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What is up with my toddler's balls? A bit worried.

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So, my son is 18 months old. Sometime between 1 year and now, the pediatrician said he had some kind of sac of fluid around one of his testes, it was totally normal, probably will resolve itself, etc. He shined a flashlight through them to show me what it looked like. I wasn't worried enough to remember the name he used for it.

Just recently, I was changing him and I was bothered by the way his scrotum looked. I gently felt around it and sure enough, I found THREE clearly separate ... lumps, for lack of a better term... in there. I think they were all the same size. I just kind of thought WTF? and figured it was probably some anatomical thing in there that I just didnt' know about, and that I'd keep my eye on it.

Today I thought to check them again to see if anything had changed, and I looked and I was even more alarmed. I felt around and to my left, there are two little marble-sized masses, the same size, right on top of each other but DEFINITELY SEPARATE. Well, on the right there's one BIG mass, bigger than the other two combined.

What the hell?

I've heard of this hydrocele thing - that seems like it must be what the pediatrician was talking about - but from what I understand, the fluid forms AROUND the testicle. Why would I feel THREE things in there, and THEN have one of them swell up? I'm pretty concerned about this now... should I be?

He didn't feel any pain at all when I was feeling around, and only after a few moments of poking did he kind of seem like "Hey, get outta there" (and even then didn't register more than casual annoyance), there's no discoloration. The only thing out of the ordinary I can detect is that he appears to have a cold coming on - sudden-onset runny nose, little cough and feeling a bit hot.

I was going to keep my eye on it for the rest of the weekend and if it gets any worse or seems to bother him I was going to call the pediatrician on Monday.

Ladies? Any experiences like this? Input?

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No experience here, but .
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Well, thanks for the hug and for the bump
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I don't have any experience with this but if I were you I'd at least call my doctor's office. From my own experience the nurse will probably tell you to bring your child in but I'd say something to the affect of, please jot this down and relay my info to dr. "so & so" so that he/she can tell me if I should bring my child in...... especially since he was already aware of something going on.
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Sorry, I don't know anything about that either. I would definitely have him checked out again.

My sons balls never seem to make an appearance unless he is in the bathtub. I guess he has retractile testes....strange.
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As an update, I did bring him to the doctor, and the doctor took a look at it, agreed it had been getting worse rather than better, and gave me the number for a local pediatric surgeon.  We went there and had a consultation to confirm everything.  He did end up having surgery on it a few weeks ago, it was a breeze, and he has been given a clean bill of health.  He was cranky and sleepy for about a day and a half, then went completely back to normal, his range of movement was not limited, and the incision was a very fine, pink 1/2 long line with a sticker over it - no stitches - which already appears to be getting more faint.

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What was the prognosis?? What did they remove?

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Originally Posted by FrenchMama View Post

What was the prognosis?? What did they remove?

Oh, the procedure was called "right inguinal hernia repair and hydrocelectomy" I think.  He had a hydrocele in there that was swelling up a lot sometimes: they drained that, and closed up the opening between his abdominal cavity and scrotum that was allowing things to pass through.


They said if it wasn't taken care of, it *could* eventually go into full-blown hernia mode, and he could wind up with a loop of intestines bulging into his scrotum, which would be a life-threatening emergency!

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Wow, glad your baby is okay! Thank you for sharing your story with us. smile.gif

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