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Hello, all!

I'm transferring over from the April 2010 thread. Here's my information:

TreefrogNYC, Benjamin Zephyr, 4.24.10

Born at home after 7 IUIs and one m/c (3.6.09) -- husband, midwife, midwife's assistant, doula, and two cats in attendance!
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TreeFrogNYC: Hey! Welcome back. How are things going?

Pepper: Yay!!! So glad dh got to keep his job. And yes R has a ton of hair but actually less than her two sister had. Scary!

In our big news for the day, R sat up without leaning on her hands! Full upright and playing! Now she can't hold it for long when she's playing but she loves it. She also drank some water from her sippy cup. I'm hoping that we'll see a turn around soon and how she's acting with dh.

Dena: I would totally teach with her in the sling but dh is afraid I"m going to get in trouble. He thinks the students will comment and complain and that word with get back to our department. The professor who is in charge of the undergraduate studies is out to get me for reasons I can not fathom. I think its because I don't kiss up to him, and when I asked for the job I went to our department head instead of him (although he is NOT in charge of the classes I teach). Plus he's super sexist and was one of the professors who made comments about me being pregnant. If she doesn't calm down soon though I will take her and just risk getting in trouble. I just can't let her cry that much.

My plan today is to have dh stay on campus while I teach. I'm going to nurse her and then try to sit in the class I wanted to take. The prof said I could bring so I'll try it. If she's disruptive, I'll leave and just write off the class. We'll do the same on Thursday when I have office hours.
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Hi all! Thank you, Panera Bread, for your free WiFi. I wish I could buy coffee from you.

Anyway, what a nice new thread! Pepper, great news about your husband's job-- hooray! P&H-- I hope all is well with the poison ivy, and what good news about the medical bills! Erica-- WOOHOO, Jennings is nursing! I saw that on FB and wondered how things were going. Yay Jennings!

We're well. It's hot here. DS is definitely getting some teeth, but they're coming slllooowwwlly. He wants to nurse, but it hurts him to nurse, but maybe it makes him feel better to nurse... he just don't know what we wants. Teething tablets seem to help. He conks out soon after taking them....(?) Maybe it's just the distraction of the sweetness.

Solids: I have let him suck on a piece of cold cantaloupe I was eating because it seemed to help his teeth, and he grabbed my hand holding an apple and gnawed on the core with great enthusiasm. Otherwise, I have no interest at all in starting. Rhi, it sounds like it will be fun, but in a few years, she will be stealing the best bits from your plate. Hold off as long as possible

I love my in-laws, but my MIL frequently gives me advice from "Dr. Tanner," my BIL's pediatrician 20 years ago. Why, MIL? He was a big advocate of CIO, and my MIL totally followed his "prescription" to let my BIL CIO at night at 6 months.... at the same time that he told MIL to start giving him solids because he wasn't nursing enough. Craziness. Anyway, MIL was suggesting solids for DS today on Dr. Tanner's 20 year old advice.

My darling daughter is such a handful, but goodness, she is so sweet. Her favorite movie right now is Pride and Prejudice. She said to me yesterday, "Mommy, you know, that Lydia, she made a BAD choice marrying Wickham. When I grow up, I will make good choices and only marry a GOOD man." I was so proud I can't believe we're already watching Pride and Prejudice together. Happiness.
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I've noticed that a lot of people who delay solids 'til 6 months still do things like give apple cores to chew on, etc. Does this not count somehow? Do you consider it more of a chew toy, than anything else?

I sooo don't mean that in a snarky way. I'm really curious what counts as "solids"
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Hey, sorry I suck so bad at keeping up. It's September, I'm crazy busy. I'll be back Octoberish more regularly, I hope.


All is well here.

ETA: I consider ALL solids before 12mo "chew toys" but I don't give my babes anything until they take it off my plate.
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Dena -- So happy the condo is rented and off your mind!

Pepper -- How does Ada weigh pretty much the same as Sprout yet look SO MUCH squishier?

snoopy -- Yea for new cloth diapers!

ebbb -- Everything I know about BLW I learned from Drs Google and MDC. But here's a good intro article: http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/1078...king_baby_food

lnf -- Where'd you submit the article to? Mothering? In any event, good luck! And if you put it somewhere online, I'd love to read it!

Jess -- We haven't had any trouble with the cats and foam squares, but maybe you could just tuck them away when S isn't on them?

treefrognyc -- Hi!

GTG -- Good luck with R and class today....

MPP -- Glad to hear things are well! You're missed around here.

sme -- Good luck with the crazy, and we'll be looking for you come October!

AFM -- We did a Disney day today, now that the crowds are waaaaay down. Ah. It's so nice to have our parks back. Sprout did just ok -- he doesn't nap really well in the carrier, so he just got 3 short and ill-timed naps. He seems to nap just enough to not be exhausted anymore when he's in the carrier and takes really good naps in the crib, whereas Nugget was vice versa (see difference re: treated/untreated reflux). But it all came together in the end and we had a decent day. It was mostly just a test-run to see how things are likely going to work once fall gets here and we're going out and about more often.

Oh! Sprout loved to meet the characters. Minnie's nose was a point of interest, as were Pluto's whiskers. DH got some great pics.
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Jen, Disney sounds like a lot of fun when there are less people around! I'll post a link as soon as the article goes live. A writer from a website posted on the Traumatic Home Birth thread in Birth Trauma (her post has since been deleted) asking for women who wanted to share their stories of home births that did not go according to plan. I felt like I had to share my story because it does really show that home birth is safe *as long as you have a highly skilled midwife.* We had serious serious complications, but were safe because our MW knew what she was doing.
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Oh goodness, I need help with all this cloth diapering stuff!
Today went pretty well, she wore a prefold and cover, a fuzzibunz, a Thirsties Duo and a Bum Genius all in one. After I took of the Bum Genius, I noticed she had a little rash around her vagina - a bunch of little red bumps. She was only in the diaper about an hour and only peed in it.
I'm doing the cloth diaper trial from Jillian's Drawers and the info said specifically NOT to use Free and Clear detergents which is what we have at home (All Free and Clear). So instead I used a sample pack of Tide I happened to have in the house. So is the rash from the detergent or the diaper? On the Jillian's website it recommends Tide, but every other site says not to use Tide? And other sites say All Free and Clear is ok?? So which is it? There is a place locally here that sells Country Save so I'm going to buy that tomorrow and use it instead. But do I have to strip the diapers now? Or just rewash in Country Save? Or is it just the material inside the BumGenius diaper?
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Snoopy- I think it could be either one. I'd leave the BGs off of her, and see if the rash gets worse with a different diaper. Then you could guess it's the detergent. I have heard of babies having reactions to the microfiber or whatever in the BGs. If the rash clears up, and you put the BG back on her and it comes back, then you can guess it's the BG.

I use All Free and Clear. It's not the best choice, but it's what we have. There's a website somewhere that lays out what's best. I don't have the link handy, but I bet you can google for it.

I have had an allergic reaction (which sounds very much like what you're describing... i had tons of little itchy dots under my pubes) to the Tide HE detergent (the non-free and clear kind...the free and clear was okay)

ETA: I don't think you need to strip them as long as they're absorbing well. But after you wash them next time (if you decide it is the detergent and switch) maybe do a couple of extra rinses to be sure all of the old detergent is out?
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the bg organic aio or sized? ds had trouble with the suedecloth in those too - i think they rinse less. we are using penguin sport wash, but i've used tide in a pinch as well. over time the free and clear can lead to masty amonnia.

here are two great diaper washing sites:

Mater - first totally jealous you have a panera bread!
second, totally jealous your daughter is a P&P fan. I hope its the BBC version?

welcome back treefrog

okay - now wth happened to my days. i go to work and then its 4 and i'm running out the door!! today i had to unload a minifridge (as to not scare the workstudy students opening the common fridge - j/k, it was just too small and i didn't want ot be a fridge hog) anyway - two guys brought it down for me and i forgot abou tmy car b/c a student came to see me. LOL - so my car was backed up to my building parked totally in the way at the entrance and illegal! wow. - flake. someone finally walked up to me and asked me about it.

love my dcp. baby girl had a better day with feeding from the bottle. i think the dcp was just offering the same one and i told her after the second feed time to just dump it and try a new one, and that worked!
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Rhi Here's my turn to not be snarky. I just fed my last one the way that felt right. I.e,. I skipped all the baby food crap because it was a pain and my other kids just hated it. But yeah I let her suck on apples, etc when she was younger. I didn't read anything or follow any kind of rules. I just felt for Piper's cues. Frankly this is how I"ve done most of AP type stuff, and why I've often run afowl of AP circles. I really do think you "know" when your baby is ready for food. But that's my opinion. That said R has sucked a bit on the apple I was eating the other day because she reached for it and acted interested.

AFM: R did really great in my class She nursed quietly and slept through most of the class. I had a wonderful time. I've really missed classes. I also bumped into an old student who told me my blog helped her with her depression issues. That made me feel good. All around a pretty great day.

ETA: I use and love Rockin' Green. It's a little pricey but my dipes have never been so clean.
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I use Woolite on my cloth dipes, with hot water and I run 3-4 cycles after with just hot water.
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and now we are breastfeeding WITHOUT a nipple shield! :j oy
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WTG Ericka!

We only used a nipple shield with Maya for a couple of days, but I HATED it!
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Dear Maya,

You can suck on your fingers, or you can suck on my boob. You cannot, however, suck on both at once. It hurts, and you don't get as much milk. Please stop.

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GTG -- glad things went well!

Dena -- Sprout does the same thing!
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Ericka, YAY!!!!!

Dena and Jen: Yep, Mercy Merce Who Loves To Nurse does the same thing. In other funny breastfeeding things, we will sometimes have my husband pretend to tandem nurse where the baby can see him to get the whole "WTF ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?" face from the baby. We've done it with at least the last three.

Ginger: Yay for things going well! And I'm ordering my Rockin Green again. My poor 2 year old woke up this night with literally a bleeding rash because we went to a different detergent for all of 2 days. We're getting sposies until the RG arrives. Just UGH! That was NOT what I expected to happen!
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Rockin Green, huh? Anybody use Charlie's?

What works the best for ammonia smell in AIOs, inserts, and pockets? We have a bit of a stink issue. I'm assuming whatever you buy lasts a while since you don't use as much soap in a cd load?

And, I mentioned this on FB, but for those of you not on it, I got an email from cottonbabies this morning saying they have seconds available in BG 3.0s, all the sizes of the AIOs, and flip covers. I ordered 6 medium AIOs for 10 dollars each. I don't know how fast they sell out, hopefully they at least filled my order!
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Ammonia smell

Ammonia smell hasn't been a HUGE problem for us, but one or two got really bad. They came around pretty quickly after being left out on the clothesline for a day or two.

The important thing, of course, is prevention. Try not to keep wet diapers in airtight containers (Ziplocs, etc.) for any longer than absolutely needed.

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