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I'm tired and grumpy. Too tired to give any more of an update than that.
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I'm tired and grumpy too. It's like a switch has been flicked. Yesterday I was feeling all glowy and lovely and zen. This morning I am grumpy and over it. I dont want to be pregnant forever but I know I will be. Well I know that's not possible, but I cant convince myself otherwise.

It's 6.30am in the morning and I need a nap already.
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Oh man Melly, I feel you! Two days ago I was in a pretty great mood, washing and folding baby clothes and what not. Then starting yesterday I've been in search and destroy mode, or something!
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I have been doing pretty good, I am feeling the baby move a ton and he keeps flipping around first head down then head up then transverse I would really like him to pick the head down position and just sick to it.

I keep going between being nervous that I'm about to have two little boys that are 22 months apart and my husband will be finishing his degree for the first two months of the babies life which means not only will he be overwhelmed with homework but three nights a week he won't be getting home until 9 anyway.

And then most of the time I'm really excited, I mean my little boy is so awesome and fun and just amazingly cool its going to be so awesome having two of them!

This week i have been pigging out and gained 3lbs its our wedding anniversary and you know hotter then could be outside so all I want is ice cream. Not good excuses I need to really watch what I'm eating and make sure its not crap.

I hope everyone is feeling better and has a great week.
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