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I guess I've been (not so quietly) lurking for a couple of weeks, but was mostly just unaware that I could officially sign up somewhere! :) Thanks Peggy for bumping this up where I could see it!


-Name: Lizzie

-Age: 36 - baby's due a week after my bday, so we'll see how old I am at delivery!

-EDD: Late May

-Location: South Carolina, but just moved here from Northern CO, and still adjusting

-1st, 2nd..: 3rd!

-Family: DH, 47 (but his bday is just two weeks before EDD.. so again, we'll see!); DD, 10; and DS, 8.5

-Baby's gender: Don't know, and we don't plan to find out til the birth, but I and a few others feel very strongly that we're having a boy! We found out with our first two, so thought we'd wait this time. Either way, we'll be thrilled!

-Names: We're talking about a few boy names... nothing certain yet. I have a few girl names I like, but none of them are jumping out at me like like the boys names do of course. With both our daughter and our son, we picked a name, thought we knew what we wanted, and then changed our minds completely a couple of weeks before they were born, so we probably won't pick one for sure until baby's in our arms... though "his" nickname has been Sundance since the week we found out we were pg!

-Birth Plans/Preferences: We're planning a UC waterbirth with just DH and I, though the kids will be around, so their involvement will just depend on how things are going.

-Absolutely anything else under the sun: We've been wishin' and hopin' and prayin' for over six years for this little one, and everything is new and amazing all over again after going nine years without a pregnancy! I can't thank God enough for another opportunity to mother!

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Hi Mamas! I finally joined in on the fun :)


-Age: 31
-EDD: May 20th
-Location: Portland, OR
-1st child/2nd/3rd...:1st!
-Family: My partner Andrew, Lucy Lou & Tori Ann (feline friends) & Mike (fostered feline friend)
-Baby's gender: We are undecided if we want to find out, we've always felt it was going to be a boy
-Names:  currently the top ones are Lake (boy), Claire (girl) but its Lil Roo until we decide.
-Birth plans/preferences:  All natural Waterbirth at a birth center with some amazing midwives
-Absolutely anything else under the sun:  We love our Lil Roo so much already!  We are really excited for this new unexpected path we are on.  We were not planning on having children, instead wanted to adopt or foster, since there are so many children in need of homes!  Also, we are both earth-friendly nature loving folks who are concerned with our impact on this already overpopulated planet.   Hopefully, this will be our only biological child & we will take in more children later on that need some love & nurturing.  I'm also excited in having a healthy vegan pregnancy & a healthy vegan baby so that I can be a resource for those out there choosing a compassionate lifestyle especially during pregnancy, when it really matters what you put into your body & their lil' bodies.  You are what you eat, so why not have it be healthy & cruelty free that is good for your body, the soul, the animals & the earth?  Everyone is free to make their own choices however, and I respect every individuals freedom of choice.  I have strong values & ideals that I promised myself I wouldn't lose when I decided to bring another being into this world, because that is who I am and who I love.  I hope to meet some like minded folks on here & learn from those who are different as well.  We are all on an amazing journey & I'm happy to be able to share my thoughts & feelings along the way with you all!

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welcome lizzie and jess (and congrats to you both). 

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-Age: 34
-EDD: 2 May
-Location: Finland
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: second
-Family: Spouse and DD
-Baby's gender: Girl feelings
-Names: not a clue
-Birth plans/preferences: bit torn on that
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I was working up to week 18 when I got too physically weak to do it.  I'm really happy that I live in a country where that doesnt have to be a stressor.  Not only am I getting a sick leave for months but I could stay away as long as 3 years after the baby is born and still have my job waiting for me.  I'm planning to be gone only 2 though (out of that mat leave is 10 months).

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welcome Fluga.  now i can include you in our stats.  smile.gif

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-Age: (28)
-EDD:late may or possibly very early june

-Location: NW indiana, 45 mins from Chicago

-1st child/2nd/3rd... This makes baby #6!
-Baby's gender: (wanted a girl since I have 3 boys and two girl.  last two were boys, time for girl again.  Ultrasound says Girl!!!)
-Names: Gabriella, Chloe, really unsure.

-Birth plans/preferences: Preparing for another home water birth
-Absolutely anything else under the sun:  Enjoying talking to you laides!


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welcome sharita!  "soon to be brady bunch" - i like it!

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Update to my info.


We are expecting a baby girl we found out last week! hearts.gif

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congrats kristy.  i saw the good news on fb last week, but didn't want to say anything here.

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-Name: Judy
-Age: 30
-EDD: 5/5
-Location: New York, NY
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: first!
-Family: DP (male), 30; two nearly-6 year old snugglepuss cats.
-Baby's gender: not finding out, but we have a feeling it's a boy
-Names: still figuring this out - and it's all subject to change when we meet the babe!
-Birth plans/preferences: having an all natural homebirth, possibly water birth - grateful for western medicine's ability to save my life in a FUBAR situation, but sure hope I don't have to use it!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: lately I'm finding myself obsessed with silly things like picking the right cloth diapers and finding brightly colored baby t-shirts... doesn't my brain know I'm still at work?

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welcome judy (and congrats).  glad you found us.

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-Name: JollyPop
-Age: 28
-EDD: May 18
-Location: Oklahoma
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: First
-Family: Fiance, several pets, lots of  wonderful relatives that live close
-Baby's gender: girl...or so we think
-Names: Right now, we call her Poptart!
-Birth plans/preferences: Birth Center. With Midwives. Hopefully without complications or interventions. ( And if wishes came true...a thirty minute labor, haha!)
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: Completely thrilled, but still surprised.





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-Name: Angil
-Age: 24
-EDD: Clinical - May 5th (by LMP); Actual - May 15th (by my Charting); Probable about the 27th- 29th -ish (by last two babies being 2 weeks "late")
-Location: South Amboy, NJ, USA, Earth
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd
-Family: My "Mate", DS 5yo, DD 3yo, 2 cats, and my cousin and mother live next door... we share the porch and yard, lol.
-Baby's gender: I hope for a healthy baby. I think it may be a boy, my daughter thinks it is a girl.
-Names: The baby will tell us.
-Birth plans/preferences: I want a waterbirth UC to go with my so far wonderful UP, my mate wants a midwife - "just in case." I tend to labor fast so am consenting to my MW from my 2nd birth in hopes that I will be done before she gets here, and giving making sure it is understood I in no way want to be bothered anytime during my birth experience, unless I showing a true medical emergency. Due to my belief that the body created with birth (and other natural functions) in mind and there for painless childbirth is possible we are adding hypnoses (hypnobabies) to our ticks for birth - dd was close but I feel lost my flow due to a change in the setting. If I need a c-section I have a detailed list of how to help make it a family friendly one followed by kangaroo care if necessary. I also plan to have a lotus birth encapsulate part of my placenta, compost part, and save some to give my child a spirit home with the planing of a tree.  Yes, I do plan to have it all... :D and I have it all worked out too!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I like pie? We are a very down to earth Pagan family who dose everything as nature shows us - homebirthing, bfing (complete with delayed solids and child-lead weaning), non-vaxing, no circing, ecing (cloth for back up), floor-bed sleep sharing, gding, homeschooling (earthschooling style!), urban homestead in hopes to cut cost on our whole food, gluten free, sugar free, mostly unfermented soy free, currently vegan diet and support saving the world one person at a time - who keeps their heads in the clouds.   

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welcome JollyPop and angil and congrats!


JollyPop, you say it's a girl (is that a guess)?


angil, i put your due date as the 15th (let me know if i should change it).

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Originally Posted by samstress View Post

JollyPop, you say it's a girl (is that a guess)?


That's what the told us at the ultrasound...but baby was so tiny! And not exactly cooperative either! I'll believe it when I see it in person!


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Originally Posted by samstress View Post

welcome JollyPop and Angil and congrats!


Angil, i put your due date as the 15th (let me know if i should change it).

Seems good to me! :D 

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-Age: 34
-EDD: 5/1
-Location: Missoula, MT
-1st child/2nd/3rd...:  2nd
-Family: Older brother Mason (he is expecting too his 1st 5/1 edd boy) Cat Kitty (aka Azalia)
-Baby's gender: 99.9 % a girl... but won't know till birth
-Names: Prudence I have no idea for a boy
-Birth plans/preferences: Private Birth Center

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-Name: LP
-Age: 34

-EDD: May 4
-Location: Long Island, NY
-2nd child
-Family: DH, 2 yr DS (Isaac)

-Baby's gender:  Boy

-Names: Elliott

-Birth plans/preferences: Same awesome Hospital as last time
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm a stalker, not so much of a poster, so I just joined the DDC.

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