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Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer View Post
Is the area being soiled again and again or is this a one time mess?

If the various cleaners and enzyme solutions are not working, I'd suggest you pull back the carpet and pray for plywood subfloor and not beautiful hardwood floors! If the smell has soaked into the subfloor, there is a product called BIN, made by Zinsser. It's a white pigmented shellac paint. It's a primer (undercoat for paint) and is a vapor barrier. Clean and prep the floor properly and paint it. It will seal in the odor and prevent it from returning.
Now, if the cat is continuing to pee, you've got a much bigger picture!
it was a one time thing
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Orange TKO http://tkoorange.com/ works better than any expensiver pet enzyme cleaner that Ive ever tried.
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I have used Urine off in the past and i really liked the way it worked. I had three cats and of course over the years i have had accidents, the worst was on my couch!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt want to get rid of my couch so i had to try things, i went and got urine off and even though i went through alot of it , it worked very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to soak up the urine with paper towel until you get out as much as you can, then i soaked the spot with the urine off, let it sit for a while and then soak it up with paper towel , then i soaked it again and let it dry on there, then soaked it again and let it dry, i think it has a nice smell. I was able to keep the couch and you can not smell cat urine at all, which is important,lol
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