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Berry picking

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Does any one know any berry picking places that are not as well known in Anchorage? Someone told me about a spot called the rabbit creek trail near the other side of flat top but I can't find the directions to get there. I'm looking for something I can do while pregnant with a 4 year old hiking and a 2 year old on my back to get there that isn't where everyone goes and will be picked through like Flat top or Arctic Valley. I like to be able to get a lot of berries.
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Can you get on base? there are some spots in the power line access that is flat and easy to traverse.

From what I have seen the blue berries in Anchorage are thin this year. But the Cranberries loved the rain!
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Pretty sure they meant Rabbit Lake trail. It goes up the back side of Flattop. It's up Upper Dearmoun. Turn R on Canyon Rd & drive as far as you can.

Seems like most people go to Arctic Valley/Rendezvous Peak for berries. We got a ton along Powerline & Winner Creek but I bet they're getting picked over.

Good luck
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