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So, Who's Left?

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As we approach the end of August, it seems most of the babies have been born!

I have to say I was surprised (in a good way) at how many pre-due date babes were born to this DDC! It's always nice to not have to wait longer than our minds have been told is "expected"!

Today is my due date, and not sure who, if anyone, is left with their babe on the interior!

If there are any mama's left waiting, how are you feeling? How is your mind and body handling all of it, particularly if you are going way "over"? Are you doing anything to help bring baby out, or waiting completely on him/her to choose their birthday?

AFM, I'm doing fine. I'm remarkably comfortable for this stage-not that I don't have complaints...but just that I feel blessed to not be majorly suffering. I have bouts of very convincing prodromal labor..which makes it harder to wait, yet has been doing some good in my body. It seems I'm carrying a very large baby, so I'm trying to not let that hinder my view of the birth to come.

Praying for all the mama's that are still waiting to birth, and many many blessings to the mama's who have delivered their healthy babies already!
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I'm left... my due date was Tuesday. Funny how I know due dates aren't totally accurate and I could go another week or so, but wow, passing that date put me in a whole different mental state. Doesn't help that baby's already measuring 9lbs... I know that's not completely accurate, either, but considering my husband and his siblings all ranged from 9-10.8, I'm getting a bit anxious Trying hard not to be cranky and to enjoy the last few days with my husband.
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I'm left.

My due date was Sunday. It's completely accurate - I did fertility treatments.

I am so impatient and sad that baby isn't here yet.

I'm drinking RRL tea, had my membranes swept Monday, lost my plug today...

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Originally Posted by goldfinches View Post
I'm left.

My due date was Sunday. It's completely accurate - I did fertility treatments.

I am so impatient and sad that baby isn't here yet.

I'm drinking RRL tea, had my membranes swept Monday, lost my plug today...

if you lost your plug you could be close! I lost my plug with bloody show on a Wedensday and had a babe in arms Friday morning.
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I'm here. My due date is today. I'm feeling pretty good. Though kind of tired today cause I didn't get much sleep the past two nights. It wasn't even ctx related, I just went to bed late (11pm) last night and woke up early (4:30am) to pee and couldn't go back to sleep. While I hoped (doesn't everyone? ) to be a little early this time, the day I hit 39 weeks (I really didn't expect anything to happen before that) I got the flu, so I didn't even think about baby coming (other than hoping he/she didn't) for the whole week.

But now I'm 40 weeks and ready for this baby to come! At my appt yesterday I was 2cm (got curious ), which... doesn't really tell me anything. both my kids came in this next week (40w6d and 40w1d), so hopefully this one will be here soon. My inlaws are coming into town saturday evening (dropping family off at the airport) and staying a day or two. I really would like to have the baby before that. or wait till after they go home, not that i want to wait that long. i just don't want to deal with laboring with them in the house. it would just make me feel like a watched pot, you know? so i am trying to encourage labor a bit. EPO, RRL, sex, walking.
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I am still here too! My EDD was Friday the 20th. I am trying really hard to not get stressed about not having this baby yet. My sister came last week to be here to see this baby and we are getting closer to her departure day. I have lots of ctx during the day but nothing ever seems to stick. I will be 41 weeks tomorrow. My other have been 41w3d, 40w2d and 40w5 days so this is all normal for me, but not any easier. The kids are getting anxious, which doesn't help. Just trying to remember that every day that goes by means I am one day closer to seeing this sweet little one!
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I am still here too. I will be 42 weeks on friday and in the state of Alaska, if you go over 42 weeks you can not have a home birth so I am pretty upset. Now I have to write out a birth plan for the hospital. I just had a really bad experience at the hospital with my first child but that was in Vegas so hopefully here there not too bad. So if I don't go into labor anytime soon then I will be induced on the 28th.
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i'm here too- a week past the EDD today.

i feel good- have been having contractions every evening around 8ish for an hour or two...

i feel huge and the baby is moving/stretching quite a bit.

we've tried hiking, sex, RRL tea and ice cubes- i already take EPO twice a day and cell salts. we'll do some nipple stim today and see what happens...

if not, there is a great old B&W movie playing a the art museum that we're gonna hit up if labor doesn't start before 5 today.

good luck to all!
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I'm here. My due date was Tuesday so I'm 2 days "late". My first son was born 10 days late and my second was 4 days late, so this is normal for me. It still sucks.

Mentally I am so done with pregnancy.
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I'm here! EDD is tomorrow. I felt like crud earlier this week, but after a few days of almost complete rest I finally got my energy back yesterday. Since my first two went at least a week past their EDD I figured this one would be the same, but it has not made it any easier.

School starts for us next week, and since my DH works at a school, these next few weeks are going to be stressful as it is. So even though the wait would be hard... I am really hoping this girl stays in until the labor day weekend. It would be nice to have at least that weekend before we have to figure out how to juggle the newborn and kids with work that he has to do.
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I've had all kinds of drama over the past week. I'm having pretty significant prodromal labor, often my contractions are two minutes apart for hours on end and I am not able to talk/communicate during contractions. So my midwife totally agrees that this is rather a nightmare. I started having major leaking of fluid and we thought it was amniotic fluid and for uhm no good reason my midwife put me on a timer and we ended up in the hospital where I was told, "Not amniotic fluid... go home." My doula is being less than supportive and I'm thinking about firing her. I'm 40 weeks either as of yesterday or tomorrow and either way this is the longest I've ever been pregnant. I thought second babies came faster!

So yeah. I'm here. Waiting. Contracting. Whining.
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Me.... EDD was August 5th. I'm 43 weeks pregnant today (very soon to be 43+1). Again!!

Although I was prepared to go late this time around after DD was born at 43+1 last time, I really thought this baby would come at least a few days earlier - second babies are supposed to, aren't they? Today has been very emotionally trying for me.
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I'm still here. My EDD was yesterday, I'm planning an HBA3C. I woke up last night around 2:30am with some pretty strong contractions that made me get out of bed. I'm still having contractions about every 8 minutes or so, they hurt way down front and kind of in my bowels a bit, but not my back. I lost my mucus plug and had a little spotting this morning so I'm hoping this is really it and not prodromal labor.
I'm feeling kind of grumpy right now, but making it. My contractions really haven't gotten that much closer together and I'm afraid it's going to be a long night/day tomorrow. I'm praying that things either die down or pick up this evening.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one left, although I think if I were 42 or 43 weeks I would be close to nuts.

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I'm due on the 31st For me time is flying!!
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Originally Posted by MommaLura View Post
I'm due on the 31st For me time is flying!!
This pregnancy has flown by to me, as well..until the last 3 weeks. It's been my fastest ever..turn around and I was in the 3rd trimester...There is something psychological for me about getting to "full term", though. I know how unlikely it is that I would birth in the 37th week..and even the 38th, etc., but to know I am "full term" makes me all prepared too early.

I'm very humbled by you, AutumnAir! I could learn a lot from your level of patience. I only wish I would have never been "messed with" by OB's..because then I would view hitting and going beyond my due date with no real "cut off" discussed as normal, healthy and a good thing, rather than some kind of problem!

I hope all of you deliver very, very soon! I know we are all ready when baby is...so bring it on!
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me! me! i'm due the 28th, and will likely be induced that day due to insulin dependent gestational diabetes. i've been doing everything i can to avoid it, but as of this morning my cervix was still too closed at the top to even do a sweep. it's apparently nice and soft and opening up, but baby's head is still a bit high. i've been doing lots of acupuncture, moxibustion (she's a bit on the posterior side), drinking gross teas, internal EPO... you name it.

hang in there, mamas! we'll meet our babes soon!

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Still here! Yesterday we had a huge wind storm, and I contracted through the whole thing, but they died out as soon as the winds did. Oh well. I like to think it'll just mean things will move faster when it really happens. Whenever that might be...
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wish I'd paid attention to europe

this is the first time I had a date to get a 'real' due date from... still I wish I'd used my head and told them later than it was, in EU I think its officially 41 or 42 week that is the due date, so I wish I'd moved my date to match theirs! I was the 21st, so waiting, acupuncture, rrl tea, epo, cuz I do not want the stupid ultrasound they demand if you are 'late'!!! my husband says it happens when it happens, but only american women get harassed like this if we are 'late".... should pool all natural births in US for how long they really were, how many days of pre labor and all that.
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Still here! Starting to get frustrated and a bit depressed. I don't want to go out because I don't want to see anybody I know and deal with the constant OhMyGodYouAreStillPregnant's. Yes people I know. Thank you very much. 8 days after EDD today. Starting to feel like a watched kettle. I scheduled an acupuncture appt for tomorrow am. Hoping that it works. I've never done acupuncture before, so I'm very curious about it!
Hope everyone else out there in overdue land is having a good day!
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still here---41 + 2- my first so i guess to be expected.

bad mood today for once as i am just getting sick of figuring out what to do with myself everyday.
the waiting to know how the labor will go, what it will be like to hold him/her is intense.

DH is amazing though and ready/willing to do all that i need. go to the ocean or another movie--that is the question...i guess well, i know we're lucky and i should be grateful.

starting to feel better- hope you all are too!
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