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Can I join in too?
I am 40, DH is 42 and this is our 3rd somewhere around Dec 12th. Had DD at age 34 with CNM in hospital; DS @37 with regular MW at Birth Center and barely made it there on time. So, we are hoping to stay home with #3 with the MW who will hopefully make it in time.
Feeling really stressed right now with way too much everyday stuff and too much on my plate so am hoping to have a few things calm down after we move next week and then hopefully start to think about baby.
I did the NT and then an ultrasound at 20 weeks and all looks good but feeling a little worried about my sugar intake and am trying to cut back. I have the gender envelope at home and waiting for a calm moment to celebrate whether we are having a boy or girl. Is there ever a calm moment with 2 very active, high energy kids?!?

Well, pleased to meet you all and I hope I can get some calmness from reading some of your posts.
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Originally Posted by hoping42 View Post
Please Add me to the list I would love to join - I am 45 and due with baby #3 10/23/10 waiting to be surprised. The odds are really low that this would happen and the beginning was the toughest - much more difficult than my others. I was in the midst of pre-menopause when this happy news arrived - this is my 6th pregnancy (3 miscarriages in all) and hoping and praying baby #3 will arrive safe and sound. I had a CVS done early and all was OK. I have a 10 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I am so excited for this little one to arrive!
Hello hoping. Our histories sound very similar only I'm a year older. I've had two losses and one live birth. I too got pregnant during pre-menopause. You're so lucky to be almost done, I've got many months to go!
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Hi Roslyn

It is so nice to connect with you and others who have traveled difficult paths to create a family! You never know what will occur when you start down the road toward pregnancy - I never would have anticipated that it would be 5 years between each of my children with miscarriages in between but I am so grateful for each of my children! Hang in there - I had such a hard time thinking I would ever get to September and here it is!
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Originally Posted by samstress View Post
great idea! i'll be needing those too.

i found this thread in the homebirth helpful resources sticky in the homebirth forum.
Holy moly, you hit the interview question jackpot! Thanks so much for finding that. I just put together a list of way too many questions and will probably start calling next week. I hope she has a free afternoon!
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Just movin' us up a bit.
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I went in for the NT Scan on Friday and everything is looking good. I felt having the extra u/s was more accurate then the Quad Screen, and my OB agreed with me. Anyways, the fluid measurement was 1 mm, which is great. The baby had it's hands up by the face the entire time so they could not see the nasal bone but I am not worried about that as we did see it at my dating scan last Mon. We also met with the genetics counselor and she said she would call me this week as soon as she gets the blood results back but sees no reason why my risks will not be lower. I really did not think there would be a problem, but with 4 active kids at home I want to be prepared in case there is.
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thinking of you gradstudentmommy. any news?
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Hey mamas, just wanted to pop in and say I'm 28 weeks today, YAY!! Hope everyone is doing well. Does anyone have experience with swelling, is it because of warm weather, will it stop when it gets cold or am I destined to be puff mama until baby comes?
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Hi ladies,
I'm Karen, 37-will be 38 when this LO is due. DH is 37. I have an older son (14) from previous marriage and DH has a daughter (9) from his previous marriage. We have our "miracle" daughter, who is 14 months (after 5 years of TTC) and now are expecting another little miracle...EDD May 12, 2011 (we decided to not prevent since we thought it would take a long time again )

I did the Genetics consult, NT scan, Quad screen and anatomy scan with DD and with "low risk" results, we stopped there. Not sure what I'll do with this one...probably the same, minus the genetics consult

Karen 37 (38)
DH- Chris 37
Baby #3
EDD- May 12, 2011
undecided regarding finding out gender
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I'm 36, I will be 36 when our son is born, ETA February, 2, 2011. I have no previous children, went through years of infertility with my ex-husband, thought it wasn't going to happen so now-DH and I didn't bother with birth control, oops.

DH will be 35. DH has a 7 year old son from a previous marriage.

I too have gotten the "advanced maternal age/high risk" crap from a Dr at a walk-in-clinic. All he knew was my age, didn't bother asking if I have any health problems (I don't, aside from mild asthma/allergies.) my blood pressure is fine, I have never had any "female" problems (other than infertility.)

I now go to a birthing centre / midwife, she is totally unconcerned about my age, just asked about genetic stuff in my family/ DHs family. Was OK I didn't get the quad screen and my refusal to do an amnio. She asked if I wanted to do an anatomy ultrasound screen and I said sure. The U/S tech said everything looks ok, no markers etc. I do know U/S are not diagnostic, per se but it's a relief anyway. We're going to be screened for CF as it's just a blood draw. I will submit to all blood draws to check for immunities etc/maternal health checks etc.

They had a woman have her first baby at 42 years old at the birth centre, no wonder they don't think 36 is such a big hairy deal.

I've taken the attitude of expect the worst, hope for the best. It has made me be able to maintain my sanity through the fears of Downs etc. I came up with a plan B in case our son comes out not 100% healthy.
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I didn't have any of the screens with my previous pregnancy, but I'm having the NT and the quad screen with this one. Possibly an amnio if it's indicated. Anyway, does anyone know about how long it takes for them to get back to you on that? I'm assuming they don't have results the same day, especially on the blood test. But I dunno.

I'm having a blah kind of day. Had to have blood drawn yesterday and that's always an ordeal. I'm a hard stick and over the past two days she stuck me NINE TIMES to get 14 tubes of blood. I loss a child due to high insulin levels, and there's also a possibility of clotting problems, so I understand why they need to do these tests, but man am I tired today.

We told my mother in law and much to my amazement she was absolutely thrilled. After all, not only am I 46 years old, we have absolutely no money and I'm on Medicaid. Though for the most part that's because I can't get any other insurance do to pre-existing conditions. It's still embarrassing though. I've worked since I was 14 years old, and now can't find a job anywhere. I'm trying to focus on being grateful for this miracle, but it's hard. And omigod I'm so scared. I don't know if my soul could endure losing another one. It's been unbelievably hot here and every time I'm the least bit sweaty "down there" I have to go check to make sure I'm not bleeding. Sorry to be such a buzz kill, but I'm so scared.
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I am uncomfortable with the false positives the quad screen can give - I know someone on other board that happened to, obviously she was horribly upset, had an amnio and it turned out her daughter is totally fine. That clinched it for me. To each her own though, if you choose to get a quad screen that's your choice and it's OK. I understand your worries, I was for some stupid reason, convinced my son would be born with Down's. So much so I was researching giving him up for adoption in the event he would be born chromosomally abnormal. Whee. :/
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I had the NT done on Friday and by Monday afternoon we knew the full results. They had the blood work back that quickly! And my risk of DS or Trisomy went down to less than that of a 20 yr old!

The one thing the genetics counselor talked about was NOT doing the quad screen if you are getting the NT. She said the NT was a better detector and that there is a risk of a "false positive" with the quad after doing the NT. My OB also said the same thing.
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Originally Posted by ballmom View Post
The one thing the genetics counselor talked about was NOT doing the quad screen if you are getting the NT. She said the NT was a better detector and that there is a risk of a "false positive" with the quad after doing the NT. My OB also said the same thing.
My midwife mentioned the same thing. But I find i funny that the genetic counselor told me I should get the test and wanted me to come back at 20 weeks. i decided to go by my midwife's advice. She did suggest the neural tube test so I took that part of it.
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Im 35 and 20 wk pregnant. I will be 36 upon delivery.
I have chosen NOT to do extra tests that some say you should do if 35+. I just think it would add to the stress level thinking something is 'wrong' or whatever before one knows for sure and not just enjoying the process of growing and giving birth. We did do the US and everything looked fine so Im not going to trouble with worrying.
Im really did not plan on having any more children so this is a fun twist in my life at this point. Enjoying each stage.
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What does the NT entail?
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Originally Posted by Arianwen View Post
What does the NT entail?
Mine was an u/s at 12 weeks were they measured the nose bone and I think fluid at the spine or back of the neck, but it was basically an u/s, and then I had a blood drop on a card that was sent to a lab.
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Ah ok, gotcha...thanks.
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Originally Posted by lillymonster View Post
Mine was an u/s at 12 weeks were they measured the nose bone and I think fluid at the spine or back of the neck, but it was basically an u/s, and then I had a blood drop on a card that was sent to a lab.
Ours also measured from the baby's crown to rump.
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Count me in!

I'm just pg, due June 4th, and will be 39 by then (DH will be 41). Happy to have little brother or sister on the way for DS (he'll be 4). Just hoping that this is a sticky Junebug
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