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homebirth activism/community in North Carolina

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I am an aspiring midwife and recently moved to NC from CT. Unfortunately, NC is one of the states where midwifery is illegal.

I was wondering if anyone had any information on any midwifery/homebirth activist groups in this area or any info about how to get involved in this area.

I am taking a DONA class in April. In order to become certified as a doula, you need to provide labor support at three births after the class (I did labor support at two births before and of course, those don't count... ). Since I want to concentrate on homebirths, I thought it would be a good idea to begin networking now. Since the DONA class is through the hospital, I don't want to count on getting accurate info on homebirths in this area.

Plus, I just can't imagine that people just accept midiwfery as illegal here. There has to be homebirthers here.

Thank you all so much!
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I expect you are right, there must be homebirthers there. I met a girl who homebirthed in one of the Carolinas but I'm not sure which one, and I have lost touch with her anyway. I homebirthed in Virginia Beach last year and was midwifed by a woman who is (or so I was told) the only legally licensed home midwife in VA. VA Beach isn't so far from Raleigh, so she may well know people down there. I don't feel comfortable posting her name here, but I will dig up her contact info and email it to you. Good luck. Have you tried asking childbirth instructors in the area?
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I am in a similar situation as you only that I am a midwife and am moving to Asheville soon. I keep asking myself how direct entry midwifery is still illegal in this state?? Recently I found a group in NC working to change this. Unfortunatly, I can't remember the site or the name of these amazing folks but I remeber doing a search for "NC midwives, homebirth" or something. Also, there was a post about political action happenings on the MANA site. Good luck!!
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I had a homebirth in NC.

Dear Rachael,
I live in Boone, NC, and had a homebirth here last November (2000). I have also met other Moms who did the same - so I know I am not alone. My midwife has a small but steady homebirth practice.

Currently, there exists a Senate bill 498 and a House Bill 1014, titled, AN ACT TO AUTHORIZE THE PRACTICE OF MIDWIFERY BY CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL MIDWIVES. If passed, the bill would allow CPMs to practice in the state of NC. Given my limited understanding of lawmaking, I understand the bill to be stalled in committee -requiring letters be sent to bill's sponsors urging them to pass the bill.

Read the bill at the website for the NC General Assembly (state legislature)- http://www.ncleg.net

Homebirth (or the opportunity for a homebirth) is a wonderful thing.
Best of luck to you.
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I don't know much about homebirths in NC, but I really need to ask a clarification question and/or correct a misconception here--when you say midwives are illegal, do you mean it is illegal for midwives to do homebirths (true)? Because midwives (certified) are definitely not illegal here. Lay midwives may be, and homebirths are, but midwives are not!
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as it stands now only certified nurse midwives are recognized as legal by the state. all others, if practicing, are open for lawsuits.
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