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great deals on Earth Mama Angel Baby products (other brands too)

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ive been looking for some time now to see where I can get the best deal on the EMAB products and today I just randomly happened to find it!

www.mothernature.com - their prices on some of the products are literally half of what i have seen at whole foods, diapers.com, target.com and a bunch of other places I looked at, both in stores and online. (They have tons of other great brands too!)
Of course, I wanted free shipping-and here it is free on orders over $49.
But thats not all - I went online and found a coupon code, which is

LSAVE15 and it gives you 15% off your order!

Even moooore intersting: I had $50.83 in my cart and it said "you qualify for free shipping". I proceeded to create an account there (just email and password), then put in my shipping address and credit card info. THEN I input the LSAVE15 code and it took $7.62 off my order and STILL gave me FREE SHIPPING (though at this point my total was less than $44)!!!!

So I bought SIX Earth Mama Angel Baby products and a bottle of mouthwash that i needed for the price of what I would have paid for just three EMAB products.

By the way, check out this website: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/
where you can just type in any product that you use and get great information on how safe and natural it really is. Some surprises there for sure. Earth Mama Angel Baby are great, California Baby is too...Burt's Bees-not so much
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Thanks for the tip! I just ordered a bunch of stuff I've wanted to try. Mine gave me the 15% off and still did the free shipping even though it was only $42 at that point- that seems unusual, but I'll take it!
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yes, yes, that is what I am saying.. my order was $43.20 and it also gave me free shipping. Its like it gives you the free shipping (as long as you have $50 worth in your cart) first, and then takes off the 15%.

very unusual-very cool!

Im happy to know someone else is taking advantage of the good prices and free shipping!
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Thanks for the tip. I have always wanted to try some of their products, but they have been too expensive....this made it possible!

thanks again,
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to treat myself. So far in my shopping cart I have the bottom balm, bottom spray, nipple cream, boobie tubes, baby shampoo/wash...now I need one more item and can't decide. Bath herbs? Another bottle of bottom spray? Baby lotion?
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i love to see mamas getting good deals

Teeg-ive also wanted to try their products for a long time, ive only tried one product and loved it but i hear great reviews on their stuff all the time.

Gradstudentmommy-we ordered almost the same stuff-i got mama bottom balm and mama bottom spray, nipple cream, baby shampoo/wash and baby bottom cream...oh and milk tea.
Cant wait to get my package!
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I couldn't decide so I got the baby lotion too. I probably should have gotten the baby balm. Decisions, decisions!
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