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Favorite Cloth Diaper Covers?

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My BioBottoms have seen their last bottoms and I'm in need of new covers. BioBottoms are peachy but being made out of wool also a pain in the bottom.
What covers are you using this time around? I'm using chinese pre-fold diapers so I don't need any all-in-ones just covers to cover this baby's...... bottom.....
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For DS the both the old style and the new duo Thirsties PUL covers work well. I didn't like the Bummi's. I also made some butt sweaters from upcycled Goodwill wool sweaters. They've fitted ... variously ... I ordered a knit longie and a couple of other wool covers off of etsy for the baby as well as a Thirsties Duo size 1 that should work until the baby grows into the old style Thirsties smalls I have from DS.
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I like Bummis super brite, Imse Vimse, wonder wraps. I cannot stand the thirsties ones. They break so quickly.
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I like the BabyBeeHinds covers--substantial feeling fabric, fits nicely over various dipes, however they don't have leg gussets. My babies have very chubby legs, so the lack of gussets wasnt' a problem.
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What kind of material are we talking on these? I'm so used to Wool being less than waterproof but don't want to go plastic either..

Thanks for your replies so far!!
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I've tried many, but Thirsties are by far my favorite. They fit well, we never have any problem with leaking, they come in cute colors, they aren't too expensive, and their velcro lasts much longer than other brands with velcro I've tried (Bummis, BumGenius pockets, etc.). I know snaps will always last longer than velcro, but I *hate* trying to get snaps done up on a squirmy baby (or worse, a defiant toddler), so I'd rather just stick with the velcro.

The material of all the ones I'm talking about is PUL, which feels like fabric on the outside, and has a waterproof coating on the inside. The binding on the legs and waist are cloth, so the baby doesn't have anything uncomfortable against skin.
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Our favorite cover was the Little Beetle Wool cover, hands-down. It is a bit pricey since it is wool, but worked wonderfully. We had several other brands but would always grab that one...
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I really liked Bummis and wool with ds - so this time around I've got several Bummis covers and a few knit wool wraps, soakers & longies.

Everyone was also raving about Thirsties and they are cheap so I also bought some xs & the duo wraps.
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Once you lanolize wool it shouldn't leak unless everything is absolutely soaked. It will wick moisture through if something is pressing firmly up against it for a while which is why it doesn't work very well under clothing.

I really like the look of the little beetles covers and I love the little beetle wool changing pad I bought so I may pick up a cover as well. We'll see if/when I need more wool since I have several already for the NB stage. Might pick one up for later.
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Yeah my wool covers are at least 20+ years old and VERY ready to be retired. We've tried the lanolizing but with the elastic worn out and Velcro done for it's just time for new diaper covers...

For those of you who are familiar with Thirsties, can you tell me the difference in the regulars and the duos? They look like they fit differently...
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My favorite is the aristocrats wool cover. Its so soft and warm (we live in a cold climate) and works incredibly well and no smell. Not the prettiest diaper, but definitely my favorite.

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Katri's Mama, I've only ever used the regular Thirsties covers, since the Duo covers are new and didn't exist when I bought the ones for my DD. I'd expect them to fit about the same way, except obviously the Duo ones are made to be expandable so that only 2 sizes will last from about birth to potty training. If I need to buy any new covers for this baby, I'm definitely going to try a few Duos. I'll be interested to hear if anyone here has actually used both.

Comparing the Thirsties and Bummis, I found Thirsties to be trimmer (less puffy/bulky), and less likely to leak because of the leg gusset that Bummis doesn't have, and as I said, the Thirsties velcro (and actually some of the stitching, too) lasted longer. Too bad, because Bummis has some cute patterns, but I'm sticking with Thirsties from now on. ETA: Hey, I just looked online, and Thirsties has some cute new patterns now, too! Score!

I never tried wool--the high price of the covers, plus the possible non-waterproofness, plus the special washing and lanolizing instructions for wool, etc. scared me off--so I can't compare to that.
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I'm seeing the coolness of the Duo Thirsties in the expandable sizes...that might be where I'm leaning but I'm just hesitant to get away from wool covers......I mean it's kind of a tradition in my family (all 3 of my siblings and myself were all BioBottom bottoms) and I've used them for all 4 of my kids so far..... just don't know yet, wool can be such a hassle too... hmmmm......
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