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-Name: Carolyn
-Age: 31
-EDD: May 17
-Location: Toronto, Ontario
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: DH & DD (08/08). Indy (a big furry husky) & a little scaredy cat named Munchkin
-Baby's gender: We'll definitely leave it as a surprise but I would love another DD
-Names: We had liked Rowan Alexander or Nathan Alexander for a boy last time but we're going to have to come up with new girls names just in case this time around. It took us nearly a week to name DD after she was born so hopefully we can decide on a girls name a little sooner!
-Birth plans/preferences: I had tried for a home waterbirth last time & would do it again in a heartbeat. I laboured at home for a loooong time & got to 10cm with a lip but then swelled back down to 6cm. At that point I was too exhausted to labour back up to 10 & push so ended up going to hosp before things became urgent.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I've been thinking about checking out Hypnobirthing this time around in hopes that that might help me relax more during labour & let my body do what it needs to do. It was the cost that stopped me from doing it before & that's still a bit of an issue but hopefully I'll find a way this time around since there is very little else to buy for the birth. I will definitely rent the birth pool again - had the Birth Pool in a Box & LOVED it! Hmmm, what else - I'm very excited to be pregnant again. I felt fantastic during my last pregnancy & everything went very smoothly. I wonder a little how things will be different this time around with having a toddler at home, I'm kind of nervous about this. I had a mc at 4 weeks last month so I"m really hoping this little one sticks this time.
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-Name: Crystalyn
-Age: 35
-EDD: May 9?
-Location: Richardson, TX (just outside of Dallas)
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #2 - I have a beautiful 19 month-old daughter who is the absolute love of my life - my joy!
-Family: husband - Robin, daugher - Harper
-Baby's gender: no hopes, no guesses
-Names: no clue! We just found out yesterday... it's a surprise and we're still in shock!
-Birth plans/preferences: VBAC. We'll have to be in a hospital due to so many complications with my last pregnancy, but hopefully this time, I can stay out of the hospital until time for labor and delivery!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I wanted my kids to be at least three years apart, so we weren't going to start trying until next spring, so this is a surprise! I've been so achey and a little nauseated and way dizzy so I decided to take a test on a whim. I expected it to be negative and almost fell over when I saw two bold and distinct lines. But, since it happened without trying, it was obviously meant to be. Embracing our new plan, but still in shock! Just eight months left to celebrate our daughter as an only child! Thankfully, I'm a stay at home mom with a photography gig on the side to help make ends meet.
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-Name: Shyentist
-Age: 31
-EDD: Early May
-Location: Washington DC
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: FIRST!!!
-Family: Just my wonderful husband
-Baby's gender: Not a clue, and don't care as long as it's healthy (what a cliche, huh?)
-Names: No clue yet.
-Birth plans/preferences: hospital with midwife, ideally

After waiting to put my husband through grad school, and then waiting while we TTC'ed, it is SO good to FINALLY be here, ladies!
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Name: Ashley
Age: 32
EDD: May 19-21
Location: Reno Area
1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd for me; 1st for my hubby
Family: my husband and 7 year old son...and a VERY spoiled pug.
Baby's gender: No guesses....no wishes....just give me a baby!
Names: Girl: Sophia or Emily Boy: Wylie
Birth plans/preferences: C-section? or VBAC...I don't know.

I am soooooo excited and I have waited for so long for this after being a single mom for the past several years!!!!!
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Name: poopzmom (Caroline)
Age: 30
EDD: May 19, 2011
Location: NJ
1st child/2nd/3rd...: At least #4 ( I am nervous its twins again! I felt what I thought was implantation on 2 separate days, so I don't know)
Family:dh and 3 daughters. My oldest is 4 and I have twins that turned 2 in july
Baby's gender: Boy!
Names: William for Boy, dh doesn't like the girl name I have picked. so we will see.
Birth plans/preferences: Natural birth. I was able to deliver the first 3 natural so i hope to continue that way!
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Name: purplepaperclip
Age: 31
Edd: may21
Second baby
Location: at my desk
Family: dh 30, dd 2
No real gender preference. I know dh wants a boy.
Birth plan: natural hospital birth. Used my version of hypnobirthing with dd and it worked great.
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-Name: Christi
-Age: 22
-EDD: May 22
-Location: Wisconsin
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd
-Family: Wife to Joe, mommy to 2 little girls
-Baby's gender: DH wants a boy... we aren't finding out till the birth
-Names: Jonah Amos for a boy... no idea with the girl one
-Birth plans/preferences: Home birth!
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Hello everyone!

-Name: Heather. I dislike my sn. At the time I was in grad school, preggo and feeling ambitious. Now, not so much but I'm stuck with it
-Age: 31
-EDD: May 16
-Location: Triangle area, NC
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: Husband, son, and a dog
-Baby's gender: A girl would be nice since I have a boy already but I'm just thrilled to be pregnant.
-Birth plans/preferences: Trying to decide on a birth center or midwife in hospital
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My intro!

-Name: Rhonda
-Age: 43
-EDD: 5-5-2011
-Location: Columbia, SC
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: DD:Jade/13
-Family: Jonathan/43; DSD-20, DSS-17
-Baby's gender: Boy?
-Names: Too early to even think about names!
-Birth plans/preferences: Smooth sailing with meds!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: Just happy to finally be preggo after our 8 year struggle
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-Name: dayiscoming2006
-Age: 25
-EDD: early May
-Location: USA
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd
-Family: Hubby and 2 sons
-Baby's gender: Girl

-Birth plans/preferences: I am planning an UC (unassisted childbirth)

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-Name: Kris
-Age: 34
-EDD: May 20
-Location: Utah
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 5th
-Family: Hubby (Aaron), and our kids - Ethan, 7, Rhiannon (Annie), almost 6, Meghan, almost 4, and Gracie, 22 months
-Baby's gender: Hoping for another boy, but just thrilled to be pregnant - we'll be stoked with whoever we're meant to get
-Names: Lucas Charles for a boy, totally undecided for a girl
-Birth plans/preferences: I am planning my first homebirth. I've had 4 hospital births - one horrible, 2 mediocre, 1 good. I'm ready to have a homebirth this time.
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Name: Laura
-Age: 30 / 31 at EDD
-EDD: May 8th
-Location: Canadian Prairies
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd (3rd pg)
-Family: Dh, and DD 19mos, with possibly the world's hairiest dog.
-Baby's gender: Kind of feeling girl- but who knows!
-Names: I'll let you know when I process this!
-Birth plans/preferences: Hospital VBAC - hopefully with a doula- we're in a smallish town but there are a couple here.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I am just really crossing my fingers that this little bean sticks. I haven't had the insane morning sickness that I had with DD but I know every pregnancy is different!
Wishing all of you ladies a very happy and healthy pg!
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-Name: Nicki
-Age: 30
-EDD: Cinco de Mayo
-Location: Los Angeles
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: First!
-Family: husband, 2 gorgeous mutts
-Baby's gender: I believe it’s a boy, but I will be equally happy if it’s a girl.
-Names: Ezra. For girls I like Keenan, Petra or Lou.
-Birth plans/preferences: Not entirely sure yet. I’m pretty sure it’ll be either a hospital birth or a birthing center birth – but we haven’t 100% ruled out a home birth. It’s just I have neighbors in very close proximity. Definitely hoping to do midwife/ob joint care if I can.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: Long story made short: Always knew we wanted to adopt and have a pregnancy so in January (after 6 months of on and off TTC) we started the adoption process. It was taking longer than we anticipated so in June of 2010 we decided to “let go” and allow our adopted and birth children to come to us on their own time. Had an early loss in June (literally miscarried the day after I got my BFP) and now we’re pregnant again. 6 weeks exactly today!! So we expect our birth baby in May and our adopted baby sometime in early 2013 (or late 2012). I couldn’t be happier about being pregnant, I feel beautiful and whole. Praying to the baby Gods that he will be a sticky, sticky baby. Anxious to get past the 3 month mark. Total time spent TTC = 8 months.
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-Name: partaria
-Age: 28 (29 in one month!)
-EDD: May 15
-Location: Madison, WI
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: Our first star in the sky
-Family: Partner (husband) and one silly dog.
-Baby's gender: No guess, and no hopes- happy either way!
-Names: for a girl I like: Helen, Esther, or Zelda. For a boy, Lief or Henry.
-Birth plans/preferences: Natural childbirth (no drugs) with a midwife (even though my insurance doesn't cover them. Boo.)
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm a pretty type A person to begin with. I've known I'm pregnant for about a week, and already I've chosen the cloth diapering system I want, I've bought a used co-sleeper on Craigslist, I've come up with baby names, and selected a Breast Pump.

I like to plan everything, and in my crazy mind, everything has to be planned right now.

My biggest struggle right now is finding a way to pay for a midwife birth. We don't have much money, so this will be a challenge.
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-Name: kelsey
-Age: 33
-EDD: May 14th
-Location: ohio
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: second
-Family: husband a & (almost) 2 year old daughter
-Baby's gender: no clue... don't care...
-Names: nothing yet.. but i have a couple ideas...
-Birth plans/preferences: homebirth, after a less than satisfying, induced hospital birth
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: i'm a photographer and i wish i had more time to read...
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Name: Gaby
-Age: 34
-EDD: May 13th
-Location: Italy, but will be moving back to California in 6 months
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: this will be our 2nd kiddo
-Family:Husband Scott, 3 yo DD Gigi and 9 yo cat
-Baby's gender: ??
-Names:haven't even given it a thought yet.
-Birth plans/preferences: no plan its the best plan for me, the only sure thing will be getting an epidural that actually works!!
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hi, I'm Jenifer. I'm 38.
I have a daughter who will be 18 in January and a son who will be 11 in December.
I am due in May with baby #3. Feeling a little crazy. LOL.
I'm planning a homebirth and have my first midwife appt. Next week.
this is my first post, hope I remembered everything!!
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-Name: Heather
-Age: 33
-EDD: May 17, 2011
-Location: nj
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #1
-Family: husband a & 2 cats
-Baby's gender: ?
-Names: something Indian (father/last name is Indian)
-Birth plans/preferences: natural hospital with a doula
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I work full time and am taking 2 online classes this semester. I'm afraid I won't have the energy to keep up with it. But I'd like to finish the grad degree before kids!
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Name: Homebirthy
-Age: 42/ 43 at birthing
-EDD: Around May 12, though I've been up to 3 weeks past with no worries
-Location: DC Metro Area
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 8th pregnancy (2 m/c)
-Family: DH, 5 children ages 15 to 2; 2 girls 3 boys
-Baby's gender: one of each!? Hunch
-Names: don't know yet
-Birth plans/preferences: Homebirth
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: My belly is huge- I'm still nursing my 2 year old and will continue, tandem nursing is nothing new
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Name: Charlotte
Age: 31
EDD: May 21
Location: NH
1st child/2nd/3rd...: Third pregnancy. I lost one this summer.
Family: My sweet DH (28), beautiful DD (16 - ex DSD technically. She is the daughter of my heart. I will always be her "mama". She lives with her dad, my ex.), my brilliant DS (2), a wild corgi, a ridiculous bob-tailed, polydactyl cat, and an avid hunting calico.
Baby's gender: ?
Names: ?
Birth plans/preferences: I would prefer to birth at home with a midwife.
Absolutely anything else under the sun: I am very early on in this pregnancy. I have decided to live each day of this pregnancy with confidence and joy. I am not going to allow fear or trepidation taint this miraculous experience.
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