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British Comedys

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I absolutely enjoy British Comedys the other day I found this show that I use to watch in the 90s, called Keeping Up Appearance. British Comedys are so mellow yet they are able to get their humor across without being so extra. I mean look at Mr. Bean.
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My absolute favourite British comedy has got to be "Phoenix Nights." I'm not sure I'd call it mellow, though! Milk-spurting-out-your-nose funny, maybe!
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weird, I posted here last night and now its not here..

my faves are Ab Fab and Red Dwarf
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I know we'd be more then likely talking about adult humour here but Ive laughed out loud just as much at my kids tv shows. Im an american living in britain. My faves are Horrible Histories, while not actually meant to be a comedy show it is hilarious. The other fave is Sorry Ive Got No Head. There is nothing like the british sense of humour. I find it more genuinely funny and not as forced as the american tv sense of humour.

Good stuff.
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My all time favorite.......The Young Ones!!!
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I am a huge Monty Python fan, but I really fell for AbFab and Father Ted. Hilarious!
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Two of my favorite shows are Coupling and Extras. Some of the funniest shows ever
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The IT Crowd. You can instant watch it on Netflix. It is uproariously funny.
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I am a huge fan of british comedies.

i dont have tv or cable.

dont know if i am dating myself but here are my favs. i havent seen a new one in AGES.
yes minister
yes prime minister (these two are my favs. i love the tongue in cheek wit)
are you being served
fawlty towers

i know there are others but cant remember them.
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The Vicar of Dibley is my favorite

I also love Red Dwarf and the IT Crowd is one of the greatest.
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Originally Posted by genifer View Post
There is nothing like the british sense of humour. I find it more genuinely funny and not as forced as the american tv sense of humour.

Good stuff.
ooooooooooooh TY for this now i can share this with my dd. she would love horrible histories. last year her favourite movie was Young Victoria.

i just love the wit.
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I like a lot of the more British comedies that air on PBS, but there are some other I like as well:

Keeping Up Appearances
Are You Being Served
Mr. Bean
The Office
Extras (Is that even considered a British comedy?)
Absolutely Fabulous
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I love Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf and Doctor Who (although the latter isn't a comedy comedy).
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Dr Who has become something we simply cannot miss in our home. I think we need a tardis smilie actually.
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Thank goodness someone mentioned Spaced with Simon Pegg. It has to be one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. In fact, we've been re-watching it for the 3rd or 4th time in the last couple of weeks.

If you like Simon Pegg and have enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and other movies of his, you'll like this.

The trouble with all of the British shows we like is that, for some reason, my husband has a really hard time understanding some British accents. Hello, they are speaking ENGLISH, the same language we speak. So, I either have to translate, or we spend A LOT of time rewinding. I swear the man needs subtitles to watch anything British!
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I love british comedys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red dwarf(have watched ALL 9 ...they are all on netflix btw)
Vicar of dibley(again , Netflix has her too!)
love father ted
men behaving badly
phoenix nights and spin off max and paddy
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Black Books (my FAVORITE!)
Little Britian
The Office
Catherine Tate
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Good Neighbors
As Time Goes By
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Fry and Laurie!!
and Jeeves & Wooster!!

Love Keeping up Appearances and Fawlty Towers. I liked the general concept of AbFab but it was so raunch I just couldn't tolerate it after a while.

Chef was good. I loved that one.

I think Dr. Who has enough clever humor in it to at least be partially comedy.
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Originally Posted by lorijds View Post
The IT Crowd. You can instant watch it on Netflix. It is uproariously funny.
The kids love it. It makes dh wince a little, because he worked in IT for years, and he says it's more like a documentary to him

The kids also love The Mighty Boosh. Personally, I think it's meant to be watched while stoned - and I have told them that. If you like surreal, odd, bent stories, check it out.

Not a comedy, but I just watched Sherlock, the updated version of Sherlock Holmes set in modern London. Sounds blasphemous, but the adaptation was really well done, the actors are very good, and the whole production is excellent, with some terrific camera techniques.
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