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GTG - I totally understand what you are going through, Kelsey does the same thing, wails and wails when I'm gone and stops the second I hold her. Poor babies just want their mamas

So you ladies will appreciate this - today after Kelsey woke up from her nap I went to put her in the Beco to get some housework done. I put her in, get her strapped up, and she poops. Ok, take her out, let her lay on the changing table for a minute to make sure she is done, change her, put her back in the Beco and not 10 seconds later she poops again. Repeat the whole changing scenario again, get her strapped up for the 3rd time and.....you guessed it - she poops again! 3 diapers in 3 minutes, this kid set a new record!
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snoopy --
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Solids - T doesn't really seem interested yet. But he doesn't sit with us at the table or in our laps, except when we're out. He grabs for everything though and got some yogurt on his hand on Friday...

Teeth - T's first teeth poked through about a week ago, I think.. Those teeth were easy, except for waking up all night a couple of nights before. I was really disappointed at imminent end of gummy smiles...

Screaming/Fussy - T has been fussy all day today, does not like to be put down. Before he was very easy unless he was tired. Don't know if it's more teeth, or the same thing that your babes are going through. He's generally good with DH, though.

T is sleeping really well these days. 7-2:30 usually. And I've finally convinced him to lay down for naps. I have to stay with him for the first 45 min, and then he'll usually give me another 45. Every once in a while we'll have a night where he just can't seem to go to sleep. I think today it was due to too long a nap in the afternoon. He took a very short 2nd nap, so I convinced him to take a long 3rd nap. Bad idea.
We're getting ready to go to the beach next weekend for a whole week. So excited. Interesting ot see how it will be with such a young baby.
T is not interested in sitting in his own yet. THough a few times he has drawn his knees up under him while on his belly. He'll roll over on to his belly and make this strange sort of whine over and over while holding all his limbs up in the air and waving them. I'll flip him, and back on his belly he goes. It's getting harder to figure out what he wants these days. I guess maybe because he finally is wanting things other than sleep and boob!
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Alright, EC'ers. I need your help. Apparently, we're doing EC over here. I thought it was the crunchiness line I'd never cross. But Sprout seems to WANT to do it. The first time I held him over the potty, he peed. He's stopped peeing during naps and waits until I hold him over the potty. And last night, he barely peed in his diaper when he usually wakes up soaked (and he was up fussing from 1-3am -- connected? Did he want to pee?).

Anyway, I usually make all parenting decisions after much research. But on this, I have no clue. I have tons of questions. Like what's a good potty? DD's seem either too tall or too wide. What are your LO's cues? Do you use noises and how do you introduce them -- I'm afraid I'll distract him while peeing! How often do you try potty? With boys, how do I avoid him splashing against the side and out of the potty? And, the biggie, does this help long-term? Will he potty train early and easily, or will a time come when the world is too interesting and he goes back to nearly all diaper-peeing?

I'm sure I'll think of more.
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jenfl - popcorn here - want to see your replies. thinking tentatively about switching from CDs to EC, but need some convincing! and I am skeptical that this late in the game it will work, but my DCP would be happy to do it I think, if I ask her.

2 classes down, 1 to go!!! eek! I am sooo happy, but my belly does flips always for the first week of class. I hate being on stage in front of others, but I love being in front of math class!!!!
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serial posting... yes I am sure they were flips of nervousness from the first day of class and NOT from another baby - though it does feel similar, I am NOT seeking to win a birth stool.... you other ladies are welcome to it! :P
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Jen, that's actually pretty cool! I've never had a kid who did that, but it seems pretty interesting!

Carita, you're doing great! And it's very wise of you to NOT TRY TO STEAL MY BIRTH STOOL FROM ME!

AFM: I am starting to suspect I may be pushing myself too hard. (hears the echo of voices saying "NO!!! REALLY?!?!?1") I wanted to kill my treadmill after week 2 day 2 of the Couch to 5k program. I haven't yet figured out if I'm the craziest person on earth or not, but here I am... WAHM with 5 kids, baking bread and training for a 5k. Yep, must be insane.
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EC: We use the Baby Bjorn little potty. I bought it on amazon. It does have a pee guard thing in front, but I have girls so I don't know. My friend IRL has two boys and used the same potty for what it's worth.

Ada stays dry all night because of EC! It's wonderful. She just sleeps in a prefold, sometimes bare bottomed if it's hot. Some nights she wakes to pee at 11, other nights she doesn't need to pee until 7 in the morning. I know she has to go because she starts tossing and turning and fussing in her sleep. Usually I uncover her and rub her belly and talk softly, then she opens her eyes and I set her on the potty and she really has to go.

She makes this certain eeeeeeehh sound when she's playing on the floor and has to go. Occasionally if we are distracted she won't cue at all, or she'll squirm and fuss and we'll absentmindedly comfort her then suddenly she'll pee.

I've found if you potty the baby as soon as they wake up, then wait 5-10 minutes and potty them again, you'll catch some pees. For some reason they have to pee lots upon waking.

I also potty her every 15-45 minutes depending on what we're doing, obviously I'm too busy sometimes. I sometimes get this odd warming sensation before she pees if she's in my lap...DH gets it too. It freaked us both out at first. Other times I suddenly think "oh the baby needs to pee" and I'm usually right. I say it outloud sometimes then go on with what I'm doing and then get peed on, and DH always says now, "LISTEN TO YOURSELF!" Haha.

On another topic, DH is a temp at Toyota and they are laying off 400 temps out of 500 today. He's supposed to find out this afternoon, they're calling each one into the office one by one. I am sooooo nervous. We have absolutely no savings left after paying for Ada's birth and a new water main because our other busted, so I do not know what we'll do if he loses his job.
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Pepper -- thanks for the info. And I'm sending for this afternoon

So I think I mentioned how Sprout had been fussy when nursing lately. Well, I started really pushing the water, eating slightly larger meals, indulging in between-meal snacks, and eating 4 large lactation cookies an evening. And, suddenly, I'm hungry all the time! And my supply is up and Miles is much happier when nursing.

It's weird. Why did I start being hungry AFTER I started eating more?
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Jennings is breastfeeding 100% now, I do throw in 3 bottles a day for his sodium, but he doesn't rely on the bottle. Who would have though a week ago I would be exclusively bf now?
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Erick - hooray!!
Pepper - good luck/ good vibes... and thanks for the EC'ing tips. I've not been doing anything like that, but then the other day I thought "hmm, twice now when I go pee while holding the baby and the tub is filling up for bathtime, she's peed on me. I wonder..." and held her over the toilet, and she enough, she peed! I can usually tell when she's going to poop in the morning but am too lazy to get up in time... Maybe I will start experimenting a little, sounds like it doesn't have to be as strict as I thought! And I'm thinking she does the "fussing to wake up cause she has to pee" thing in the mornings, too, cause there's always the smell of pee right after and the diaper is always WAY soaked.

Jen - I am always starving these days and I make a TON of milk (seriously, I know I should be/ am grateful, but it is also exhausting and frustrating to still be making so much. I think it is taking a lot out of me - weight, yes, but also energy and brains!). So probably now that your lactation is back on track, making that milk is burning up more calories. I remember a friend who makes a lot of milk too talking about how nursing made her so hungry that she found it annoying to eat. This was when I was 7 months pregnant and so so hungry all of the time, so I was like, "what? Who hates having to eat?!" but now I totally get it. I'm hungry but tired and busy with baby and eating can be a chore, esp. when I'm hungry at the 4am feeding!
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Ericka -- That's amazing! Go you! And Jennings!

So my DH is home today after his work weekend; I started EC on Friday, so DH never saw it. He's totally blown away. We both are. Sprout's had just a few barely wet diapers, he's putting nearly everything in the potty. He goes as soon as he's sitting down on it. And it's not like he's on there every few minutes -- maybe every hour? Two hours? It's just so weird.
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EC was strange to me at first too! Now I can't just put her in a diaper and ignore her cues. She gets ANGRY if she pees on herself in a diaper.
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Pepper, do you have any news regarding your DH and his job? I've been praying.
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Thanks LNF!
They're keeping 100 temps out of 528. In his department there were 9 temps and after today there are only 3. They didn't call him to the office today and they said since they ran out of time they'll talk to him one other day this week. Horrible suspense.
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welcome, Ebbb! give me your data (your baby's birthdate and name or knickname or just sex) and i'll add you to our opening post . i'm glad you felt you could join us, and hope you stick around and learn who we are. maybe next week we'll start the thread with a short update question to help you get to know us, and refresh ourselves.

snoopy, thanks for the tricks. i have to check out this mesh feeder thing you and rhi have mentioned. sounds kinda gross :P. are you feeling better? i hope you really do get some rest soon .

jenfl, congrats that sprout is napping! and glad to hear eating more is helping.

dena, . i'm so sorry the clean-out drags on... i know you miss your mom. if my parents died now, i don't knwo what we'd do about stuff. they live overseas and have 2 storage places in the US, and since they are here right now, have one overseas. gah. i hope it works out with that woman renter!

hey amandamanda, great to see you . it's fun to read what your LO is up to, where ours will be soon!

food: i gave charlie the inside of a blueberry on my finger a couple of weeks ago, and he grinned and "chewed" and swallowed it. i let him gnaw on cleaned corncobs or apple cores while we eat. so, he's tasted things, but not gotten more than the teensie bit of blueberry actually to eat. i don't have anything to go by except what i've heard some of you guys say - that it's good to wait til they are sitting up and picking stuff up. charlie can't sit and pick, so right now i'm ignoring his staring at our food. he stares at anything i have in my hand equally anyway. rhi, i don't see why anybody would put a hard and fast 6-months thing on solids. if our babies can be weeks apart on developmental skills, then that is an artificial timeline anyway...

sewcrafty, i'm with you on the nap thing

greentea, oh, i'm so sorry about the screaming! maybe R has really painful teething in addition to wanting to be with you? i hope she calms soon so that you can enjoy your work, and all your time, more. charlie has started wailing in the car seat. as soon as i park and sit down in the backseat next to him, he quits and grins at me through his tears. omg.

carita, omg, TALKING? that takes the cake!

pepper, oh no. so sorry for the stress. how did it turn out??

afm, gotta get on the EC train. i was waiting for charlie to poop less than 5 times a day, and he's finally there. but he pretty much only poops while he's nursing, and mostly only while nursing in bed at 6am.... so i've been dragging my feet. i still do my poop cue every time though, and i'm pretty sure he has a firm association.

PLEASE if you have any advice for me ladies: i did a bunch of yardwork this weekend, and have poison something-or-other. i've never had it before. it took a couple of days to show up, so now i'm totally paranoid about charlie having it. as soon as it started itching, i've kpet it covered with bandages on myself, and have taken to wearing long sleeves (it's only on my arms so far) in addition, so if i've missed any it won't touch him. but even today new spots came up on me.

and.... tonight he started scratching the back of his head, and it's red and seemed maybe a bit raised in one spot! and, when i put him in his nighttime dipe, he had a weird rash just above and to the left of his penis. omg. i'm totally freaked that these places are poison ivy. my husband and i washed him and put diaper cream on the places, diapered him and put a hat on his head so he can't scratch there. washed his hands thoroughly with soap (the first soap i've put on his body ). i can't imagine how i'll contain it if it's gotten on him.

i just don't know what to do...
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On my phone, exuse typos. PH don't panic, I am 98% sure poison ivy isn't contagious from one person to another like that! For your skin look up Zanfel. It stops spread and itching instantly, it is amazing.
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Okay, now that our Shameless Baby Photo Sharing thread is gone, we've got to bring it in here. I've seen a couple of batches of pics on Facebook lately, but I feel like lots of people are missing!

So bring on the cuteness! Here, I'll start:

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Here are a couple my friend took this weekend
Eating the freezy ring

Showing her sitting skills and howling at the ceiling fan

Here is one we took

Playing on the computer

And for those of you who didn't see it on facebook, here is my friend's kid climbing into the swing with L
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drgreene.com - reliable? he's saying it doesn't spread from the sores, only the oil itself - the initial exposure. pepper, i hear you, do you, or others, have more sources? my arms are wrapped, elbow to wrist over here.

i'll look at the gorgeous pics tomorrow, too stressed right now
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