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Fine! I challenge you to a haiku-off.

Uterus contracts.
Transition on the toilet.
Glamorous homebirth?
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Haiku's are SOOOOO 6th grade.

Of course, I'll still participate, to humor you...

Midwife en route now;
will she make it here on time?
Oh cr@p. Big old head.

Instead, I recommend a collaborative work in honor of all of our time spent on the island.

Gravid I am, Gravid I am,
I do not like "gravid I am."

Anyone jump in here!
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so competitive!

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And let the record show that SmeIsNotAPirate STILL can't even make a run for THIS prize! So, so sad..
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Originally Posted by jenfl View Post
This is the song that never ends....
It just goes on and on my friends!
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was
And now they'll still be singing it forever just because....
OMG...i remember annoying the hell out of my mom with this song...and bf tried to get the kids to do it to me this summer!...i miss lamb chop and laura (?) such a cool show!

where is sme? you know i watched the robin williams Hook the other day (week?) and one of the pirates is called sme! she has a DUAL screen name! (i honestly don't know which was the original intention: to quote "sme is not a pirate" or S (for sarah) "is not a pirate" for the MDC pirate day thing that goes on around here...) someone elighten me! and teach me how to spell....

i'd join in th poetry but i fear the stomping i would receive.
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Sara is on Twitter but not so much the internet because she is mostly on her phone for online stuff. She's doing well, though!
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Dude, Danielle, channel your inner artist. Let the song of your birth cow moaning poetry sound forth!

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induction it was
more than twenty four hours
pitocin is hell
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Rhi, I hear the Birth Goddess speaking through the wisdom of your words.

Anyone else care to share?
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And wow is May dead. And I think we're more active than June, too.

I think they should just let us stay. I mean, do they *really* want us to take over LWAB?
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mdc judges
with pitocin i loved it
yay epidural
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Active Management
was the best birth choice ever made:
saved my @$$, big time.
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way too many syllables in the middle
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You can't restrict my art form!!!!
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Stuck shoulder, true knot,
then newborn tachypnea.
Sprout, why make this hard?
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Jen, you win special points for "best use of the term tachypnea in poetic form."

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I'm moving to Limericks

Now Mercy the Babe was quite late,
and her hunger for drama would sate
so precipitious birth
NICU was hell on earth
but milk straight from the tap all she ate.

Hmmm.. I thinkI can do better.
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April DDC:
It was my internet home.
Now: zombie forum.

And no, I don't have anything better to do. Except eat those cookies!
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ok before:

i make dinner
ill regale you with a winner
my poetic justice

bite bite bite
teeth come on through now
boy grows up

heavy blue eyes
teach people of human nature
the end devotion
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Ooo, you might have me with limericks. Those are tough. Try this one:

The birth stool race was quite tight.
LNF put up a good fight.
But the golden birth stool,
that fabulous jewel,
became silverspook's overnight.
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