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Safe sunflower seeds for peanut/nut allergy?

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I used to buy bulk sunflower seeds from peanutfreeplanet, but they've been out of stock for awhile. The ones that are in stock are $4.25 for 14 oz, plus shipping ($8.99.)

I've searched, but I'm not finding anything. Does anyone have another safe, and hopefully cheaper, source that I can look into?

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I would love to know too. I am tempted to email Sunbutter and ask them. Hmm.... maybe I should go do that.

I am so going to grow alot of sunflowers the next time I move!!! You could ask around at local farmers markets to find someone who may grow them and you could buy the heads.
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I've used "go raw" brand without a problem. The bag says "nut free." It also says "all hand made / all raw kitchen / family owned". You might want to call to confirm depending on the severity of the peanut allergy. I purchased these at Henry's Farmers Market (in Southern CA). I'm not positive, but I'm fairly certain these are quite a bit more $ than peanut free planet :/
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I buy them from Futters Nut Butters. It is a small, locally owned company, and the woman's name is Jody. She is great and will tell me exactly which things have come from where. So, for example, the almonds come straight from the almond growers, etc. She doesn't handle any peanuts, but she will tell me if for example, something has been roasted somewhere else first, and I will avoid that. I always ask her every time I order, to be sure her supplier hasn't changed.

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Thanks, momofmine! I like that they also have dried fruit, too --- I'm all about one stop shopping. I'll give them a call tomorrow to discuss safety concerns!
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