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Any moms around Columbus or Mansfield, OH Areas?

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Hi, I'm new here. and I am looking for other attachement/natural parenting moms around Columbus or Mansfield areas or in between. I am really into natural parenting and I babywear. I also am interested in just getting some mommy friends with the same values!
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Hi! I'm actually about 30 minutes SW of Columbus, but we're in the city a lot. We live on a little farm in the country. My DH works for Ohio State. We're also into the very natural lifestyle and attachment parenting way of life. Welcome to the club!!
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Hi there! It's funny...I came to this area because I was gonna post something about how to find some like-minded mommas close to me.
I'm about 45 minutes west of Columbus. I am in Dublin/Columbus area pretty frequently too. I've been having trouble finding parents that are in our immediate area that are into the same things we are. When I go out in the small town closest to us everyone stares when I'm wearing my LO in the carrier. They apparently think I'm weird .
Very nice to meet you!
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I'm new to natural parenting I guess you could say. But I've never thought that babywearing looked odd or out of place. I'm pretty open-minded so maybe others just think it's odd. I live on the West part of Columbus, right outside of Hilliard area. That's south of Dublin. We've been in Ohio since Jan of this yr. We're expecting #2 next Jan & have a DS a lil over 2.
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I am in the Bexley area (a few miles east of downtown Columbus)
I would love to meet some more like minded moms in the area. I am part of a few moms groups but i just have nothing in common with anyone. I am "crunchy" but not super crunchy i guess.

My DS is my first baby and is 16 months now.

PS i am out of town (in AK!) until middle of October, but i would love to be kept in the loop!

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I'm in Columbus and, if all goes well, will BE a mom come late April! I'm a first timer so still figuring everything out but I was raised in a pretty crunchy atmosphere and plan on doing the same for my kid. I'd love to be kept in the loop as well.

Also, I am looking for any and all tips on birthing in Columbus. Insurance only lets me deliver at OSU (or Marysville, which I've heard good things about and am starting to look into). So I feel pretty stuck.
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hello! i'm in wooster, about 25 minutes west of mansfield. i would probably say i lean closer to super crunchy. always looking to meet new mama friends!
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I am in Columbus and due with my first in June 2011. I would say I am crunchy but not SUPER crunchy; I am medically trained (pharmacy) and that colors some of my perspectives, though I'm certainly one of the crunchiest pharmacists/pharmacy students I know! I would love to make some mom/mom-to-be friends in the area... feeling pretty alone, most of my friends (across all ages) don't have kids or their kids are grown.

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I'm in Columbus too. We have LOTS of crunchy Moms here in town.

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What a timely thread! We are considering a move with DH working in Mansfield. We're trying to figure out where to live if he gets the job.


What is everyone's favorite area on Mansfield or north of Columbus so it wouldn't be an awful commute for him?


(if this is too much of a tangent, I can start a new thread)

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I see that more people have replied to this thread.  Anyone want to meet IRL after the holiday weekend sometime? (maybe someone with a close to 18 month old even??? orngtongue.gif)




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I'm a bit far from north Columbus (I'm just a few minutes east of Columbus) but I did want to say that there are qutie a few groups of like-minded mamas in the area.  If you head to Sprout Soup on High Street, the owner can tell you what groups meet there (there's a babywearing one and a la leche league one that I can remember).  :)

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Another Columbus mama here.  The babywearing meeting is Dec. 1st (first Wed. of every month) at 10:30 at Sprout Soup on high street in Clintonville.  I'll be there.  There is usually a pretty good turn out, although it may be a little small due to the holidays.

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I'm crunchy-ish in the Beechwold-Clintonville area. I'm into breastfeeding, intactivism, babywearing (although my 3-month-old is fighting me on it right now!), gentle sleep habits and gentle parenting. I work, but I've been to Sprout Soup a number of times, so I'll have to check into the meetings there.

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There is a new chapter of "Holistic Mom's Network" (www.holisticmoms.org) starting in Mansfield, Feb 1st!

Lots of Crunchy Mamas there!!!

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My family and I are moving to Mansfield from Tallahassee, Florida this fall.  I have really no idea what to expect, but I'm definitely nervous.  Can I get some advice of areas to live and good schools or ones to avoid?  My kids are 6 and 1 and I'm hoping to try and stay home with them if at all possible which will be a huge change for me.  Any advice at all that people want to share, I'll be happy to take it!



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You may want to check into:


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They never approved my request.

Originally Posted by columbusmomma View Post

You may want to check into:



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weird....I wonder what that means?!

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I'm in Marion, an hour-ish north of Columbus...Tricia-I may try make it to a holistic moms meeting :)


kaelynn's mom- I PM'd you....just to see if I might know you, lol

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