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Opinions on my glucose test

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So....... I got the results and she said I am SLIGHTLY anemic (dang it!!! I was so proud that I wasn't before) She prescribed me iron pills.... should I take them or just work on my iron-supply through food? I TRY to make sure I'm getting iron already but I guess it wasn't enough...

At the visit the midwife praised me up and down for my weight control and then preached for an hour about how not to gain too much weight *Rolls eyes*

A different midwife called me just now and told me that on the one-hour glucose test I was supposed to be around 140 and I was at 167. I'm not too worried. I feel really good in my body right now.

But, my plan was to do the one hour and then refuse the three hour, but that was pretty ignorant of me, I realize now. I kind of "shot myself in the foot"

Since I was "abnormal" they will label me as diabetic if I refuse the three hour. I don't want that on my chart forever unless I really am.

My only risk factor is I have a high BMI. I have no family history of diabetes, etc.
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um....not trying to be snarky--really--but UC becomes more complicated to approach when you have medical prenatal care, unless you are able to avoid most of the pitfalls, that is, tests. The mindset is so very different, the care so often without evidence basis--it becomes a struggle over things you shouldn't even have to think about...pretty much opposed to UC all around. Glucose screening...well I could say a lot about why it's useless (according to the research) and why a woman is better off to deny it, in my opinion.

But--too late for all that now Water under the bridge and all...now, in my opinion, if you want to keep this prenatal care, then you're just going to have to dance to their tune somehow. Maybe that means submitting to the 3hr glucose screen--or seeing if they'll accept your home glucose monitoring instead.

You might also consider ditching that care and doing your own prenatal stuff...just to avoid future hassles over useless forms of pregnancy testing
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Yeah, in the days before taking the test I came to the conclusion that I was sure I really didn't need it and didn't want to take it.
So, then I thought "well I'll just take the one hour and not take the 3 hour" well I'm a first-timer and I have learned the hard way just how ignorant that was.

I'm feeling more and more faced with having to choose between them and my UC (which, of course, no contest there), but I would have just liked to have them around to check up on my baby. Yeah, I know that goes against the unassisted thing, but I don't want to just take him to the hospital if I suspect something is wrong.

If I quit care there, can I test myself for GBS???? I had it in my urine at 12 weeks and I'm really just curious to see if my plan to use garlic would work.
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Well, I think most UC families would prefer it if medical or midwifery care was available to us at our OWN discretion, and at need...but such is not the case, unfortunately! The way it is, trying to navigate the tricky waters of med maternity care adds a level of tension (and stupidity) to our UC intentions that is not so comfortable As you have just discovered!

Anyway. Getting the group b strep test may or may not be possible in your area. Are there any homebirth mws who do gbs testing, who might let you test through them? Or any labs that allow consumers to order their own tests? There is a place here called 'anylabtestnow'--you can find it online, and maybe they do gbs testing and can be found near you...or would send you a test kit and do it all by mail.

Seems to me that there is still plenty of time for you to rethink things, consider different approaches to getting the testing and info you really want, without having to Pay the Piper too very much in cash and aggravation. So maybe take some time now...surely new ideas will occur to you.

all the best!
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