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Do you have a community center nearby?  Most have indoor gyms which are great this time of the year--for a dollar you can play.  They also have art classes, soccer, swimming, etc. 

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Hello! My DH and I are moving to Portland in December. We fell in love with the city when we visited last May. We have a 22 month old daughter. We will be living downtown in an apartment complex for at least the first 6 months. My DH will be in school (OIT) and work full time (as soon as he finds a job there). I'd love to meet other moms of toddlers. We don't really know anyone in Portland except for my DH's cousin. I'm very excited, but also nervous since I'm leaving behind all my family and friends. Are there toddler LLL groups? MNOs? Playgroups? What is it like living in Portland? Is it really as crunchy as it seems?

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I just also found this OLD thread. We moved to Portland a month ago and I'm looking for moms of toddlers to hang out with! My son is 2 and my nephew is 3! 

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Just saying hi as well. I live in inner se. Dd is 2 and we'd love to get together

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I wanna hop in on this also! My 3 year old twin girls and I will be moving to the Hazlewood/Mill Park area in NE Portland soon, and I would LOVE to meet some mamas!

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I'd love to meet you all. My son is 3 (he's the nephew mentioned above) and I have another baby on the way in April. 

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