller than most, seems about right
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Cant say for sure but Jack was 35 1/4 in and 28 pounds at his 19 month check up. We havent been back since.

At 2yr check up my other boys were
Logan 36 in
Connor 35 in
nathan 37 in

Dont remember their weights
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dd, a vegan, is 30 lbs. and 34", at 27 months.
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DS is almost 28 months, at his appt. last month was 36" and 33-ish pounds. He's a big boy though, 90th percentiles still. (He hasn't gained any weight since 18m, but he grew like four inches!)
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DS, 27 months, 35.5" and about 28 lbs. I actually thought he was looking bigger lately...our LO's seem to be almost the exact same measurements. DH is 6'2" and I am 5'6 and both of us are smallish in frame, so we always expected DS to be at least a little taller but he has always kinda been a runt
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My twins are 26 months old. They are both about 35" tall. Dd is about 25lbs and ds is about 28lbs.

For what it's worth (at their 2 year check up) my dd1 was 35" and 26lbs and my ds1 was 35" and 30lbs.
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cooollll!!!! thanks mamas! what do you think helps kids grow more? genes? sleep? certain vitamins? im sure everything, just wondering if someone actually heard something before....
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DD is a very petite 28m old. She is btwn 32 & 33in tall & 20ish lbs. we are not worried. I'm not a very big person & she has always been small.

fwiw she eats a lot & nursed until she was about 25m when I lost my milk (I'm pregnant).
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My (vegan) son was about 33 lbs. at that age. Unsure on his height, but it was slightly above average.
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20 month old ds is 36 inches and 24 pounds.
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My dd is 33" and 26lb
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DS is around 34" and maybe 26-27 lbs...I haven't weighed him lately, though.
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DS is 25 pounds and forget his height but the Dr said he is 50%ile for both. He was 24 months at that checkup.
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I can't remember height but my 28 mo old was 26 lbs, I think that is a little lower than average. People always comment on her being small but I think its because her 4 yo brother is the size of a 6 year old
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My 21 month old is about 32-33 inches and around 21.5 pounds. She still wears 12 month clothing (though the pants are short!).
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My youngest is 24 mths and is 25 lbs and 34"
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At 28 months: 39 inches and about 36 pounds. Size 10 shoes.
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