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Being a mom is a 24 hour a day job. Maybe you should tell him that he can watch the kids while you 'take a break' and get a day job.

I remember Alice on the old Honeymooners program saying something like, "Men work from sundown to sun up, but a womans work is never done.

I would omit the 'just' and take it as a compliment.
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so glad i found this forum!

from baby to small child, i was raised by live-in maids in a home where breastfeeding was just plain gross. so just about EVERYTHING i do is just weird for my folks, haha! they STILL gag when my LO comes crawling up to me asking for milk in front of them. they even insisted me wanting to stay home and nurse my LO was my way of playing GOD, making sure her survival would depend solely on me.

i don't quite remember my parents' exact parenting style, but i do remember that there were not many memories of us actually spending more than 5 minutes together, usually at the dinner table. and naturally, much to my dismay, today we don't connect at all on so many levels.

there is nothing wrong with wanting to work away from home, trying to provide money for the family, but there is also nothing wrong with wanting to stay home. i spent the first few months letting my folks get to me and feeling sorry for myself, but as i see that little smile grow bigger and bigger, i feel like i'm on top of the world!! there are perks to both kinds of life, and neither are wrong.

i think the most important thing is connecting with your child and it's totally up to you and your child on how that happens.

working or not, be proud as a parent! i need to keep telling myself that every now and then, too!
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I genuinely believe there is no more important job on this earth than raising healthy, happy, whole human beings to adulthood in a loving and nurturing environment. When people devalue what SAHPs do I just sort of gawk and then politely give them like a, "Hmm, interesting" before I walk away or change the subject. We have such different values and priorities that I can't imagine further conversation would be at all productive.

I agree with hotmamacita. A culture that values Mammon over Mama is desperately sick. I'm sure the comments hurt a lot coming from a parent; just try to remember that they are no reflection on what you do, but on the speaker's own values and morals.

What you do is immensely important, and don't you ever forget it.
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