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hi Mamas,

just wanted to stop by and offer my love and support. The waiting is so hard! Also to let you know that even tho this baby was a week longer on the inside than my first, (and I am sure about my dates, I was charting for both) this one had a lot more signs of being "earlier" like lots of vernix, and lanugo -is that the right word? You know the fine hair on the body? So clearly she had her reasons for waiting, even tho I could tell she was bigger than DS1, and *I*was so ready...so these little ones know what they are doing, even when it's so hard to wait.

Blessings and good luck Mamas! you won't be pregnant forever!
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Originally Posted by pitchfork View Post
you won't be pregnant forever!
I keep repeating this to myself. I won't be pregnant forever. I won't be pregnant forever. I won't be pregnant forever.
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I'm still here, as well. I'm 41+1 today. Not much else to say. I think my faith is going to be really necessary here, as I'm starting to doubt that after all the tinkering OB's have done with my birth processes, that my body actually KNOWS what to do on it's own..lots of faith needed.

You are all in my prayers ladies, and I do hope these babies arrive for all of us very soon!
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I had mine at 41+3, so I know how you ladies feel. Hang in there! I hated everyone looking at me like I was a bomb due to go off, or a landmine that might explode if I ate the wrong (or right) thing. Sigh. Try to take some belly Picts, after all, you (hopefully) will never be quite this large ever again. (future kids are supposed to come earlier, right? Wasn't true for me but it's nice to think that way anyway.)
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Still here too. I went shopping at Costco two days ago and thought it had started labor... but it petered out. Had a great appointment with the midwife yesterday and this girl is looking great, both of us are healthy with no issues. I think it may be another week yet, but it would be fun to have a labor day baby
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i'm new here!

hi- just wanted to find some support from other mamas with babies who may be a bit too comfy in there. i was due on aug 18th, so i am 42w 3d today. it has been somewhat tough mentally but i am trying really hard to stay positive. i am planning a homebirth so my midwife will let me go as long as the baby is healthy and i am doing fine. i do have to go 2x week for nst and an ultrasound every week. it was strange getting my first ultrasound at 41 weeks. oh well. i know baby will eventually be here but sometimes i do doubt this.
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i'm right there with you girl my EDD was 8.19.10 so i'm 42 + 3 today...

going to see the midwife again to see if i've progressed at all.
they haven't had me do the ultrasound or stress test....i wonder if that's coming up today?

please stay in touch on your progress!

we will make it!
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Still here. 41+3 today. I talked to my MW, and I have a BPP scheduled for Tuesday if I don't deliver by then. I REALLY am not looking forward to that, because I SO wanted to avoid all things medical this time. I haven't had any testing and blah blah blah, and now a big fat one.

Of course, I want to make sure baby is safe and healthy. So, we do what we need to do. I just pray I deliver before then..for lots of reasons. I'm still doing well, and baby is quite active.

Hope you are all well, and in active labor as I type this out!
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Still here too, 42w 5d. Having some stronger ctx but they are still sporadic and spaced out. Really hoping to go today. My midwife wanted to sweep my membranes yesterday and I declined. I asked her to hold off at least until Wed (43w). Been listening to Hypnobabies track Come OUT, Baby at least twice a day. We are ready to meet our little one!
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I'm still here. 42 weeks tomorrow. I'm so ready. I'm going to try some nipple stimulation and see if that makes things get going.
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I'm here too. Not much else to say, I guess. My MW is even getting antsy. I love her to death, but it's a little annoying. I am NOT responsible for holding this baby in..isn't that part of the whole surrender to birth argument? I have surrendered to the birth date that (barring any health issue) God/baby has chosen for us? I don't want to be told to start castor oil again..grrr...I'm NOT doing castor oil!

Why would I? I have done the cohosh's and homeopathics to bring on labor. I got great contractions from them the first time I used them, then they eventually died off, and I got nothing from 2 days worth of gentle use the second time. It's clear my body (I'm dilated, effaced and VERY squishy-just posterior) is not receptive to "natural induction methods" and I really don't want the craps to irritate my roids' for no reason! I'm DONE pretending I control the birth day. If I want that, I'll go back to the hospital.

Rant over.
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I'm here. 41 weeks today. If I don't have him in a week its an automatic c section for me , as I'm a vbac.
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I am here still too 41 +3 which happens to be the same amount of days past my due date as my longest pregnancy. I really thought that I would have the baby today, but looks like she has other plans.

Now that she has taken this long, I almost wish that she will just wait till the end of the week. I have a few fun things I can do with the girls this week and would love to get some more 1 on 1 time with them before the baby changes things up.

MyFillingQuiver thank you for sharing your experience with natural induction this time around. I have been feeling the pressure to induce naturally as well. It makes it easier to just say no and "surrender" to when the time is right.
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Okay well now I don't feel so alone. Still fed up with not having this baby yet...but not so lonely.

My husband said we should "give out prizes for whoever holds out the longest."

We're seeing our midwife today. She had a birth last night and I was praying to finally go into labor last night...guess there's a reason why I didn't.
Maybe seeing her today will encourage this kid to come out.
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I'm 42+1 at the moment. Hoping hoping hoping that something happens soon. I will probably be inducing if I make it to 43 weeks. Please come out, baby!
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41 +5 today. Had a bit of a breakdown last night. Totally due to all the uninformed negative stuff about "endangering" your baby if you go past your due date.

It helped to read my birth books again and let my brain reprocess that everything really is okay. The funny part about it is that I have been feeling so good these past weeks and not having anything too strong happening that I was worried something was wrong.

Just had to remember that our bodies are made to do this and those babies may need a little longer to cook, but they will come at the right time.
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Originally Posted by laughymama View Post

My husband said we should "give out prizes for whoever holds out the longest."
In this DDC I think AutumnAir would take that prize. I think she was 43+6! Talk about serious patience! I'm pretty sure her birth story is posted somewhere here. Here's hoping all you overdue Aug mama's have babies in arms soon. Labor vibes your way
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