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VBAC and Water Birth

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Hello Mamas,

I had a successful VBAC 17 months ago and am now 2mo. preg. I had to fight the board of my local hospital to VBAC because I was considered "high risk" solely on the basis that my first was born after a complicated pregnancy and PROM at 32 weeks. Second pregnancy and birth went perfect. This hospital is changed their VBAC policy (although my midwife didn't know any details yet) because of the revised ACOG guidelines and has also started allowing water birth for the first time. She didn't know whether they would have restrictions around VBAC water birth. Does anyone know if there were ever or currently are ACOG guidelines around this? My hospital made me have continuous monitoring for the VBAC, so I'm guessing that could be a reason why they would deny a water birth.

Also wondering whether you can water birth if you have Group B strep, which I had with both my girls? Any ideas on that? Thanks mamas.
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I don't know about the ACOG guidelines re: waterbirth. I do know that I found research saying that laboring in water can be easier on the uterine muscle - which would only be a plus I would think re: rupture worry. I'm planning my own HBAC w/a T incision so I've done lots of research I'm not certain where I found that info - you might want to do a search and print out what you find to bring in re: laboring in water. Good Luck! Hope everything goes GREAT!
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I was told that at the hospital I wouldn't be able to have a waterbirth because I would have to have continious fetal monitoring. That said, I'm planning on a homebirth waterbirth. I've never heard anything in regards to the GBS+, I was positive last time around and this time I had asked the midwife and she wasn't concerned in the least.
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