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Sophia Maris HWBAC :)

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Our daughter Sophia Maris was born on the 23rd just after 11pm. I was 5 days past my due date. We got our much hoped and wished for HBAC in the water, but man was it a fight... after 18 hours of intense labor and 2 hours of willfull pushing, a stargazer position and a 3rd degree tear she finally was here.

The stats: 4kg, 52cm, 35cm (head). She is strong and healthy and was nursing immediately.

I will post the whole story and pics as soon as I am ready.
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Wow sounds like quite the birth. Im glad you got your hbac!
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Congratulations! I hope you heal quickly.
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congratulations! so proud of you! can't wait to see her.
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Congratulations mama!! Welcome baby Sophia!!

Sounds like a tough labour, but also like it was worth every minute!!
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Congrats on your HBAC, welcome Sophia!
I hope you have a speedy recovery, looking forward to your story and pictures.
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