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trimming DS's nails

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What do you use? I used to be able to trim my ODS's nails with a baby nailclipper, but with DS#2, I tried it once, got his skin, he screamed bloody murder, I cried and haven't done it since. It's been 2 months.

He's so squirmy and active that I'm not sure what to do. Should I use a nail file or just my teeth?
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I always trim nails during naps... I think my kiddos are around 3years old before they realize fingernails and toenails grow! I keep nail trimmers by the rocking chair, bed, and in the car for quick trims.

Good luck!
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Buy a pair of nail scissors and wait until DS is asleep. The scissors are MUCH safer and you can make fast work of them during a nap. That worked for me until DS was about 8 months old. After that, he would wake up as soon as I started messing with his fingers. Now, I use my teeth while he's awake, and do one or two at a time (he pulls his hand away and gets grumpy if I try to do more than that). So most days, I trim a nail or two, and they don't get too long when I keep after it. Those clippers are trouble, I cut DS a few times with those also--no fun.
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I use clippers and I also only do it when Cecilia is sleeping. I really like my clippers though; they're sideways, so you can really see what you're doing. They came in this kit, which I got at Target.
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I was advised it is easiest to use a file on a newborn. I got one of those big black ones that looks like it has black sand on it. When the baby is tiny, I use that. Then when they get bigger, I use baby nail clippers, but only if they are perfectly still. I really take my time lining it all up. dd1 I had to do it while she slept. dd2 wakes up if I try that, so i have to do it while she is awake. i ask her if she is ready for me to do a manicure, ready for me to trim her nails, and though she is not verbal yet, she understands everything we say.

I put her in my lap, her back to my front, so it is like trimming my own nails she has a hard time staying still, so it takes a while.

I also resort to fine tuning with my mouth and teeth while we are nursing. This is due to laziness on my part I am sure... If I feel a snag on a nail, I do what i would do on my own nail, I bite it off, (very gently) to even. Once dd1 was about 4 yo she started trimming her own nails...
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I got a wee pair of baby nail scissors at our local drugstore and they work great! I keep them by the glider and do them while he's nursing and he doesn't seem to mind. I find the scissors are very precise, but I do need to have good lighting to see well enough. Getting the toenails is harder though, but they need it far less often.
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I can't seem to do it with my teeth and nail files really make my skin crawl. I use tiny baby nail clippers - but wait until he is asleep to do it! The trick is to stick it in your bra first for a few minutes to warm them up! lol
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Aaaaaah.... sleeping. Well, that's gonna help a ton 'cause he's a sound sleeper! Thanks, mamas!
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I use a file when my son is asleep. I also dremmel my dogs nails Other than clipping my own, I am just too afraid of injuring someone!
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I use the baby nail clippers when she is asleep. I gently grab her finger and push the skin under her nail back as gently and as far back as I can to help the nail stick out a little more. Then I put the clippers under her nail while continuing to hold her little skin back and then clip it...it's so much easier and you won't get skin. I've also cut them when when she was awake before and it was pretty easy until she started wiggling around. Good luck!

My baby is 10weeks old. I never had luck with filing.
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oh- good idea about the baby nail scissors- I will have to try that. I use a regular nail file- it works okay but not great-
I tried the baby nail clippers once and cut his little finger so I haven't had the heart to use those again- but my dh has figured out how to use the baby nail clippers- so we kind of do a mish mash. But it always feels like ds's nails are sharp- so I may try the nail scissors.
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Nailing clipping during sleep didn't work for me because she would instantly wake up. I had the same problem as you...got the skin once and it was all downhill from there. So I had to resort to playing Baby Einstein while I clip her nails. It is the only thing that works for us. Good luck!
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baby clippers, sleeping and forgive yourself for drawing blood that time - you are not alone
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