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You know, I have been wondering why S seems to be spitting up more lately (TMI: she mostly spits up and then swallows it these days... ewwww, but also, thanks, baby!). She stopped those full-stomach pukes that didn't bother her but made a mess after I got my supply a little more under control. Ivy, did you have a boost in supply or is Becky going through a growth spurt or anything?

Sleep was a little better last night. I am really going to work to keep S on a routine, I think part of the problem was that bedtimes were getting later and later and so her sleep was all over the place. That and the heat wave broke last night, phew! So she slept from 8-8ish, with only 3 real wake ups to nurse, but a zillion "I'm trying to find my hands/ feet in my sleep and am going to wiggle and cry myself awake if you don't intervene"... those are what are wiping me out, but I'm feeling more optimistic that she'll get it soon. And at least she didn't wake up and try to get me to play this time!

P+H, thanks again for organizing this thread. I am already serial posting (sorry!) but will try to wean myself from it a little . It's super helpful to have the reminder of who everyone is, too... I'll never be able to keep it straight on facebook, though!
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I'm still here, everyone, but I'm writing at least a short birth story. I'm going to need to do the expanded version, including NICU, at some point, but I'm not there yet. So, I'm going with a more bare facts version.
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L has been spitting up more recently, too. Though it's sort of hard to tell since she was always a big spitter. I thought it was that I have reintroduced small amounts of dairy back into my diet. But her attitude is still good, and you guys are having the same issue, so maybe it's something developmental?

The other day my friends had their 6 month old over and she didn't spit up once the whole time. My kid, however, spit up 6 times in the couple of hours they were visiting.
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I guess I should say J spits up too, 3 times so far today and then last night too. He doesn't spit up from the bottle feeds though I did have a milkshake and some cheese...which is why I suspect allergies
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Ada goes through periods of lots of spit up too. I've noticed it seems to coincide with lots of teething drool. I think the drool makes her belly more sloshy or something.

Ivy, dd's co-op school starts in two weeks and I am also going to be wearing my baby while helping. I'm a little nervous, but I saw lots of other babies at the open house today so hopefully they are accomodating to younger siblings!
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So maybe the spitting up is normal? Kids! just when I think i have them figured out...

Pepper - i wore Becky when she was tiny (awww, it seems like such a long time ago!) at co-op, but now that she is not such a sleepy newborn, it could be.. interesting... I know in one class (the pre-k) I will have to stop bringing her once she won't tolerate the carrier (they have out loads of tiny toys/paints, so a baby in the mix is an insurance liability) but the younger class (Toddler) they keep those things put away, and the teacher seems more open to having Becky in the class all year. DH is prepared to take over the Pre-k work day when Becky gets the boot, since it's just not worth it to me to get her set up with a babysitter/bottle just for pre-k, ya know? I'm on the fence about the entire endeavor, but also will get a few hours a week of semi-quiet, so am willing to try.

PS We totally missed that birthday party. I must have written something down wrong, because we got to the park, with gift in hand.. and no one was there. Ella was so disappointed.

Man, mornings are hard around here lately. After lunch things get better, but I just can not get the stick out of my .. butt.. before 1pm apparently. Someone tell me the good-mama afternoons balance out the bad-mama mornings?
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Mercy's birth story is up! Well, at least *this* version.
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I was a working mom today and I'm exhausted!

My parents own an internet store that my mom runs day-to-day, but she's on a well-earned vacation. So I headed in today to handle incoming and outgoing orders. Man, the effort we have to go through to accomodate Mr. No-Bottle! I left the house when he took his first nap and left DH and Nugget at home. When Sprout woke up, DH brought the kids to the warehouse and got us lunch. Then he took Sprout home for second-nap while Nugget stayed and "helped". Then back to pick up me and Nugget and everyone headed home.


Now, a few minutes to rest (and send Nugget into her room for quiet time because I'm sick of 3 year old breakdowns) and then I've got to start dinner. It's Aarti's Indian sloppy joes -- I'm really curious!
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i think some of our babies are celebrating our graduation to LWAB with new and improved behavior .

just wanted to say.... ericka!!! i hope jennings keeps it up! for keeping at it!

spit-up: charlie does.... and doesn't. sometimes he won't for a few days at all, sometimes once, and then occasionally he has a splatter day, when i'm standing there with him and hear this sound, on the floor :Puke.

jsh, charlie is doing major wiggles in the night too! i've finally resorted to putting him on his tummy sometimes, yes, next to me in the bed. i feel confident that we have plenty of room and a nice flat surface. we short-sheet right now so that there's no way the covers can get up to charlie's face. anyway, i was awake every 5 minutes b/n 1am and 4am last night, pretty sure. i quit looking at the clock b/c it was just too depressing.

ivy, i don't see why you can't have a fresh start in the afternoon. each hour is a new day! sometimes when i can't seem to get charlie to nap, i kind of forget what he looks like, i'm just like, this BABY is so TIRING. then when he wakes up i'm all, hi sweetest person that i love! to you. how many hrs a week/month do you put in at your girls' school?

afm, my parents have now been here for almost 3 weeks! it's gone WAY better than i could have hoped, and i've loved having the extra help. omg, the house has been cleaned top to bottom once a week for the first time, well, since i can't remember when. and i've gotten to work on some projects too. and since charlie seems to be taking at least one longer nap a day again, i hope i don't feel totally overwhelmed once my parents move out (this saturday).

i keep chipping away at the insurance company, and just got a letter today saying they are going to count the NICU dr. charges in network! this is a difference of literally THOUSANDS of dollars for us. i'm so relived i feel weak!
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Yes, I have been covering the clock (usually with the zillions of cloth diapers that I have on hand for sidelying nursing) and I think it helps a lot! On the other hand, last night I SWORE I fed her at 2am - then I woke up awhile later and fed her again - and it was 2am! So who knows...

Just read in the Sears baby book section on 4-6 month olds (I love reading about what they are learning and fun ways to play together!) and in the "teething" section, it said that teething babies can have nightwakings, not want to nurse, have diarrhea, and cough and spit up a lot more than usual. I was like, AHA! I was starting to worry about all of her choking and coughing lately. Apparently all of that extra drool makes things harder on their swallowing and tummies, and that makes them want to nurse less, etc. She's barely eaten anything today and I was starting to feel rejected... and frustrated that she pops off and milk goes everywhere! Good to know it's normal. I wonder when I'll see that first tooth? Can't believe it!

We have also had 4-5 good thumb suckings today, I am feeling positive that soon she'll be able to find it in her sleep and all of my troubles will disappear! Mwahahaha.

What is everyone else's baby doing, developmentally, lately? S is also "nursing" on her lower lip a lot, it's very strange. She mostly wants to sit, I think partly cause of the drooly tummy troubles. I'm using the Bumbo a few minutes a few times a day - any worries about this?
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24 hours and breastfeeding I wish I could lay in bed all day and do this...alas I have court tomorrow, but after court it's going to be a movie day!
We see the LC on Saturday and going to talk to the kidney Dr. about how to manage sodium. His Dr. said we could start solids and give sodium through solids but I'm not ready for him to start solids....
He just finished nursing for an hour
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More spit up here too. New skills? She reaching and rolling more for toys out or reach. When I change her diaper she tries scotting away. Getting harder to play on my phone cause she's grabbing for it.

I got $ from the govt I've been waiting on ($400) so well buy her next carseat and a highchair.
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i remember with ds reading that gut maturation occurs between 4-6 mo, and his spit up increased at about 5 mo, then decreased and went away at just about 6 mo. I haven't noticed too much more spit up yet here, but A LOT of drooling.

waiting on a carseat til xmas. i think we will get a harnessing FF for DS and put DD in his convertible

anyone else got kids playing with toes? i think its adorable!!
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Lots of teething drool & spit up over here too.

I've been too busy to stop by and chat lately...I had the *brilliant* idea to throw DH a "Mad Men" style cocktail party for his 30th birthday. Anyone ever planned a cocktail party for 20-30 people with a 3 month old?!?! It should be fun though, all our friends dressed up in early 60s attire and all.

I got a "learn to ballroom dance" dvd on Netflix and finally talked DH in to doing it with me after a week of him grumbling about it and it sitting on top of the tv, and to my shock and surprise...he LOVES it! And he's a pretty good dancer too! It's bringing some romance into an otherwise pretty un-romantic time (what with a new babe and all). I was cooking dinner the other night and he swooped over and waltzed me across the kitchen! I love it!
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I wanted to reply to these but since our board is disappearing I thought I'd quote them here
Originally Posted by ivymae View Post
Breast compression is actually an instinctual thing. A LC came to our mama's group a few years ago and was talking about how breastfeeding is seen in and treated in different cultures, and she had a list of things babies do everywhere, and one of them was press on the breast to get more milk. I guess it's also common for mamas to grab their breasts and squeeze towards the end of a feed.

My girls have all played with my moles. Ugh. i have a few small ones that are within baby arms reach, and they have all wanted to pick and poke them. it drives me insane.
Better than a friend of mine though - her son would reach up and play with her eyebrows, and it became his 'thing', so even at 5 now, he'll walk up to her while we are out to coffee, take off her glasses, and fiddle her eyebrow when he is uncomfortable. She is a much more patient woman than I.

Becky is a sweet nurser. She likes to eat and look at me while I sing. She's such a joyful little person.
Campbell would twirl her hair or mine. It would drive me insane. I can't stand my hair being played with, I don't know why. I do notice that when she is tired or nervous she will now twirl her hair.

Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
Ugh, I have a big mole on my neck that L picks at and I hate it. I would have it removed, but who wants some stranger going at their neck with a knife?!
I had two large moles on my neck when I was a kid, I mean LARGE. They didn't cut them off, they froze them off to my knowledge and it didn't hurt at all. I do have some pretty big scars now at the age of 31, but better than the moles IMO.

so the funny/strange things J does while nursing(so excited I get to answer this)...he digs his toes into me and then pushes down like he is trying to climb me...almost like a really bad rug burn? I have fat so it hurts. He also talks/fusses while nursing and then milk leaks everywhere. I tell him he can't nurse and talk at the same time.

His dipes are still wet, he is still pooping and his soft spot is normal..all the signs I have to watch for if he isn't getting enough milk and enough sodium. Overall, he has been a happier baby today and is more clingy now. Clingy not so good but he has barely cried today. The past week has been hell as he just cried and cried and cired.
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P+H -- yea for reduced medical bills!!

Ericka -- yea for more breastfeeding!!

Carita -- yes, playing with feet and toes here; adorable! He hasn't tried to eat them yet, but that's DH's favorite part.

silverspook -- Hi! Welcome back! The picture of you guys dancing in the kitchen is so cute.
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I love the toe playing. Anna has tried to eat hers occasionally too.
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hi april mamas! I'm new to the group but really want to start chatting with other moms with LOs my DD age. So since I missed all the pregnancy stuff, I thought I would just fill you all in on my story. I am a first time canadian mom the my DD Lucy. She was a surprise baby for us and such a fabulous surprise she was! She was born 6 days after her due date. She was born facing my right leg and had a shoulder dystocia, but everything turned out fine. I'm still dealing with some issues surrounding her birth though.

I am EBF her and so far it has been going great (although the first 3 weeks were really hard due to nipple pain and cause I couldn't really be comfortable in any position b/c of groin muscle pulls during her birth). She was spitting up pretty frequently, though not showing any other signs of distress. I don't have any allergies but dairy is a common irritant in my side of the family, so recently I thought I would cut it out just to see if it made any difference. She spits up less, and I have to say that I feel lighter and cleaner having no dairy.

I can't believe how fast Lucy is growing up. I already miss her newborn baby stage and can see every day her getting more and more independent. She didn't like tummy time at first but now that she has more skills she seems to like it more and more. She is figuring out how to roll from front to back and back to front. She has discovered her feet and will sit and stare at them for a long time and is grabbing at everything with her hands. She hasn't figured out that she can grab her feet though- I'm looking forward to that.
She loves to talk and experiment with how loud she can scream- she has the cutest conversations with her Dad.

She's been laughing for a few weeks now, the most wonderful sound ever, and loves to smile. She is definitely an observer and gone are the days of sleeping while we walk because she will fight sleep so hard just to be able to look around.

She pretty much sleeps through the night, although she does squirm to nurse but since we cosleep, i don't think i even realize when i sort of wake up to nurse her.

She hardly sleeps during the day though. She will usually only sleep for 1 sleep cycle at a time, maybe 3 or 4 times during the day. Occasionally she will have a really long nap during the day (like 2 hours) but that is rare.

So that's pretty much us in a nutshell right now,

Sorry for the long self absorbed ranty post but I was just trying to play catch up:-)
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EBBB- we're glad to have you!

LNF- I hope you know that I COULD go post after you on our DDC, but I'm not going to because you deserve to win at something
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P+H: THANK YOU, GOD! I am SO glad the insurance is covering stuff now. I just can't imagine how much of a relief that must be!

SilverSpook: Welcome back!!

Rhi: Thanks!

Ericka: I am so happy for you with Jennings breastfeeding more!!

AFM: I'm tracking stuff in FitDay now, and it's really clear to see why I haven't been losing weight. I have not been eating remotely enough. 1500 calories a day or under is not enough for me, so I probably shocked my body into starvation mode. But now I added stuff in, and am training for a 5k, and I'm down 2 lbs.
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