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I'm Done!!!

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Desmond Thomas was born this morning after 2 hours of labour. I was debating on whether or not to have a home birth, but by the time the midwife arrived, I was 8cms and he was born 40 minutes later. It was an intense yucky back labour, but I'm glad it was quick and I was able to stay at home and deliver him quickly and well supported by my midwives and doula to listen to my body, which said "End this now!!!!" and so I had three monster pushes and out he was. He's nursing like a champ and is a really calm fella, big brothers are thrilled to have a new one and sang him happy birthday when grandparents brought them over.

I'm soooooo glad he's on the outside, I'm sore, but I really like my non-pregnant status and being able to hug this cutie-pie.
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Congrats mama, welcome Desmond!
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DDC to congratulate another Ontario Mama!!!!

Enjoy your babymoon. Welcome to the world sweet baby boy
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Aww, congratulations! I had three monster pushes with my dd, too. It felt amazing to be done that quickly!
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AWESOME! Congratulations!
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Sounds like a wonderful birth! Congrats mama!
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Congratulations mama!! Welcome baby Desmond!!
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Congratulations mama!!
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Fantastic! Congrats to you and your new little one!!
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Congratulations on your new little boy
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How fabulous! Big congratulations on your new addition!
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