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lemonade is about all i can drink right now, so i just keep making pitchers of it
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that lavender soda looks amazing, i'm going to look for that!

i've been drinking tibicos(water kefir) like it's going out of style. i make a quart or so with a whole lemon, fresh ginger and candied ginger(it eats the sugar) and it's a perfect mix of lemonade/ginger ale with a little fermenty-ness like beer. i'm generally a beer/glass of wine on the patio after the kids are asleep kind of mama, but lately, i've been so tired, the hubs is out there with the dog while i take a shower/tidy up and go to sleep!
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iced herbal teas are great...I too love the Starbuck Passion one, but ginger, blackberry, anything with a little bite is awesome to me right now. I've also been really craving lime, so I've been adding it to sparkling water sometimes too. I have to second the Izze drinks for "special occasions" too.
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tell me more about the cucumber ade? What do you put in that...of course cucumber but what else
I've been craving ginger ale, and downing a ton of cold water.
I was craving oj for a week or so until i got really sick and cant even think to smell it right now.
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i've been making this Agua de Pepino (Cucumber Limeade), but there are 2 other cucumber drinks on the site as you can see. the cocktail is virgin. some of the other recipes are really good too.
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I've been drinking Lemonade Kool-Aid. The little unsweetened packets that you're supposed to add sugar to. I don't add anything. Its pretty sour but its been tasting good the last few days.
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Juice, lots of it. Probably not the best from a sugar standpoint, but if you cut it with club soda, it probably isn't too bad. I can only drink so much water, and the iced mochas and things I used to drink at work don't sound good anymore.
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Wow, I thought that craving lemonade was something unusual to me! Must just be a pregnancy thing. Cool! I'm drinking a lot of club soda with a splash of lemon juice in it, right now. Feels like a cocktail...

Other drinks I like a lot when I'm pregnant:
- Milk (a weird craving, especially because I was almost vegan when I got pregnant with DD) -- warm milk mixed with honey was the ONLY thing that could calm my heartburn in later pregnancy.
- juice (cut with sparkling water)
- Beer (I crave Corona like there's no tomorrow... so occasionally I drink a third of one and give the rest to DH. )
- decaf coffee (at least before the heartburn kicks in)
- Red raspberry leaf tea!!!! It's SO good for toning your uterus and preparing you for labor. I brew up a big batch of it and keep in in the fridge and drink it on ice (a bit tastier that way). I can't remember right now what the herb mixture was that I made with DD but it was really good. I'll come up with it and post later, if anyone's interested.

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I'm thinking of doing something with ginger...maybe making my own ginger ale-ish brew...not sure how I'll do that yet.
Get a large piece of ginger (like 3-4 square inches), wash it well and slice it thinly. Then simmer it in about 4-6 quarts of water with 1 cup sugar for about half an hour. You might have to simmer longer to get to the right strength for you; the longer you leave it, the stronger it is. You can even put it in the crock pot overnight. I really like doing this with ginger that's starting to get a little hard from sitting around too long. I put this in the fridge and mixed it with water or raspberry leaf tea. Great for morning sickness!
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