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Post-Partum Check-Ups?

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At my Monday MW appointment, which I SO did not want to go to, as she is 2 hours away (but did anyway), they were scheduling my next appointment (does anyone else's weekly now feel like a punishment?) and said if I had Baby by then, it could be my 2 day check-up.

TWO DAYS?! I don't want to put my baby or myself in the car for a 4 hour roundtrip 2 days post-partum. They acted like I was being unreasonable and said something about a blood test (for me or baby???).

DH says our MW is not the boss of us and we can just go to a local pediatrician. I'm thinking: do we even need to go anywhere at all? Can anyone shed a little light and discuss whether I am being unreasonable here? Why does my baby need to be checked on 2 days out?
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I am thinking that's the standard newborn heel prick to catch things such as metabolic disorders before they threaten babys life.
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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
I am thinking that's the standard newborn heel prick to catch things such as metabolic disorders before they threaten babys life.
Can that not be done immediately after birth? Or what about even a week later?
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well it needs performed twice, my midwife prefers to do it at 1 day old and again at 1 week old.
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Originally Posted by CraftyMcGluestick View Post
Can that not be done immediately after birth? Or what about even a week later?
I would say to get the baby checked out, but I'm not sure why it couldn't be immediately after the birth.

Definitely talk to your MW about this. Stress how you don't want to be taking such a long drive with a newborn right away, and ask if she can do any procedures at/after the birth, or if instead you can take the baby to your local ped.

I definitely wouldn't want a two-hour car ride with my newborn after just giving birth. That sounds like torture.
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Just blow it off and if she asks you about it tell her you took the kid to the pediatrician. I'll be taking mine afterwards to the pedi like I did with the last one, born wed went fri and again monday. That is completely unreasonable when there are other competent caregivers within a reasonable drive.

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I would not drive ANYWHERE with a two day old baby. My midwife comes to our home at three days postpartum to do the heel stick. It's my understanding that it can be done anywhere in the first couple of weeks. Certainly, a pediatrician can do it. You should have identified one already and can just make an appointment for after the baby is born. However, my midwife also suggests avoiding a pediatrician for at least two weeks after a baby is born because they can "diagnose" all kinds of things wrong that aren't really wrong in that time. For example, my oldest had pretty severe jaundice and we were able to treat it by setting him in a sunny window, whereas a pediatrician would have admitted him to the hospital (serious overkill in our situation!). I am certainly not saying that you shouldn't have your baby checked a couple of days postpartum, but again, no way I would be going on a drive anywhere. (I don't leave my home at all for ten days to allow myself to heal and bond with the baby and I know women who don't leave their homes for 40 days after birth for the same reason. I healed faster after my second birth with that approach).
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The metabolic screening can't be done correctly until after your milk comes in. Your baby needs to have the milk in his system in order for the results to be accurate. Not likely at 2 days old.

I wouldn't want to drive that far either. Does your midwife not do pp visits at home? Mine doesn't do any before the birth, but comes a few times afterwards.
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Our "two day" visit actually happened at 5 days pp and it was to check baby's weight, output, and jaundice check as well as addressing any bf'ing concerns ( thrush, etc). I think the appt is important but doing it later around 5 days is better because the weight loss and jaundice levels peak at that point. Two days is stupid.
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The newborn screen can wait, our MW last time tried to tell us there was a tight window of when it could be performed and then when we went to the pediatrician he said we could do it anytime and went just under 1 week postpartum. You can go to a local pediatrician! You can even call around and maybe find one that will do a home visit even! There are a few in SF, mine will, but we always go see him since it is usually my first time out and we can pick up lunch and get some fresh air.
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I'm not sure on the timing, but our midwives come to us for the post-partum check. Once at 24 to 36 hours and again at 3 days. Hugely relieved to not have to drive 1 hr. plus with a newborn on one of the first back to school days! If you do have to go, please stop at an hour and take baby out! Healthy full term babies will have low oxygen levels after extended periods in a car seat, on that angle, it's not good for them!
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our MW comes to our house for the 1,3, and 7 day visit...
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My MW comes to see me 2 days after the baby is born, and then she either comes to see us 1 week after or we go to see her (whichever I am up to).
I also can also see her 2 more times up to 6 weeks post partum for momma and well-baby checks.

Getting the PKU test (heel pricks) is completely up to me. She'll write me an order for the lab if I want, or if I don't have a pediatrician yet. but since my MW is not my child PCP she doesn't normally do that.

Personally I did not do the PKU testing with my last child and I most likely will not with this child either. I bring my kids in for yearly checkups and when they are very sick or have a spider or scorpion bite. Otherwise they don't see the Dr that much, and since we don't do vax - I keep track of growth and weight at home for hte 1st year as well. Unless theres an issue.
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Originally Posted by wryknowlicious View Post
Personally I did not do the PKU testing with my last child and I most likely will not with this child either.
We are not doing it this time either.
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I definitely would not be going to a "2 day" check up. I had my son in a hospital and once we left the hospital I didn't see my CNM again until my 6wk check up... all baby visits were done by my pediatrician.

We also don't do the PKU heel prick blood test.
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I would not do that trip with a 2 day old. I do however feel that having an appt of some sort is helpful in those first few days.
Our midwives do a home visit after 24 hrs and on day three. They also sometimes do the one week visit in our home especially if you have older ones that you would have to drag to the office.
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The earliest the newborn screening (pku) can be done is at 12 hours of age. 24 hours or after is better. The more feedings a baby has the better and gives you more accurate results. Our hospital does the pku before the baby is discharged. The only time anyone has to bring the baby back to do that test is if they leave the hospital before 12 hours. We used to send a home health nurse for an in-home post-partum visit 2-3 days after discharge, but since that program got cancelled the pediatricians now schedule a 2-5 day appointment in the office. The main purpose is to check the baby's color for jaundice, and to check the weight.

I would not make a 2 hour trip 2 days post partum either. I think you can arrange to have some local follow-up care if you need it, or wait a week or 2 and then go.
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Is she wanting to check YOU out at two days? Check for healing, bleeding issues, nursing issues, etc?

For your baby, I'd just start seeing your pediatrician.
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I have never heard of a homebirth midwife asking mothers to have an office visit at 2 days PP. My midwives (I'm on my third) come one day after the birth, 2-3 days after the birth, and 5 days after the birth. My current midwife has a 2 week office visit that I personally think is ridiculous, my first MW had a 6 week office visit and my second MW did all of her visits at home. I can't imagine dragging myself and my brand new baby out of the house to drive 2 hours each way at 2 days PP. None of my midwives would have even wanted me out of bed at 2 days PP!

Maybe (hopefully!) they meant they would come to you at that time and date?
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At two days with dd we were getting released from the birth center. (my choice since i was having trouble bfing). I had a two week check up with my MW but nothing before that.

Heel prick should be done after meconium is out of baby's system. And dd didn't have it done twice. I've never heard that before. I would not be traveling 4 hours at 2 days pp unless its going home (from hospital or birth center).
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