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How do you organize/store your carriers?

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I've got quite a stash that I built using Craigslist, plus a friend just sent me several more wraps and slings. I don't, at least for now, have a free drawer in baby's dresser, so I'm just not sure where/how to store them and was hoping others would have a brilliant idea I could borrow.
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I have 2 maya wraps and a mei tei. The ring slings are hanging from the ring on the neck of a hanger in the coat closet. The mei tei is on a shelf in said closet.

I usually keep 1 ring sling in the house, and 1 in the car until babe gets older then I also tend to keep the mei tei in the car then too.

But I don't really have what I consider to be a "stash."

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A friend of mine has one of those hanging shoe things like this
http://www.organize.com/meshoratshor.html. I think I might need one soon, lol
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I keep all my wraps in a basket in my DD's room.. folded up when I'm feeling neat, just heaped in there when they've been in use all day. They're at her level so she can drag them out to play with them if she wants

ETA: It's a wicker basket with a fabric lining, so they don't get snagged or anything!
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They mainly live in the back of the car, in the floor space in front of DD's carseat.

Of course, that's a pain when I want one inside the house.

We don't have much of a stash either though- just a Maya ring sling, a Mama's Milk sling, a Moby wrap, a Beco and an Ergo. The Ergo is actually in her closet because she's too small for it still.
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I have hooks on a wall... the kind that are usually used for coats or towels?

I also have a small picnic basket (wicker) that "lives" in the car... it holds a baby bjorn little potty for dd2, some dipes/wipes for ds, some ziplock bags, and a sling or two.

(my current stash is an ergo, two ring slings, a moby wrap, and a pouch so not huge but enough that organizing is helpful)
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Just 4 carriers here.

I make mesh bags from the white mesh fabric at JoAnnes. Just $3 a yard. Keeps them from getting tangled, and good for washing too!
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The ring slings hang inside the kitchen closet (they are not used much anymore). The ergo is either on a hook by the back door or on the floor behind ds' carseat. The backpack hangs in the garage.
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Some good ideas. I think we'll spare one of our under-bed baskets for them for now, since there's no closet space to hang one of those shoe organizers, though I really like that idea.

And once I know more what we use the most maybe a couple hooks on the wall would work out okay.

Thanks everyone!
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I have one of those over-the-door hook things. It has maybe 6 hooks on it? I can't remember exactly. I just hang everything on that.

I have on the hooks: Pikkolo, connecta solarweave, ergo, moby, pouch, two ring slings. I keep a mei tai in my trunk.
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I tend to just have pile. I keep my wraps braided so they take up less room and I rool up the SSC's and fold my RS's, MT's and pouch. DD#2 is only 2 1/2 months so I keep the folded carriers at the foot of the bassinet insert in the playpen we have set up in the livingroom. Once she get's mobile I'll have to come up with a different solution.
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We use over-the-door hooks too. We have 2 with 3 hooks each which hold 4 wraps, 3 pouch slings, 1 ring sling and 1 ergo.
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I also use over-the-door hooks. I have three large hooks I picked up for a few dollars at CVS. I usually keep at least one carrier in the car plus my Hotsling in whatever bag I am carrying, but the hooks hold everything pretty well (2 ring slings, 2 mei tais, 2 SSCs, 1 wrap). It is a nice way to get them off the floor and out of the way.
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I have a 2 wraps and a pouch sling. Friend is supposed to be making me a ring sling. I tend to hang them on the coat hooks int he closet or on the front door handle.
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I keep all of my slings and carriers in a large basket too.
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