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sweaty feet=stinky feet

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I have always had sweaty feet. Which means they stink. I use baking soda, and wash them ALL the time. Unless I am bare foot, the stink and sweat.
What do I do?
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Perhaps, you could change soaps that you use. I have read that soaps can actually promote a good environment for bacteria to grow. Maybe just wash with water and then once dry wipe your feet with alcohol or diluted tea tree essential oil.
Also, I would wear shoes as little as possible and make sure that you put on clean socks every time you wear your shoes. Maybe even think about getting new shoes that are made of a more natural fiber. Also, make sure your socks are made of 100% cotton, bamboo, hemp, or wool. Wool might be best as it it is naturally anti-bacterial. Wool doesn't have to be big and sweaty they can make them really quite thin.
Just some suggestions.
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Like the PP suggested: Rotate how often you wear certain shoes and wear fresh/clean socks every day plus make sure they air out completely. For instance I have 2 pairs of dress shoes in the winter and I rotate wearing them every other day. Instead of wool - I like bamboo as an option especially for dress socks.

During the winter I have this problem because my feet sweat, bacteria builds/grows and hence transferrance. The summer I rarely have this problem as my feet are often bare or in flip-flops.

Its awful! I can smell my feet from like 100 yds in the winter when I take off my shoes In addition to the BS - I would also mix in a bit of TeaTree Oil as that has antibacterial properties and might give your shoes a freshening up.
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We use the Thai crystal deodorant spray in our armpits. Dh recently started spraying it on his stinky feet in the morning and it's helped a lot.
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Wash, dry and then rub with rubbing alcohol and tea tree oil!
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