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Nashua-area backup midwife/OB?

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hey all,

i live in nothern MA (about 25 min from nashua), and i am 28 weeks pregnant. my prenatal care provider is a CPM based in MA - and you guys in NH are definitely more progressive with midwifery care than we are down here! none of the CNMs in MA can provide backup care for a homebirth, and the southern NH medical center is closer to me than any of the boston hospitals. i've heard that hospitals in NH are friendlier to homebirth transfer moms than those in MA, since CNMs can actually attend HB there, and i'd really love backup care from someone who isn't going to be hostile to me simply due to my desire for a homebirth. since the SNHMC takes my insurance (HPHC), i figure they'll probably be the nicest to me should i need to transfer - plus they have a level 3 NICU so i won't have to go all the way to boston should things go awry.

i'm currently on a category D med (we determined the risks of me being untreated are greater than the risks of the medication itself), and i've been planning to taper off 2-4 weeks prior to my due date so as not to cause any issues with the baby. my prescriber, PCP, and midwife do not really have much info on this med and its intersection with pregnancy, but i think a larger midwife or OB group definitely would. i'm also gonna contact a specialist at MGH about it, but the party line in MA is, don't have a homebirth ever, especially if you're not on a category D med. so i'm not sure if it's actually a risk to do it, or if the climate is just anti-homebirth enough that anyone with medical training will slap me on the wrist and say "no! bad preggo! no homebirth for you" whether i'm on meds or not.

it's an anti-anxiety med and i am *sure* that someone somewhere who is not anti-homebirth must have some sort of trustworthy information on what the risks really are, how to decrease them, etc. so i'm hoping to have someone else on my prenatal care team who is homebirth-friendly but also has prescribing privileges and more access to medical types. my CPM has no prescribing privileges, does not work with and is not really respected by OBs (since she's a homebirth midwife), and does not have many resources for information on these kinds of medication and their effects during labor/birth.

had i known we were gonna move this close to NH (we moved when i was 12ish weeks along), i probably would have searched for a CNM in NH who would do homebirth in MA, and if switching makes more sense at this point i will consider that. i guess where i'm at is - i really want a homebirth, but i also want a backup care provider with either a more medical background or access to those with a more medical background (like OBs) who takes my insurance & can really help me figure out what is right for me. blabbity blab, i hope this made sense!
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Not exactly a HB, but I transferred out of a birth center situation to SNHMC for Pre-E and HELLP (long story.) Dr. Valerie Bell delivered ds and talked with us about my prenatal care at the center during my labor and was totally neutral during the discussion... and DH and I were very happy with the care she her and her resident (I think her name was Dr. Shore?) gave to ds and I during the ordeal as well. We did had some issues with other doctors/nurses following our birth plan though during our stay...
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