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I feel sad at the idea of me not being her only source of nutrition at 6 months. I've let her taste flavors like melon and lemon and gave her a sippy of water to try. Otherwise I'm waiting. I do want her to start sitting at the table with us though.

Naps are still hit and miss. One of my facebook friends has her 5 mos old on a schedule and posted today about how "baby can nap in crib or cry in crib and she's choosing to cry". Made me sad. If Anna doesn't nap it's fine by me. I'd love it, but don't force it.
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Oh, sew_crafty_girl, that is so sad.

We've let Sprout have sips of water, too. We give him a sippy of water as entertainment at the table -- he sips it, then spits it out. But DH let him drink water out of his cup yesterday, and he loved it! Now he's grabbing cups and pulling them to his mouth.

Sprout's been getting fussier and fussier when nursing during the day lately. He sucks, pulls off, sucks, pulls off, then starts whining "ehhhhhh, ehhhhhh, ehhhhhhh" until my milk lets down. It's taking longer than usual, and I think he's getting impatient and frustrated. So I've brought out the lactation cookies! Oh, the sacrifies I make....
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I *almost* bought pregnancy tests, just for my peace of mind, but decided that I'm being paranoid. I look fertile, not pregnant, and we haven't done anything in the window of when I've been looking fertile, so we should be fine.

Almost time to get my OvaCue!
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I want one of those OvaCue things so bad! They are $$$ though. I'll never have that much spare money, especially if I keep having babies.

Solids--We do baby led weaning. Ada is very interested in food but I'm pretty sure she's thinking, "Hey you're putting that in your mouth! I like to put things in my mouth. I want to put some of your stuff in my mouth too!" She's not actually hungry.

It is tempting to give her bits of things just to see her reaction, but I shall restrain.

One thing we did to hold off solids for DD1 until she was fully ready--frozen cubes of breastmilk! Defrost it a tiny bit, and feed it with a spoon, it's a great meal time distraction and feels good on sore gums.

Ada keeps accidentally getting crumbs into her mouth! One of the side effects of nursing constantly means I have to eat over her. Tonight a little piece of my BBQ hickory smoked ribs fell right into her open mouth. OMG! I quickly scooped it out and ate it, and DH freaked out because I ate it. Hah.

Ada also grabbed my banana peel and mouthed it for a second the other day when I was editing pictures and not looking down at her in my lap. I figure those accidents are nature's way of building up the digestive tract, kind of like how eating fuzz and dirt builds up the baby's immune system.

She also ate grass and a handful of my orange cat's fur today, but I'm not sure if any of it actually went down. Ada is very talented at picking up things and shoving them in her face lighting quick...
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L's dairy intolerance is a good point.

But, speaking of which, I don't think I've told you guys that I've been eating dairy recently with no ill effects!!!! I haven't tried eating something dairy based, like lasagna or quesadillas or anything... but I've eaten cheese on my sandwich, etc, and she seems to be doing fine!! I'm SO relieved!

Tonight at dinner she managed to dip her entire hand in a bowl of baked beans. Luckily I managed to get it wiped off before her hands got into her mouth.

I have noticed though that a lot of people who wait until 6 months still do things like let them taste an apple or whatever. Maybe I'm thinking too strictly about what "introducting solids" entails.

Maybe I'll freeze some breast milk and put it in the mesh feeder.
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Maya got a handful of Tom's curry a couple of weeks ago. He got it away from her quick. She is very interested in food too - she was watching Tom eat a banana today, eyeing it as it went from hand to mouth. He waved it around and she lost interest - till it went back to his mouth. And I swear she has gotten mad when we have refused to share popcorn with her. Hannah, though, is pretty happy to just nurse. She is more into exploring toys. Maya doesn't have much interest in toys. Funny the differences in babies.

Well, looks like the heating element on our dryer is going out. I have been telling Tom for months it was going, but he kept blaming it on me drying stuff on the delicate setting. Until he went to dry a load of diapers. Then he informs me that the heating element on the dryer is going out. Really? So he is down there now looking at the dryer to see if it can be fixed, which of course sparked a huge fight over the amount of crap in the basement and the *idiotic* things I save. Just because he doesn't understand the importance of an object doesn't make it idiotic. I, for instance, have no earthly idea why the man is keeping two boxes full of parts from 30-year-old speakers that he dismantled five years ago, but have I said anything? Finally I just told him to get rid of whatever he wanted to get rid of and don't tell me about it. He's the one who will have to search down replacements if he offloads something I need.

Ok, 'nuff of that. Phew.

Well, the potential renter for my mom's condo never called me today to have me meet him there for a second look with his daughters. So I went ahead and ran a CL ad on the place, because I don't want to miss out on potential renters for the last weekend of the month. I got a response already from a woman who, according to her Facebook page, is an accounting supervisor at Seattle Public Utilities. Um, can we say fabulous potential networking opportunity for my husband? We are meeting her tomorrow to show her the place. Wouldn't it be funny if this ended up leading to a job for Tom too? Interesting how NOT getting what we think we want is sometimes the better deal, isn't it?
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So I've been having a really rough week. Rowena has been really fussy for a couple of weeks but this week it turned to full out misery. She SCREAMS pretty much all day long. She screams if I try to nurse her in any position but lying down. She screams in the sling. She screams out of the sling. She screams in the carseat. I'm totally mystified and stressed out. It seems like as everyone's babies is getting happier, Rowena is getting unhappier.

I am torn between worrying that there is something wrong with her, and then thinking not really. I don't remember this with the other kids. I mean, they all cried at times but it wasn't this much at this age (she was 20 weeks last Thursday). Plus when she's happy, she's super happy...smiling and laughing.

She does this a lot when I'm at work too. H is dealing with it fine but I just feel so bad for her and him. I can't quit my job. I have a great T/Th class but I"m just not happy about working anymore. The whole time I'm teaching, I'm worrying about H being alone with Rowena.

Please tell me that I am not the only who has a fussy baby. Right now I feel like a big failure.
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Ginger- NOPE. J just keeps wailing like he is in pain. I am so stressed over it. Last night we went to dinner and he kept screaming in the restaurant. I couldn't calm him down for the life of me and I was stressed and wanted to eat. At night the only way I can sleep is if he is attached to me. He is still getting bottles so I know he is getting enough to eat, but now that he started breastfeeding, that's all he wants to do. At first he was happier but now he HAS to breastfeed and just like Rowena, he needs me to be laying down. The LC told me today it's because he is catching up on 6 months of breastfeeding that he missed, but oy.
He literally was attached to me for 6 hours straight.
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I have all this "activist" drive after our NICU stay that I can't do anything with WRT to the NICU. So I've decided to point it toward our tongue tie issues and try to make it easier for any other moms in the area to find the resources they'll need.

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Becky has a toooooooooth! Finally. Whew, the last week has been tough with her, and I was second guessing what was up, but last night she finally slept decently, and TADA this morning she has a little razor tooth poking through.

excuse me while I go cry about my baby growing up.
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Rhi, that's great news about the dairy!! I know how much easier life is when you can have even a little dairy.
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I think Becky is the first with a tooth in our ddc! Announcer, tell her what she's won! (and yeah, I understand the bittersweet nature of that...)

Rhi, yay for a little dairy! I have been able to sneak a bit here and there too lately. Also found some yogurt cheese at TJs that seems to be ok for them. Kinda bland, but better than fake cheese...

AFM, Hannah and Maya SLEPT last night! I feel like a new woman!

Off to meet prospective tenants for my mom's condo. Fingers crossed we get it rented!
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Jen, what a great idea!!!

Ivy, I think Sara's Naomi got a tooth about a month ago. :headspin



AFM: I hate training for a 5k. Hate it. Kill it dead.

Mercy is being really finnicky about sleeping. I don't appreciate it. Also, I look way way fertile right now. I'm just grateful I have fertility signs so that I can plan accordingly. Had no warning of fertility when I got pregnant with Mercy and Nicholas.
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i know dani is close to getting her tooth, but i think its a couple weeks off. i thought she would have had it by now, but now I am thinking she is a slow teether like her brother - ugh. her brother got them at 5.5 mo I think??

and like her brother, she's an early talker. She is doing the exact same thing her borther did - awhen she's upset, she cries mamamamamama... and of course I come running. A couple times now she's started to shorten her mama cry into just mamamama & i came running to find out she wanted to nurse! so I am thinking either that is close enough to saying "mama" or the true "mama" is not close behind. I think her brother was at 4.5 mo with this milestone too so its uncanny how similar they are!

now for differences - she has already rolled a while ago and yesterday when my mom was here, she was showing off and rolled onto her tummy, then put her legs underneath her as if to crawl! DS was always the "early talker, late walker" type, so maybe dani will be more "normal" in the gross motor skills dept. He didn't roll for like 9 mo, and didn't walk til 14 or so.

just totally purged clothes. i had 3 people give me play clothes for dani, but while I appreciate the charity, she doesn't need THAT many playclothes, especially since I'd already had some nice sets as well from my shower. So I purged those clothes as well as a bunch of my son's. If anyone needs playclothes FFS, LMK. I can't send you several FRBs after my yard sale LOL.
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Solid delaying tricks -
just sitting them in a highchair at the table can be enough, or give them a spoon and plate to play with. An empty cup, or one filled with water or BM. Frozen BM in a mesh feeder or a frozen BM slushie - take Frozen BM and put it in the blender/food processor to make it slushy and then give it to them in a bowl with a spoon.

Another crappy sleep night here - Kelsey woke up at 2ish and basically woke every time I tried to take my nipple out of her mouth, about once an hour. Then DD1 woke me up at 7:30 am, right after Kelsey had finally settled down. I'm still sick and I can't see myself getting better until I get some solid sleep, but that isn't happening any time soon. I need a day where I just sleep all day and have someone bring me the baby when she needs to eat and that is it. Not happening though.
Today I got to take 2 kids to an outdoor birthday party and then shopping at Old Navy. Yuck! It is 90+ degrees again and I am soooo over it. We had a few cool days last week and I'm ready for fall now, I got used to not sweating every second of the day and liked it. Of course it is supposed to be 90+ degrees all week. So hot and sweaty at the party with lots of bees and then clothes shopping with a fussy baby and a 4 yo who was running all over the store.
Well, I saved 30% on the clothes and the cake was really yummy!
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I think I have ovulatory pain. Oh boy...

I blame MDC. They close down April, and I ovulate. THE ARE TRYING TO GET ME PREGNANT!
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Double post? What the heck, MDC?
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Originally Posted by erickalynne View Post
Ginger- NOPE. J just keeps wailing like he is in pain. I am so stressed over it. Last night we went to dinner and he kept screaming in the restaurant. I couldn't calm him down for the life of me and I was stressed and wanted to eat. .
Thanks Erica. I'm struggling really hard with the whole leaving her thing. I went to a WW meeting (where I hit my 15 mark by the way!!! WHOOT!), and she started crying about a half hour before i got home. As soon as I held her, she stopped and buried her head in my neck I love that she loves me so much but it hurts to imagine her crying so much while I'm gone. Dh told me that our second youngest cried the whole time I was gone and that he never told me because he didn't want me to stress out. And then he assured me that he could handle it and that he NEVER let them cry on their own because that was cruel. What a guy..sniff, sniff. But I really hate doing this to them.

Ivy: Oh wow on the tooth. I keep thinking that is R's issue but nothing yet! I'm not ready for teeth.

As for solids: I dropped some peanut butter cookie into the sling the other day and had to FIGHT R for it. She watches every bite we eat but she's not reaching out for anything. We're waiting for six months but boy is it tempting as I think it would help H with her when I'm gone.
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lnf -- you know we love you even if you don't win a birthing stool, right? You don't HAVE to go for the Platinum Bejeweled Birth Stool of Winning at Darwin.
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Yeah, I hate ovulation hormones, and I'm pretty sure that's what's going on. My brain is seriously saying "hey, having another baby wouldn't be THAT bad an idea! And in the meanwhile, MARITAL BLISS OF AWESOMENESS!!!!"

I need an intervention. Or quarantine.

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