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What's on your 'to-get' list for the baby?

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It sounds like a lot of you guys are feeling nest-y. I bet we're all making lists. lol

In my head it seems like I have a LOT of stuff to get, but when I write it down it doesn't seem like all that much, lol.

car seat (though I haven't decided if I want a bucket or a convertible)
newborn layette
a few outfits in NB size
more outfits in 3-6 months
muslin swaddlers
breast pump and pumping gear

I think that's it--it looks manageable when it write it down
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*Carseat is #1. And like you Cami, I can't decide between a bucket or a convertable.
*l/s tees and s/s tees
*one of these http://www.babytrend.com/nursery_centers_close_n_cozy/ I dont know if I will actually side car it (i am a co-sleeper) but for sure in the living room
*more prefolds. Lots more
*baby socks
*new boppy, ours has seen better days
*muslin wraps (ordered so yay)

if I find a cheap swing, maybe one of those too, but I hate all the space they take up.
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I don't think anything!
The only thing I wanted was a travel swing and i found one at a yard sale for $5 in awesome condition!
Well we are buying bunk beds for the boys so I can use #2s crib for the newbie.

(as for the carseat, I don't you didn't ask LOL but I like the bucket for newborns and then bump to the convertible at 4 months or so, even though I have big kids (almost 10#) they get swallowed by the convertible - we have the britax decathlon. I got a snugride graco at target on sale for $59 I think? We are reusing #2s....)
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Not much, I have everything from DS I think even the clothes are mostly gender neutral, though I'm sure we're having another boy!
I did buy a Didymos and some diapers (DS didn't start CDs until he was 6 months old), I'm getting an Ergo bought for me, I'm buying a second hand bouncy seat or whatever it's called and a cosleeper and maybe a swing. I used it very little with DS (it was borrowed), but for a couple nights was a lifesaver. So we'll see
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Yeah, carseat. DS is close to outgrown with his infant seat (he's small, and it went up to 30 pounds), so we'll move him up to a convertible and reuse the bucket seat. If anyone's debating, we've really loved the Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat - easy to use, easy to install, and safe from 4 lbs up (most carseats have a higher minimum weight requirement, and DS was only 5 pounds when he came home from the NICU). The carrier heavy, but since we're babywearers, we never had much of an issue with that - the furthest we'd carry him was from the car into the house if he was napping. I'm glad to be able to reuse it!

I found a stash of 24 newborn dipes which I snapped up quick as I could, so that part of what I wanted is done. I want about 12 more one-size (10-30 lb) fitteds for when s/he outgrows the newborn stuff, so all the diapers fit both kids.

Changing table where stuff can be accessible! Our arrangement right now is diapers in a dresser drawer, changing DS on the floor on a pillow/on the couch/wherever, and stuff gets scattered and is lost to the ages, especially when I have a toddler with a poopy bottom running around (or so it seems). I also want a wipes warmer - we use cloth wipes, so I want it mainly as a place to keep some wipes pre-moistened and ready to roll. Basically, just to have one place where I KNOW that there will be the stuff I need to change whichever kid needs a pants change at that moment!

I want lots of frilly stuff if I'm having a girl - but kind of punk/alternative frilly. Yes, I'm totally going to be that person. And I'm going to knit her a strawberry hat. It will be awesome. I'm sorry, am I digressing ?

Other than that stuff, we've got everything we're going to need, I think. I'm probably going to be able to borrow a swing, bouncy chair, etc., so won't have to buy any of that stuff - and I've got my Moby wrap in good working condition (though it's on loan to a friend right now), so we're pretty minimal on the stuff-buying front!
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Originally Posted by BunnyMcFluff View Post
breast pump and pumping gear
I got a prescription from my OB for insurance to cover the rental of a hospital-grade pump for when DS was in the NICU. It was for "as long as necessary to maintain lactation," and I think it made a big difference! Maybe you could look into that with doc/midwife before shelling out $$$ for a pump? I don't know if they'll do it all the time - but no harm in asking!
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Originally Posted by ComplexOphelia View Post
I got a prescription from my OB for insurance to cover the rental of a hospital-grade pump for when DS was in the NICU. It was for "as long as necessary to maintain lactation," and I think it made a big difference! Maybe you could look into that with doc/midwife before shelling out $$$ for a pump? I don't know if they'll do it all the time - but no harm in asking!
Thanks! That reminds me that I need to check into that again. Last time, I called our insurance company to see if that would be covered and they said no right off the bat. But I think I just didn't push hard enough. I'll definitely check it out!
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My list will be much longer if this baby's a girl, since everything I have is pretty boy-oriented. I'll need an entire wardrobe for her, although I still have a few gender neutral and tie-dyed onesies that will work for either.

Otherwise, I will want/need:

A moby wrap
A baby bond nursing cover (I'm not modest, but DH is and I want the baby to be able to nurse without his/her face covered!) http://babybondnursing.com/couture/#
Another boppy & cover (mine got kind of ratty towards the end)
Jogging stroller (preferably the awesome Phil & Ted's one with the doubles kit)
A chest of drawers for DS (we're passing his changing table/drawers to the baby)
Bucket car seat
new tubes for my Medela breast pump
Breast-feeding friendly bottles (I like the Breastflow ones)
Nursing bras (I lost weight since last baby-yay!)
Glamour Mom tops
newborn diaper covers (we're using diaper service for prefolds)
a few eco-friendly packs of disposables for the meconium weeks
Burt's Bees baby basket (has shampoo, lotion, etc)
a NICE light-weight stroller (all our umbrella strollers were crappy)

And if it's a girl:

Mary Jane socks
A bonnet (I know, but I want one!)
newborn sundresses
a few hair bows (all the girls in DH's family were born bald)
Lots of purple blankets, onesies and general baby stuff!
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I really need to go through what baby clothes we still have left (I have a tendency to give baby clothes away so I don't know what I have left) but I know other than clothes we don't have much for the baby. I do still have My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow, which is my life saver when my baby is small. Bad back+baby=back spasms for me so it saves me a lot of pain. Oh and I do have a beautiful diaper bag waiting to be used and the coming home outfits for both a boy and a girl. Im seperating my list into two, one things I need to get.. the other things either DH or myself want to get.

Some good baby shampoo for just in case messes. I didn't use soap with my oldest until she was probably 10 months but my youngest got a few soap bathes as young as 4 months since DD1 would get her dirty (think mud or finger paints+baby..)
Nursing bras- Ive gone up another size (save me!) so I need the next size up for when the baby comes.
Diapers- I need to go through what I have and see what still serviceable and what needs to be replaced
Wipes- most of these got used to pieces last baby
Carseat- bucket for now, convertible wouldn't have fit either of my babies well (and they were BIG) so Im not thinking it would fit this one well either.
Clothes depending on what I have. These Ill either swap at the clothing swap in November or try to get cheap from a friend.
Co-sleeper- never needed one before but my girls still sneak into bed at night a lot of the time so I want a designated hands off area for the baby.
New tubing/shields for the breast pump
Some recieving blankets and burp clothes. I know i gave either all or most of these away.
Nursing pads- I used disposables with both girls but I want to use cloth this time. Im hoping it will be easier on my skin and not cause it to flake so much.
Post-Partum pads- Id like to get some clothe ones of these as well that I can use afterwards.
Themometer- I never remember this and my kids don't share themometers, they each get their own
Bulb sucker- they dont' have them for sale over here and the hospital doesn't provide them so I have to order one off the net.

Would like to get
Diaper Pail- I couldn't get the smell out of the last one I had after DD used it to throw the sandwich she didn't want to eat anymore into it..
Soft night light for the bedroom to make midnight diaper changes easier
Wipe warmer- both girls hated cold wipes in the middle of the night and it would make it hard to put them back to sleep
Moses basket- for a safe place to put the baby down in the living room.
Swing- DH really wants to get one for some reason, I don't want to. We are still debating this.
Wrap- I LOVED my wrap for DD2 but it ended up with a hole in it I can't mend so Id like to replace it.
Mai Tei- I have a Beco and a Ergo but neither fit me well. DH loves both and uses them but the straps tend to fall off my shoulders because they are so big. I had a mai tei that I used to death so Id like to replace it.
Ergo infant insert- DH prefers the ergo to any of the other carriers but it needs an insert to wear with a newborn.
Nursing basket- I like to have a basket of supplies near me when I nurse to keep the bigger one(s) entertained and to have cream/rags/pads nearby so I dont' have to search for them with the baby eating.
DH wants to get a single stroller for when we take walks.
For when the baby is older: an exerciser and a booster seat to attach to the dining room chairs.

Things I need to make:
Im going to try to make all the pads/diapers/wipes etc.
Wrap for when we go to the ocean (which is a lot)
Blessing outfit (our church doesn't do infant baptisms but they do infant naming/blessings, I want to make a special outfit for this baby to wear)
Matching outfits for the girls to wear for when we do pictures after the hospital stay. I promised my MIL she would get family pictures before this one turns a year! Last time the first family picture we have DD2 was 13 months for.

I think thats it. Im sure Im forgetting something though. I always forget something. Could someone please remind me not to give most of my baby stuff away when the girls outgrow it? I gave a lot of stuff away and found out I was pregnant a couple weeks after, happened the same way with DD1.
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A diaper pail
A new tube of calendula cream
Batteries for the thermometer

maybe a new carseat if they make them with a vibrate option these days. My son HATED riding in the infant seat once we upgraded to a smoother running car. Not a peep out of him when we rolled around in the rickety loud diesel truck...and his sister just always hated the infant seat. I got pretty good at driving around one-handed, reaching back to shake the carseat with the other so I could concentrate to drive and not hear shrieking baby. Dangerous, I know. I'll totally pay up to $100 for a vibrating carseat. Would be worth every penny, to me.
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If its a girl we need nothing except for an infant seat. I didnt want a baby bucket with my first and I learned the hard way. The britax marathon says it starts at 5lbs. Well, she was 7lbs and the straps were just huge on her. We borrowed a friends peg perego seat that I loved. So we will need a new one for this baby. If its a boy we need clothes.
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I loved the chicco key fit. It was good for the first year and then I moved my DD up to a Britax. I lent it to a friend and can't wait to use it again. Best infant car seat ever.

I don't need much.

- new sling
- more newborn diapers
- new wipes
- baby clothes
- shampoo and lotion
- bouncy seat (so I can't shower)
- boppy (my dog ate mine)
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Car seat
Bassinet or co-sleeper
New sling or infant insert for my ergo
Baby bath tub
Breastmilk storage bottles and bags
New bouncer if it's a boy
Crib bedding (M has pretty much torn his up)
Nursing cover (for church)
Newborn diapers
Receiving blankets and burp cloths
Diaper pail
Bulb syringe

Tresa- I think they make things that clip to your carseat to vibrate them... it's so you don't have to get a bouncer or move a sleeping baby from their carseat when you get into the house. You should look for them.
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Originally Posted by ComplexOphelia View Post
I got a prescription from my OB for insurance to cover the rental of a hospital-grade pump for when DS was in the NICU. It was for "as long as necessary to maintain lactation," and I think it made a big difference! Maybe you could look into that with doc/midwife before shelling out $$$ for a pump? I don't know if they'll do it all the time - but no harm in asking!
I'm pretty sure that's JUST a NICU thing. They don't consider it necessary if baby is home and capable of eating since you can just pop them on the boob. It doesn't hurt to check in case they're feeling generous though. The Symphony was the best pump ever... Not that I'm dissing my PIS, it's good too.
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I have basically all the clothes and shoes I need until the babe is 6 months.
I need:
-a car seat
-a Beco and baby Buddha wrap
-a sidecar co-sleeper
-diapers, pre-folds and I want some Motherease
-newborn EC potty
-nursing tanks
-bath tub
-natural rubber pacifier (just in case)

For the future I want:
-a jolly jumper
-amber teething necklace
- stokke highchair

I've been watching the used ads for some good deals. I got my change table for $5 and all it needs is new change pad.

I also will need to get my homebirth supplies. I basically have nothing.
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Car seat: which reminds me, we still have our Maxi Cosi Mico which starts at 5 pounds and doesn't expire until 2013. DS barely fit in it out of the hospital, he weighed 5lb 8oz when we went home... He was so tiny. But 4 months later he outgrew the bucket and moved on to his Britax Boulevard... The Maxi Cosi is blue, but I don't mind that color for either gender

@ understars: DS HATED the bathtub. We got a rather fancy one with built-in thermometer. I'm trying hard to sell it now. We are getting a tummy tub, totally forgot to mention it!
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We thought we were done, so I got rid of a lot of things. However, I still have my wraps and slings and baby blankets. I also have a pack n play for sleeping (or rather, protecting the baby from his/her toddler sibling).

I need:

belly and hip binders for me ()
bathtub (gonna have to check out this "tummy tub" nia mentioned)
sheets for pack n play
diaper bag
boppy and cover
bouncy chair
baby toiletry kit
natural baby soap of some kind
nursing cover for when we're out
burp cloths
nursing pads

Not necessary, but if I find one cheap at a garage sale/craigslist, I might get a swing and a Moses basket.
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the funny thing with the to-get list is, i want to keep it pretty simple, and yet it seems like a lot to get!

we'll be co-sleeping with baby between me and edge of bed, so topping the list is:
i found it online, and heard good things about it
cloth and disposable diapers (this is the only thing my husband and i don't agree on, so we'll be doing both to start with and see how it goes...i still have lots of deciding to do on what cloth diapers!)
car seat
clothes, we do have quite a few if it's a girl, and a few for either, but it'll be on the cool side, so i need to get some warmer things for outings (it's so cal, so it's not that cold)
kangaroo korner pouch for me
ergo carrier (probably) for my husband
baby clippers
receiving blankets
diaper pail

i think that's about it, but i'm sure there are one or two things i'll pick up as i see them in store! it feels so real looking at the list...but it also seems to early to go buy the list... i'm going to wait maybe a month more, then start getting a little at a time. i definitely don't want to be doing all the shopping in the last month!
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Originally Posted by homemademom View Post
natural baby soap of some kind
Have you looked at Earth Mama Angel Baby? I looooove their soap/shampoo, it lasts me for a long, long time, and it gets an A+ for safety! It's just castile soap, but in a self-foaming bottle, and it has a few moisturizing agents, too, I think - it leaves skin softer than just soap. I think it smells great, but it has no fragrances (just orange & vanilla e.o.'s). It's the one we're going to continue using - I wish I'd known about it during our NICU days. We used California Baby, but I'd prefer this.
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It doesn't seem like much, but I'm freaking out about getting it all done in time!

-Clothes (we live in a trailer with limited storage space, I've only kept the outfits from DS that I LOVED.)
-Need to knit longies in smaller sizes - DS was a summer baby.
-Baby soap - bathing was very important from day one with DS - he was born coated in meconium.
-A baby bath sling thing
-sheets for the crib
-A few more receiving blankets
-Towels, pads etc for the birth
-pick up borrowed bouncy chair
-want a Moby, but don't thing the money will stretch that far. I have a woven and a gauze, so I don't NEED it, but I WANT it.

After a few months:
-Ergo or Beco, whichever is cheaper
-Medium size covers and other diapering things
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