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We have a home that we will be renovating soon (hopefully in the next couple of months!) and I've been thinking really hard about what I'd really like to have done as far as organization and such. It's 1500 sq ft currently (we may get to add on another couple hundred sq ft...basically enlarge kitchen, add a walkin closet to the master and add a proper pantry/laundry room). It was built in 1913, but has fairly large closets in each room (at least compared to our current situation...we live in a 3 bdrm mobile home, not quite 1100 sq ft). There's also a nice large porch on front. We'll be putting in a completely new kitchen and bathroom, both are decent in size. The ceilings are extra tall. The attic is unfinished and other than a ladder there's no access to it. Funds are NOT unlimited, but we plan to stretch what we have as far as it will go.

Somethings I'm considering....stairs for attic access as well as a solid floor up there so we can store some things (like holiday items and such which are currently in an outdoor shed), a window bench in the dining room with storage inside, maybe built in shelves there also? (most likely will be our "office space") if the back addition happens, I'd like some sort of storage immediately inside for shoes and such. Shelves above laundry area and a fold down table top for folding.

So what would you be sure to have built/installed if starting from scratch basically. Or do you prefer built in type storage or pieces that can be moved easily?