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Homebirth Supplies

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We just got our supply list for our planned homebirth and I am not sure where to get some of these things or what they are. Does anybody know somewhere online I could get these things.
I am currently on moderate bedrest and it would be better if I didn't have to scour the town.

Tea Tree Oil
Comfrey Tea

We have everything else covered just need these 4 things and have no idea where to get them.

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Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy! You can find what you're looking for on Wild Oats or Whole Foods websites, www.wildoats.com or www.wholefoods.com, although I was having a little trouble getting WF's site to respond. You may also be able to get them from Moonflower catalog. It's a midwifery catalog, but I'm pretty sure non-midwives can order from them as well. The web address is www.1cascade.com/moonflower.html You'll need to know what form your midwife wants you to get. I would assume you'll need the arnica in pellet form, and the others as dried herbs for a sitz bath. (but you know what they say about assuming! ) You can also get arnica as a dried herb, though, and if she wants you to get the homeopathic form, you'll need to know what strength. Good luck on your upcoming birth!!
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I'd be interested - if/when you may have time - in what the rest of the supplies are and what your instructions are.
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I work for a homebirth service and everything on our lists is now available mainstream.

Health food stores carry the herbs. Whole Foods has an online shop and is pricey, but have what you need.

Baby stores carry the bulb syringes and other supplies. Drug stores carry chux under pads. Local medical supply shops do sell items to the public too ( not drugs obviously, but supplies.)

I do not recommend Cascade for these items personally. You can purchase them locally for WAY less money and save on shipping and get them when you need them.

Good luck!
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Here is the list of everything:

8-10 old receiving blankets
2 towels for mom & 1 for baby for after herbal bath
2 plastic sheets and 2 sheet sets
12 gauze pads soaked in comfrey tea and frozen
vitamin E capsules for sore nipples
alcohol and cotton balls for cord
clothes for baby
clothes for mother
4 black plastic garbage bags
1 roll paper towels - very soft
flashlight with fresh batteries
medium size hand mirror
extra disposable pads - small
extra 4x4 sterile gauze pads
Tea Tree Oil
2 one gallon ziplock bags

She gives us a birthkit which includes:
underpads (chux)
4x4 gauze pads
one dozen sanitary pads
bulb syringe
peri bottle

Nice to have extras:
pillows for bath - know you will throw these away
heating pad
cordless phone
back massager
Arnica - 6x or 12x or 30c
Calendula with alcohol

Food for labor:
ample supply of juices, herb teas, ice cube chips made from RRL tea, ingredients to make high protein drinks, easily digestible foods.
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i bought one of the monflower catalog kits and didn't need most of what was in it! but they sell the stuff individually and it is a great catalog to have... of large importance to me was:

motherwort tincture for afterpain
lavender herb to rinse the babe in a little cotton flannel bag
a squirt bottle for my perenium
ice chips and raspberry leaf tea.
a "focus" thing for the wall and nice music
sterile cloths for warm compresses

along with the other stuff like cord supplies, gauze, sterile scissors, etc...

i loved the herbal sitz bath from wishgarden in the moonflower. just fantastic. i have big babies (7-12, 8-0, and 10-2 ) so the bath helped a lot. good luck!
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I went to the Whole Foods site - they don't sell from their site but they had a link to another site that they stated sells most of their products - it was Gaiam.com - they didn't have one of the products I was looking for. I also went to wildoats.com and they didn't have the few things I am looking for either. I don't think I have enough time to order a catalog, wait for it and then order from it. I am on modified bedrest and that is why I was really hoping to find somewhere online.

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I apologize for not doing my homework. I didn't realize you couldn't order from WF or WO websites, and the moonflower site is not secure for credit card orders. You can print out their order form and fax it to them, though. I did a search on herbs and came up with a site that is secure and you can order online. It's www.glenbrookfarm.com and they have bulk herbs available by the ounce and they do have comfrey, they also have tea tree oil. The tea tree oil was about $7 for an ounce and the comfrey was about $1.50 for an ounce. I found arnica montana available on www.homeopathyovernight.com and it was about $5 or $6 a tube, available in all different strengths. They also had califlora, which is the alcohol based calendula gel. It was about the same price. Good luck! Hope this helps!!
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Arnica oil is really good for perineal massage before and during labor.....

Herb pharm makes one with st. john's wort too, which is anti-inflammatory, and would probably be great.

Wishgarden herbs in colorado has great herbal preparations for birthing, including a really nice sitz bath for the recovery period, and an extremely effective lactation tea. (303) 665-9508, they'll send a catalog.....

Sorry, I'm sure you're trying to shorten your list, not lengthen it.....
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Wow, that is a long list. Most of that can be bought from drug stores, natural food stores, and medical supply stires. I guess my midwife provided her own herbs except lobelia which if needed ,needed to be started immediatly. Other than that all I needed was a tarp and soft absorbant something to cover it with, comfry, tea tree oil, chux pads, hat, alcohol, and a clamp.

It seems like the place I got it from was called spirit led homebirth supply or something. It was cheap and had some neat extras.
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