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May's Magnificently Marvelous DDC Roster

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Welcome Mamas!!!

Please post your intro here (share as little or as much as you'd like)...

-Name: (your real name, an alias or your screen name only if you prefer)
-Age: (we're all friends here)
-EDD: (early or late may will suffice)
-Location: (be as specific or as vague as you'd like)
-1st child/2nd/3rd...:
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets)
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses)
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em)
-Birth plans/preferences:
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: (we're gonna be here for a while)



Late April
floiejo2 (lindsay), 29, CO, #3,
foreignerforlife (jennifer), 32, GERMANY, #1,
kitty waltz (sadie), 29, AZ, #3, (until birth)

Early May
dayiscoming2006, 25, MT, #3,
farmersusan, 32, OR, #1, (until birth)
GamineNoir (sari), 28, VT, #2,
moobiegirl (krisseey), 29, PA, #3,
MrsBone (stacey), 27, TX, #2,
quinbearzmama (j), 34, NEW ENGLAND, #3, (until birth)
sh0rtchica (lisa), 27, VA, #2,
Shyentist, 31, DC, #1,

May 1st
crazyms (brittney), 24, LA, #3, (until birth)
mama_mich (sara), 34, MT, #2, (until birth)
MamaKickyPants (lindsay), 32, ON, #2,
my-j-angel (becky), 32, MD, #3,
opera mom (sarah), 28, TX, #3,

May 2nd
baby4at44, 43, CA, #4,
Fluga, 34, FINLAND, #2,
geekgolightly (kathy), 40, KS, #2,
SallyNichole, 26, MO, #1,

May 3rd
Almamiel, 34, OH, #3,
bluepetals, 36, CAN, #3, (until birth)
feelinhot, 31, AZ, #4,  
jr'smom, 37, IL, #4,
samstress (sam), 38, CA, #2, (until birth)

May 4th
kamalynsky (kate), 29, IL, #1,
melon (LP), 34, NY, #2,
rrible, 34, CA, #2,
SparkleGirl (jaimee), 23, NC, #4,

May 5th
BornInSeptember, 27, WA, #1, (until birth)
gypsy8, 33, WY, #8,
Mom2K&Gray (adriana), 29, CA, #3,
nostoppingme (rhonda), 43, SC, #2,
PunkElmo (judy), 30, NY, #1,
xtara2003x (tara), 25, WI, #2, (until birth)

May 6th
kmb9906 (kim), 29, VA, #2,
ibusymomto5, 40, MIDWEST, #9,
ladyelmo1 (melissa), 34, ME, #4,  
luckybamboo (mary), 31, WA, #2,

May 7th
LacieD (lacie), 28, IL, #3,

May 8th
77sugaree (sara), 33, MO, #3,
Barefoot~Baker, 34, NY, #4,
cubanamami (amy), 32, NY, #2,
KarenMT (karen), 40, MA, #3, (until birth)
MamaChef, 31, WEST COAST, #2,
salamancagirl1 (marti), 43, AR, #5,
whoanellie (laura), 30, CAN, #2,

May 9th
annaconda (anna), 31, NEW ENGLAND, #1,
JenLiz (jennifer), 38, CA, #2,
jldumm (jessica), 31, NM, #3,
WinterPrego (laura), 20, NC, #1,

May 10th
anne1140 (anne), 27, US, #1,
beckyand3littlemonsters (becky), 28, UK, #5,
Ideliberato (laurie), 24, OH, #1,
I Need Coffee (stacy), 20, OR, #1,
Kahlan (michelle), 30, MD, #3,
Swheeler05 (samantha), 23, CO, #1,

May 11th
gummibears (jennifer), 33, WI, #2,
jennifercp8 (jen), 32, MA, #3,
slb1107 (sara), 24, TX, #1,
sparrowsocks (kate), 26, VA, #1, (until birth)
Trainer Mom (nichole), 27, CO, #1, (until birth)
TXmom2 (karen), 37, TX, #3,

May 12th
Annie219 (andria), 26, IL, #1,
becca_howell (becca), 27, FL, #3,
reelgeek (erin), 33, CA, #1,

May 13th
Crystalyn, 35, TX, #2,
gabsev (gaby) 34, ITALY, #2,
delicate_sunshine (susannah), 25, #3,

May 14th
jenofur (jenna), 34, NJ, #2, stork-suprise.gif 
kels (kelsey), 33, OH, #2,
Nutter, 32, CAN, #1,
sillysmile, 31, WA, #2,

May 15th
katiedidbug (katie), 27, MO, #3, (until birth)
onlyAngil (angil), NJ, #3, (until birth)
Partaria 28, WI, #1,
sarah1122 (sarah), 31, ME, #2,

Caityzmom (stephanie), 30, MO, #2,
jeniferskye (jenifer), 38, FL, #3,
lava mama (ali), 26, WA, #3, (until birth)
northcountrymommy (heather), 30, NY, #3,
spudmum, 36, UK, #2,
waterjen (jennifer), 30, MI, #2,

May 16th
HappyMamaBeth (beth), 29, CA, #3,  
outsideofthebox (n), 31, CAN, #6,
WriterMom2be (heather), 31, NC, #2,

May 17th
CinCanada (carolyn), 31, ON, #2, (until birth)
Olives (karly), 29, WI, #2,

May 18th
bolobear (heather), 32, NJ, #1,
fujbeck (joy), 35, CA, #3,
JollyPop, 28, OK, #1,
L&K'smommie (sam), 30, AK, #4,
lovebeingamomma (natalie), 24, RI, #3, (until birth)
morganlefay (sara), 29, FL, #2, (until birth)

May 19th
BeanieC, 35, NY, #1,
lisab82 (lisa), 28, ON, #1,
MamaMina (mina), 28, OR, #1,
NYC_CNM (ali), 33, NY, #1,
poopzmom (caroline), 30, NJ, #4,

May 20th
awakenedheart (jess), 31, OR, #1,
desertsunrise78 (ashley), 32, NV, #2,
GranolaGal (brittany), 21, WA, #1&2,
kwilki8 (kelly), 34, IL, #3,
mdnaturalmama (christy), 29, MD, #3,
penstamon, 32, PNW, #2,
tiff86 (tiffany), 24, TX, #1,

May 21st
KindRedSpirit (audrey), 31, #6,
purplepaperclip, 31, #2,
rach620 (rachel), 24, MO, #1,

May 22nd
banana75 (anna), 35, MO, #5,
Era28 (erin), 30, MI, #1,
evanleighorion (erin), 30, NM, #2, (until birth)
LoveMyFireman (meg), 26, CA, #1,
Sarah715 (sarah), 28, GERMANY, #1,
smashingpeggy (peggy), 29, IN, #1, (until birth)
soontobemommyof3 (christi), 22, WI, #3,

May 23rd
DaisyMay (fern), 30, SCOTLAND, #3,
dallasslynn (dallass), 30, CA, #4,

May 24th
ceriserenee (cerise), 31, AZ, #2,
LaneyCardinal (laney), 35, #1,

May 25th
kmama, 34, VA, #4,
Lulu2000 (leah), 32, NC, #1, (until birth)

May 26th
briecheese, 30, CA, #2,
ryleeee (rye), 26, BC, #2,
seafox, 33, MA, #2, (until birth)
Skrimpy (kristen), 28, MI, #5,
Tdunahoo (tara), 24, MN, #2,

May 27th
PAgreenmama, 33, PA, #2,

May 28th
elonwy, 33, CA, #1, (until birth)
homemademomma (jen), 27, CT, #3 & 4,
Kristynwy (kristy), 27, WY, #2,
lyndie (amanda), 23, MD, #1,
mommydesi (destiny), 32, OH, #2,
tzs, 35, WI, #2, (until birth)

May 29th
Evergreen (emily), 30, NC, #3, (until birth)

May 30th
brandythemidwife (brandy), 39, MO, #1,
jeminijad (jessica), 27, PA, #2,
MommyPants (kellie), 30, MO, #3,
nixnc (nicole), 33, NC, #3,

May 31st
atnightingale (allison), 32, WA, #2,
AuroraPolaris, 30, NORWAY, #5,
english-mummy, 31, VA, #2,
WeAreAllOne430 (tricia), 31, MI, #2, (until birth)

Late May
becomingme (nk), 35, CA, #2,
camprunner (laura), 31, NC, #3,
erosissa (issa), 33, TN, #1,
lil stinkyfeet (katie), 27, MN, #5,
littleteapot (babs), 30, BC, #4,
lizzie, 36, SC, #3, (until birth)
mija y mijo (mija), 30, NEW ENGLAND, #3, (until birth)
moon.mom, 40, TX, #2,
prothyraia, 29, #3,
sharita, 28, IN, #6,
sonshine rae (rae), 27, MO, #4, (until birth)
WizDumbSpeaques, 30, NC, #2,
yosemiteroses, 27, MI, #2,

Early June
BHappy (karen), 42, CA, #4, (until birth)
jwoodbri (jess), 33, NH, #4,
anonyma (nonny), 36, PA, #1 & 2

In Our Thoughts

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-Name: Tara
-Age: 25
-EDD: May 5th
-Location: Green Bay,WI
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: This will be our second child, but our 4th pregnancy
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets): Husband - John, DD - Addison (4/07), Mama cat - Twinkie, and her SIX..yes SIX babies....(Frank, Sylvia, Spitfire, Simba, and two more little stinkers that we haven't picked names for...)
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses): No idea. I think DH wants a boy though as we want at least one of each (we are planning on 3 all together)
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em): No clue yet.
-Birth plans/preferences: I want a homebirth...whether that is unassisted or with a midwife has yet to be determined!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: This is my 3rd pregnancy this year....so I am left a bit anxious and nervous. Hoping to just get to hear a heartbeat and I will feel "in the clear"....
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-Name: Kathy
-Age: 40
-EDD: May 2nd
-Location: Kansas City. Recently moved here from Erie, PA.
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd child, 6th pregnancy.
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets): Husband, son and one kitty named Baby Janey
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses): dunno
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em): For a girl we want to name her Margaret (Maggie) Rose. We can't agree on a boy's name. I like Judah and Jonah but my husband says NO!
-Birth plans/preferences: DS was a planned homebirth that turned into hospital because of preeclampsia. I would like a birth center birth, but likely I will have a hospital birth. I am old, overweight and have a complicated obstetric history.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I am a nurse and though I LOVE my job sometimes, if this really happens for me, I will be a stay at home mom. My husband is in pharmacy school and this is his final year. He will graduate and I will give birth in May. He went to pharmacy school so he could be a better provider to his family. I really hope we can have one more, we would both be over the moon with joy.
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-Name: MamaChef
-Age: 31
-EGD: May 8th
-Location: West Coast
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets): Wonderful Husband, 32 month DD
-Baby's gender: Boy or Girl
-Names: Gosh, I havent even given the bun a nick name yet.. no idea
-Birth plans/preferences: Homebirth
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-Name: (your real name, an alias or your screen name only if you prefer):Becky
-Age: (we're all friends here)27
-EDD: (early or late may will suffice) 10th of may
-Location: (be as specific or as vague as you'd like) Leeds UK
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 5th
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets) me, my 4 children (Chloe, cameron, caitlin and caden) and our cat Sox
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses) not really fussed though I've been convinced for months that I'm going to have another girl
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em) Ebony, Eleonora, Isla or Imogen for a girl. Elijah, Fabien or Isaac for a boy
-Birth plans/preferences: Home waterbirth or uc waterbirth it depends how I feel when I go into labour.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: (we're gonna be here for a while) is anyone else already itching to go out spending on baby stuff lol, I bought stuff ages ago 2 packs new born nappies and some new born clothes
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I made a mistake! Can I change my due date? I was completely looking at the wrong numbers. I'm due the 5th!
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Name: Almamiel
EDD: May 1
Location: Ohio
1st child/2nd/3rd...:This is #3!
Family: Dp is a SAHD, two beautiful little girls (8 and 6 yrs old), three lovely dogs
Baby's gender: No clue
Names: Nothing good yet
Birth plans/preferences:After two "natural" hospital births, trying to decide if we're going to go that route again or try for a homebirth.
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-Name: jr'smom
-Age: 37
-EDD: May 3
-Location: IL
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 4th!
-Family: DH(40), DS5, DS4, DD1
-Baby's gender: Happy with either of course! Hoping for another girl or we'll probably be trying for #5 soon after!
-Names: In the past Jenna Elaine was our #1 girl pick but never used it! Zachary has been our #1 boys pick and never used it! So we are still considering those and knowing us, still won't use them!
-Birth plans/preferences: No idea! I think VBA3C's is virtually impossible in IL. I'm not sure I trust my body anymore (after 3 failed HBs.) Can't find a provider for anything other than C/S anyway. I'm thinking of finding a midwife after 8-12 weeks to do prenatal care until my insurance kicks in mid January, then find an MD I can deal with.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm an upper cervical chiropractor and homeschooling mom to my 3 kids--although just one is officially school age! I own my own office and have two associate doctors and a wonderful staff! I work three days a week. My DH is a SAHD and does much of the homeschooling! We travel a lot for business and pleasure. I almost always have the whole family in tow even for short business trips.
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-Name: Liesl
-Age: 37
-EDD: May 2
-Location: CT, USA
-7th child
-Family: H, 6 kiddos, no pets (allergies)
-Baby's gender: really hoping for a boy
-Names: not sure!
-Birth plans/preferences: undecided
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: we are a happy homeschooling family
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-Name: Sadie

-Age: 29 - but will be 30 in November

-EDD: last week of april/ first week of may. I'm assuming it will be around the 30th or the 1st.

-Location: Arizona. {bummer, I know.}

-1st child/2nd/3rd...: this will be my 3rd child, but I have had 3 miscarriages since my last birth.

-Family: my beloved husband, almost 9 yr old daughter, almost 7 yr old son, 2 stepkids {g-6, b-7} that live with their mom and visit, 3 dogs, and my cat Frederick.

-Baby's gender: At this point I'm really hoping for a girl, because so far my husband still seems to think circumcision is the way to go. My son is uncirc'ed, and I really just don't want to deal with the fallout of me saying 'hell no'... 'cuz I would never let that happen!! {Hopefully we will work this one out in the next few months!}

-Names: really have no ideas yet

-Birth plans/preferences:unassisted waterbirth.

-Absolutely anything else under the sun: my husband and I are both artists - he writes and paints, I make music. He's a manager at a grocery by day, and I stay at home, and homeschool the kids. Therefore we're pretty darn poor.. this couldn't be worse timing {financially}.. yet I can't help being overjoyed.
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-Name: Lindsay
-Age: 29, 30 on Oct 20th
-EDD: late April/early May
-Location: Colorado
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd child, 6th pregnancy
-Family: Dh, 35, H, 6, and A, 3. Also a dog and 2 cats, and for a few more weeks 4 kittens.
-Baby's gender: Dh would be thrilled with a boy, I'd be thrilled with another girl. Either way we really don't care, just a healthy baby this time.
-Names: um.....too early
-Birth plans/preferences: Planning a third homebirth. Hopefully this one will come at home in our water pool and not super quickly at my mom's house like number 2 did.
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#4 Due May 2nd

-Name: baby4at44
-Age: 43
-EDD: May 2nd
-Location: Central Coast CA
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #4
-Family: Hubby (he'll be 54 when this baby is born! ), 3 sons (24, 20, 17 months ), 2 daughters-in-law & 2 step-daughters
-Baby's gender:
-Names: Boy - not sure yet, Girl - Mercy
-Birth plans/preferences: waterbirth @ home
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: 20 year homeschool veteran and starting over - GOD IS GOOD!
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-Name: Kim
-Age: 29
-EDD: May 6th
-Location: Virginia
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd child
-Family: DH (31), DD (2yo) The baby is actually due on her birthday!
-Baby's gender: I'm guessing boy.
-Names: I have no idea just yet!
-Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a VBAC. I am fortunate to have an OB who will allow me to go to 41 weeks, barring complications.
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-Name: Lindsay
-Age: 32 (33 when babe arrives)
-EDD: May 1st-ish - I'm not 100% sure on my dates
-Location: Toronto, Canada
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: This will be # 2
-Family: DH - J, DS - Owen
-Baby's gender: I'm kind of feeling girl, but really, no idea.
-Names: girl - Josephine, Celia, I really like Ramona, but DH laughed in my face when I suggested it. Boy - really not sure, we had such a hard time picking DS's name!
-Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a homebirth with the same wonderful midwives. I'd love for my sister to do the catch - she's a newly trained midwife hersself, though she'll be there strictly in sister capacity
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: hmm I WOH, love my job - but sometimes it a challenge balancing everything! I had awful pregnancy sickness with DS and I'm really, really hoping it's not as bad this time around. Midwifery runs in the family - my moms is a midwife, so is my little sister, and I'm thinking of pursuing that path as well! Good to meet you all!
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-Name: krisseey
-Age: 29
-EDD: Early May around the 7th
-Location: Philly area
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets) DH, Frankie, & Hayley
-Baby's gender: Will keep it a surprise
-Names: none picked yet
-Birth plans/preferences: hoping for a homebirth or a birth center
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My due date is May 6th. Sorry, I meant to put that in my initial post.
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First time prego!

Name: Trainer_Mom (Nichole)
Age: 27
EDD: May 11, 2011
Location: Denver, CO
1st child/2nd/3rd...: First time biological mom. One step-daughter.
Family: New and loving hubby and his beautiful daughter
Baby's gender: Thinking I've got a boy in the soon-to-be bump, but I'm just thrilled to be pregnant and I'll be happy with either. Or twins! Wouldn't that be fun?
Names: No clue, something simple probably.
Birth plans/preferences: Prefer natural birth, considering all locations.
Absolutely anything else under the sun: Just found out I was pregnant on Friday 8/27, earlier than I had expected and after our first month trying! I feel very blessed and thankful
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-Name: Michelle
-Age: 30, 31 as of 9/30!
-EDD: May 10th
-Location: Maryland
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd!
-Family: C, husband, P, oldest (8), L, youngest for now! (2)
-Baby's gender: My mom says boy, I hope for either
-Names: Cora Alice or Eli Michael
-Birth plans/preferences: whatever works as I've had great ones before
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: still completely shocked!!!
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-Name: Amy
-Age: 32, soon to be 33
-EDD: May 8th based on last period and pretty sure I know exactly when we conceived
-Location: LI, New York
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #2 to join beautiful daughter
-Family: DH - Joaquin, DD- Izzy
-Baby's gender: No idea, want my daughter to have a sister but also hoping for a boy so guess I will be happy either way
-Names: no idea
-Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a homebirth this time around with the same midwife we used with my daughter's birth.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: So far I feel great and I am hoping to keep very active, and healthy this pregnancy. My last pregnancy was overall very good but had horrible PUPPS at the end. I will do anything to not have to go through that again.
Best wishes to all!!
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