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"diva" moments

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I am having up to 3 a day.

Yesterday I cried (sobbed, really) because I didn't want to cook dinner.

This morning I laid on the couch sighing very heavily waiting for DH to hear me and come to my rescue so he could make me a sandwich.

This behavior seems completely reasonable to me when I'm doing it and then afterwards I'm wondering who is this strange person I'm turning into...

Is anyone else having diva moments or am I the only crazy one!?
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Last Saturday I booked an appointment to have my hair washed and dried at a blow dry bar because DH's cousin was going to do maternity shots for us.

I was disappointed with the blow out and I was tired. I came home and bawled. Literally bawled. DH was so sweet about everything. I told him I might not be up to doing maternity shots so he called his cousin. They all waited around for me to sleep (probably much needed) and mope and then we took some nice shots anyway. But the tears I shed...oh my!

You're not the only crazy one...but I think it's totally normal and our husband's should take these moods as they come. Well, I guess within reason. I'm trying to let DH know how much I appreciate him.
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I have had a cold and been various levels of sick as a dog for over a week now. Puking and bloody noses in the morning.

My entire life right now is a "diva moment"

My question is, where are those guys in the crappy car with my snickers bars?!?!?!?
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Originally Posted by mcimom View Post

My entire life right now is a "diva moment"

My question is, where are those guys in the crappy car with my snickers bars?!?!?!?
This is totally how I feel!!
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Originally Posted by veganjoy View Post
We are visiting Las Vegas right now, and staying at a really lovely hotel. Yesterday, I called for housekeeping to come make up our room, then left with my daughter for a few hours so they could get on with it. When I came back, the room wasn't clean, so I put the privacy light on and decided to nap.

Just as my daughter was drifting off, housekeeping came in and woke her up, then had an attitude when I asked them to please come back in a few hours. I think I was decent about it at the time, but when my husband came back, I nearly lost my s#!% relating the story to him, insisting that he complain, and they come clean immediately, and blah blah blah.

I mean, seriously? I'm in a place where they clean your room for you!, which is pretty fantastic, and I completely diva-ed out. It was a total JLo moment.
Dude, if someone woke my daughter up despite a privacy sign I think my head might actually explode.
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