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I must have a new Boppy. My husband ruined mine, and I deserve a new one.

My DD turns 3 just after this new one comes; we kept all the big "stuff" and it should all still be good. We will need to buy a new bed, but I don't know what to do about that. DD will be moving to her new room a few months before new baby comes so she doesn't feel displaced. She is currently sleeping in a crib the converts to a toddler bed (and later to a full size bed; we already have both sets of rails). But I don't think either of us is ready for her to be out of the crib. If we were ready for her to be in a toddler bed, I think I'd just buy a new toddler bed for her and keep her convertible crib in the nursery. Technically, we won't be needing the crib in the nursery until new baby is 3-4 months (we'll be using a moses basket in a rocking stand next to my bed until then) so she could stay in the crib for awhile and my idea of just buying the toddler bed would work. But if the convertible crib gets taken apart to be taken to the new room, it's most likely staying in that room. Sorry for the ramble.

I'll probably buy a lot of clothes either way (I'm a baby clothes horse), but we have the basic newborn clothing covered. We didn't find out DD's gender until birth, so almost all our newborn stuff is gender neutral.

For anyone that needs a breast pump, aside from checking with your insurance, check with your or your partner's workplace to see if they have any programs. My husband's work has a program where I got a Medela Pump in Style and 2 phone consultations with LCs for $120. I'm debating having him see if I can use the program again, so that I don't have to lug the pump to work everyday. But that's not really a necessity, so I might not do it. My SIL got a free pump from her work.

I am thinking about maybe getting some newborn sized cloth diapers. I need to get the elastic repaired in DD's small Fuzzi Bunz. She wore them for 15 months, so the elastic is pretty shot. We didn't start with the FBs until DD was 2 or 3 weeks, so I'm interested in maybe trying to do it from the start this time.
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We will probably need some more clothes for the baby. We have a boy and a girl but they were both summer(ish) babies so I don't really have much newborn stuff for a winter baby.

I need to sew some more cloth wipes as ours are totally worn out.

I have to go through the diapers and probably just add a few to replace the stuff that's worn out.

I'd like to make a mobile with the kids (hand sewn felt birds hanging from wire cross pieces).

Wishlist item is an ergo or beco. We already have a moby wrap and a New Native pouch sling and I love both for their specific uses but are limited in certain ways too.

Thinking about a manual pump just so mama can occasionally leave the kids with dad for a bit.

Also need some new nursing bras.
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I have tons of stuff to DO, but not that much to BUY. Since this is our 3rd baby in 4.5 years, we have pretty much everything we need. I'm sure I'll come up with a few things I'll want, though.

The main buying plans I have involve stocking up on bulky things like toilet paper and paper towels and everything else I can possibly stock up ahead of time. I'm also going to buy tons of meat and make frozen meals for the outdoor freezer. I want grocery shopping trips to be as simple as possible for the first 6 months or we'll wind up eating out too much.
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I've been making lists, but right now a good part of it is that I need to go sort through our current baby stuff. I can't find my moby wrap
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Bucket car seat.
Mam Eco Wrap (I have a woven, but I want an elastic one too, and I'm hoping to get my friends Mei Tai because I love it).
Flat diapers, I'm using them as diapers and as burp cloths, so many.
And get my mum to knit wool panties/covers in NB (I have some in bigger sizes).
I'm getting some fitted diapers from my friend, so don't know if I need any, won't be using them the first months anyway.
Changing mat.
Babywearing cover.
Breast pump and gear (like breastmilk storage).
Nursing bras. Wool nursing pads. (And 'sposie nursing pads probably.)
Bugaboo Cameleon stroller (I'm a babywearer, but still want a stroller. To hold stuff, and when great-grandma wants to stroll, and there might be days here that is too cold to carry in.)
Baby thermometer, bulb sucker (might get both at the hospital, check that first), nail file, newborn paracetamol (never used it before, but like to have it in the house just in case), and some calendula/zink cream perhaps. We already use Weleda calendula soap bar and shampoo/body wash for the other kids and me, so no need, and my kids are shampoo free for years, and soap free for as long as possible.
New wash cloths and towels.
Diaper pail with lid for CD's. (I know I'll get a diaper genie for 'sposies for free in a shop here, I might use that if it's possible.)
Bath tub.
Some blankies in cotton.
Soft night light (I know which one).
Nursing basket. Stuff to go in there will probably be mum's job while I'm in the hospital after birth or summat.
Covers, I dunno what you guys would call it, it's for the baby to have over her/him when sleeping, at night and outside in a stroller. Don't think you guys use it too much, but it looks like this. Grownups have them too. We call it dyna in aussie slang. Baby needs it's own even with co-sleeping. We co-sleep at night, and babywear most of the day/for naps. But we also have a family cradle that we'll be having in the living room, me and my brothers and our cousins used it when we were little, my cousin's daughter is using it now.
And I hope my friend is borrowing me her stroller cover thing. Don't know what you guys'd call this either, looks like this. I have one from when I was little that we are using, but I'll only last for a little while. So I'll need a bigger one (at least for next winter). It has sheep skin inside, both of them.
And I'm getting new sheep skins for the baby, at least one, maybe two.
Clothes, I know I'll probably need some newborn wool. Onesies, pantyhose, pants, jumpers. A whole wool suit to wear outside.
My mum is gonna get to knit a few wool blankies (and I might get some from my friend) and wool hats at least, I dunno how she feels about socks/booties and gloves (without fingers, not even thumb), otherwise I might need that too.
And I don't know how much clothes I'll need yet, my friend is borrowing me a lot from her kid, but she was born in september, so I might need some.
And another friend has a feb. kid and is letting me have a lot of her stuff/selling some of it cheap.

Yup, it's cold here in winter. Easily down to between -10 and -20 C's.
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This will be our first baby, so we're still planning our long list. I've found this thread incredibly helpful for figuring out things we may have forgotten and things we could do without or wait on.

Thanks and keep it coming!
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I don't know if we'll be able to afford it but I absolutely want a great camera before February! This is our last baby and I really want good photos of the birth and newborn period this time. No more low light blurry shots of the first time my children meet please!
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I thought of another thing I would like to get if we can find the time (mostly time, its not that expensive but the one I like is only on one store on the island, an hour drive away) and thats a beach tent.. We go to the beach ALOT and if the baby is like his/her sisters and mommy he/she will burn easily. I found a nice family beach tent that we can even have a picnic in.
Sounds kind of silly but I go from white to lobster in under 10 minutes in the sun (about 2 hours if I wear the best sunscreen I can get) and my girls are just as bad but it would make everyone pretty unhappy not to be able to get some beach time. Some of our favorite family outings involve the beach.
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It depends on whether this one is (finally) a girl or not! lol

If this one is a boy, then all we'll want/need is:

double stroller

sleepy wrap

I'd love a good video monitor even though we co-sleep. It would be REALLY nice for naps when I'm in the other room or need to go outside momentarily with the older ones!

A new washer so I can use cloth diapers again (although I admit I've been truly spoiled by the convenience of disposables )

ummm...yeah, if this is a boy, then I think that's it. If this is a girl, we need a whole new wardrobe! lol
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reading this thread is making me feel nervous! i have been thinking that we will find a house and then i can start "really" planning for everything, but now i am feeling worried.
even though this is our third, because we moved to germany, we need pretty much everything. on our recent trip, i went through the boxes we have stored at my parents and picked out all of the gender neutral clothes (we had two girls, don't know yet for this time,) some of my favorite baby toys, and we took the bouncy chair apart and brought it too. here, we bought a highchair. it is a real old-fashioned beauty, but needs some work. hopefully we can talk my fil into putting in some time on that.

but, there were so many things that i had hoped to find in storage that we must have gotten rid of (it was our last baby afterall.....)

what i need to order now is the bradly book that i used last time, spiritual midwifery, and maybe a copy of "the baby catcher" my dh and i have read it together with each pregnancy and i miss that.

they have "kid flea markets" here with tons of stuff for cheap- every town has one in the spring and fall. i hope to find blankets, diapers, clothes and misc..stuff there. but, i do want to wait for a bed until we know about a house.....
oh a house....
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