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They cut each others hair

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In May of 2009 the oldest DD cut their hair short because she wanted "another brother". It finally had grown out and was so cute. Pigtails cute.

And yesterday oldest DD left the scissors out. And they cut each others hair. One managed to cut perfect bangs on the other. The other managed to hack in return. So now they have bangs and bobs. I hate bangs.

The before.

The after. (and don't they look smug)
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Oh no! . Ds1 gave dd1 a haircut once and then a few days later dd1 gave herself another haircut. Fun times. So far the youngest ones have not pulled the hair stylist trick.

If it's any consolation your girls are adorable either way. But I'm sure you knew that .
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I'm sorry, but . Is this what I have to look forward to? And yes, they do look rather smug! Cute, but smug.
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Originally Posted by MamaRabbit View Post

The after. (and don't they look smug)
Bahahaha!!!! They look very impressed with themselves!!
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hilarious, i love it!!

i decided to cut myself bangs when i was a kid, oh how pissed off my mom was... maybe if i were a twin, she'd simply be amused
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Oh my goodness they are sooo sweet! I'm hoping mine continue to stay bald until they know better! Fun stories to share at the wedding I guess
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Um...they have bangs in the before picture?
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I read half of a library book last night. It got to the part where she cuts her own hair and I stopped. Not giving dc any ideas! I love those pink dresses, btw.

I heard a horror story about an exhausted mama ( she was an er nurse or something) who had nodded off on the couch while her children played. She woke up and they had cut her hair!
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post

Um...they have bangs in the before picture?
No, just wispy stuff growing out

I was so relieved when I found them that they hadn't cut anything too short to salvage like what happened the first time! And about an hour after I posted, DS walked by and I thought, what is wrong with his hair... did he sleep funny on it? NO, he'd let them take a hack at the front and didn't tell me! So after school he needs a buzz cut. What a week!
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They are seriously adorable! And I love how proud they look in the after pic!
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Very cute!

My daughter, just after they turned four, walked downstairs December 23, "Brother cut my hair." I was furious until my husband pointed out that his work must have taken him at least half an hour and she let him do it. He cut all. of. it. It took her all of her 50 months to get barely shoulder length, very thin hair, and he cut it to about one inch, all over, and left her a rat tail.

Good times!
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Oh, how cute! Yes, they do look very pleased with themselves!

I'm sorry, mama...I know how frustrating/maddening it is, no matter how much you laugh about it later. DD1 managed to cut her own hair 3 times before the age of 6. I about lost my mind! The first time was the worst...the day before her 3rd birthday, before I woke up, she managed to climb to the top of the hall closet to get the scissors. All without waking me up (I'm a light sleeper and the closet is right outside my bedroom door; still baffled by that). She then proceeded to cut her hair from ear to ear, about 2 inches back into her hairline, right down to the skin. It was seriously maybe 1/8th of an inch long, if that. Did I mention that she had gorgeous thick wavy hair down to her waist? It took 2 years to look somewhat normal, and she had bangs for several more years until they finally grew out. She's 10 now and absolutely mortified whenever I break out the pictures of what it looked like. Perfect blackmail pics for the teen years. LOL
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Oh no! I would probably have cried, and then realized that they are adorable with any hair. And then cried some more, just from the frustration!

I had only a touch of that feeling one day when I had my back turned and heard "Hey, these cut hair, too!" from one of my girls. She only cut a tiny sliver off an end, though. And then her sister made me do the same to her.
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It is truly frustrating when that happens. The good thing about hair is that it grows back.
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I know bangs are a pain to grow out, but they really do suit your kiddies. Maybe they're on to something!
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i totally laughed out loud when i read the title and then felt remorse because, you know, karma and all

we are still at the poo stage right now
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This makes me glad that I have all boys...you can fix anything with a buzz cut
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crashing from new posts

i am laughing so hard at all of the haircutting stories! OP, they do look SO smug! my ds1 took a swipe at hsi head with clippers once but fortunately there was a guard on and i kept his hair pretty short anyway.

so glad these days are over for me! i love having older kiddos LOL
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