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When did you hear a heartbeat w/ doppler? - Page 2

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We heard it with doppler today, he had to pressed down a great deal after the 1st attempt of nothing, so the person has to really know what they're doing. I'm 11 wks today.
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With DS, I went in for bleeding at 10w1d, and did NOT hear the heartbeat. We knew that going in, so we weren't worried. Three days later, at my first regular appt, we DID hear it. From my reading, you may or may not.

I actually intentionally made my first appt for 11 weeks so that I could be more likely to hear the heartbeat, since we also did not get an early u/s.

And I'm a bit squishier this time, so I'm wondering if that extra insulation might make it hard to hear it. We'll see.
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I heard it today (!) at 12w. Very exciting!
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This is our first babe that we couldn't hear it at 10wks. It really stressed me! I'm the same size I was with the others and my mw tried for a while, then came back the next week to try with no results again. With a little spotting, we opted for an early u/s. Baby's beat was hearty and strong and s/he was in there swimming away. BIG relief and instantly lowered stress hormones- I'm not a fan of unnecessary early u/s but in this case I'm so glad we did.
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Well ladies, we just got back from our appointment and we have a heartbeat! I'm so excited.
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That's great Ola!

Had my first apt yesterday at 11wks 3days and could not hear hb. She offered to see me next week, but since she wasn't concerned about it I opted to just wait until my next apt. She did mention that the OB dopplers are different than the one she has. She does hb/wb, and the doppler that fits her needs is not as good at getting that early heartbeat as the standard office one.

I figure what will be will be, so no use worring right?
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We heard it with a 2nd child at 10 wks, 2 days. She actually used this as one of the factors for bumping my due date up 6 days. She said it would have been very improbable to hear it at 9 wks, 4 days. (Also, early u/s plus conception date plus short cycles...)
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DDCC (sort of... I'm kinda figuring these babes are coming in March, so perhaps I owe all you fab mamas a proper greeting )

On a whim, I pulled out my Doppler tonight. Within seconds, I found one little glorious heartbeat!! I'm shocked. Based on my u/s measurements, one of my babes is 7w5d and the other 8w0d.
I'm nervous as I realize I've now entered a situation where the Doppler does not equal immediate calm... I'm having two and I only found one HB... this early, honestly, how would I be able to tell the difference- right?!?!
must not stress.

so happy for those who've heard the hbs and fx for all you waiting.

FWIW, last pg, I found DD's hb 8w6d after much searching.
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Finding a heart beat in week 8 is rare. Most wont find until at least 9 weeks with 10-12 weeks being the average according to my midwife.
I would think that everything is just fine. At this point the babies and h/b are soo teeny tiny and it's really amazing that you were able to find the one!
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