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Thank you, Motray.
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Originally Posted by slb1107 View Post
OMG! I got a BFP! I totally didn't expect it!!!! OMG!!! So do I go to just a general doctor to get a blood test??? Or do I start finding me a real doctor??? OMG!!!
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TT: I welcomed you on your thread but welcome again!!! Was going to suggest you join this thread but I'm a newbie here myself so not sure if I'm allowed to hand out invites to the party yet! lol, kidding. Hope you get that BFP quickly! This is my 2nd time around with charting, OPKs and all the obsession. It took exactly 2 years to get preggo with my DD... but am hopeful this one will be much quicker and I can hand out some of my knowledge at will

slb: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Happy and Healthy 9 months!!!! YAY!!!

Barefoot: Hate to see you go... I didn't think there was anything offensive about what you posted... There's a lot of science behind TTCing and I find it interesting to learn new things as they come but I also understand trying to give hope to someone who thinks a month has gone down the crapper, lol. TTCing can be a serious PITA sometimes.

AFM: I found my EWCM!!! It was hiding from me behind my cervix and has only been coming down in small amounts... but there was plenty up there for a good, strong O....so I don't know if it today is the day or tomorrow since I still haven't got any serious O pains yet but I did temp after a nap today and even that was lower then my normal post - O temps so I'm pretty sure I STILL haven't O'd. Figures the first month I decide to really try, O decides to show up late! I told DH that we'll BD tonight one more time and then he can have a break and he looks at me and says "Who needs a break?!" Haha... So I say "Well, I thought you were getting sick of doing it every night since last night you said 'I had to get you in the mood'" ... His reply "Nah, I was just saying that so I could get what I wanted!" LOL! Normally, I would probably be mad about that but hey, I'm getting what I want too so whatever... it works. This is so different then the last time we were TTCing. It's a lot of fun because we BOTH want it a LOT now. Of course, it's also only the first month... I do remember the 2 years of trying with DD and what that did to both of us but we're not thinking about that and we're just enjoying the heck out of each other right now
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BarefootScientist... I would like you to stay. I enjoy reading posts from all angles, perspectives, etc... And especially like the scientific posts! I believe BDing on the day of your temp rise isn't the best, but still gives one a chance! There are some studies that say the egg can live up to 24 hours (I've even seen 36, though I don't know that I believe that one), and then again, whose to say what time that ovulation occured? I think back before OPKs, doctors told women who were trying to conceive to BD as soon as their temp rose. So, it can't be completely hopeless!
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Thanks guys but I really am leaving for "bit off more TTC thread than I could chew" reasons...I have a lot of other things on my mind and can't keep up with this thread the way I thought I was going to. I was planning to tell the threadkeeper last night...it does kind of look like I'm leaving in a huff but I promise I'm not. I'm just not going to subscribe to next week's thread and so forth. I'll update you on the pee experiments if I get results.

Congrats slb1107!

Stevi, they tell you to count on a 24-hour egg life when you're CTA (which I know a heck of a lot more about than TTC honestly) so yeah! I definitely wouldn't call it impossible.
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Congrats slb.
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Originally Posted by Attached2Elijah View Post
I do remember the 2 years of trying with DD and what that did to both of us but we're not thinking about that and we're just enjoying the heck out of each other right now
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Slb: Congrats!!

Welcome TT!

AFM: My temp rose more today, so fertilitycharts changed my day of O by two days, so I'm not really sure what that means!? So it's now telling me I am 4dpo (even though I said that two days ago). But I still have one try in there. So I'm still crossing my fingers, but if it doesn't happen this month, I still have two left to make a go of it before I end up delivering a baby in the middle of a semester!! I have so many mixed feelings still. If I get pg this month, I am at more risk of running into school issues if I have a recurrence of preterm labor as I had with ds, but if I get a perfect pregnancy, then I'll have 4 months of free baby time before I have to hand him/her over to dh to watch while I go pretend to be a nurse! If it happens later, then I've got more wiggle room if complications show up, but that makes for less baby time and makes mamma .

Anyway wishing everyone baby vibes!
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TT: Welcome!

SLB: YAY!!! Congrats

So I was going through a bin and came across my baby bump pictures of when I was pregnant with my daughter. I want a big beautiful sometimes uncomfortable bump soooo bad!

FX that lots of BFP's come through soon! Lots of cycle buddies this month 6 dpo for me and my symptom obsession for the day: a pinch. That's right. A probably normal but could be (pretty please be?) an implantation pinch.
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TT - Welcome to the thread!

SLB - Congrats on the BFP!!!!

AFM - CD9, no signs of O yet, but haven't been O-ing until CD16-17 recently, so still got some time. I've decided to start checking and charting CM this month, haven't done that in the past, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated! I'm still not quite sure what I'm supposed to be looking for...
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Alright, I'll play. I'm 5dpo... Not much in terms of symptoms...


Here is a link to my chart.

Good luck everyone!
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Attached2Elijah - yay for finding your EWCM and yay for lots of DTD

Gator-mom - in a similar boat...its either this month or getting into my husbands "traveling season." Fingers crossed for you!! (should I move you to 2ww?)

ValH: Some good info on CM here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=833276

me: slight temp drop this morning, but as long as it stays above 97.0 tomorrow, FF will give me crosshairs. So I'm guessing that I'm likely 2dpo...thoughts?

My chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MyFFChart

DH was disappointed when I told him that last night may have been our last shot for this month...he said, "why didn't you push more last night (Tues) if this was it?" "um, because I didn't want to put pressure on you, since you just kinda wanted to see what happens." "But you said I need to 'save it up' and only do it every other day!"

Fair enough, I did say that. Based on this, and a number of other comments, I think he changed his mind and now really wants a baby (as opposed to just wanting a baby), but never relayed that information to his ovulating wife . No biggie - glad we are on the same page, just wish it was a few days sooner!!

How big of a deal is it that our most likely BD was the day before O?
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Originally Posted by motray36 View Post
How big of a deal is it that our most likely BD was the day before O?
Sounds perfect.
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motray, your chart looks great and I agree, definitely 2dpo. The night before O would have been optimum timing but the day before O is still really good as long as there are no known problems. Was there any EWCM on that day at all? Shoot, even your PM BD on the day of O would be good depending on when you O'd during the day... you might have caught the eggie after it's release. I've known more then a few women who didn't think they had a chance b/c they had less optimum timing then you and still got pregnant! Hope you caught it! Good luck!
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SLB: Congratulations on your BFP!! Sending sticky vibes and wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy!!!

AFM: Dogs woke me up earlier than usual this morning, around 4:30 (usually temp at 5:30). My temp was up a little bit (~.1) from previous days at 4:30. I went back to sleep and temped again at 6:30 and it was .2 higher...decided to record the average.

Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/30520e

Not sure if I Oed or not...will have to see what the temps do over the next few days. Pretty dry this morning, but usually don't have a lot of CM first thing, so I'll have to check again soon. Hoping I did O yesterday though because DH and I BDed right before work yesterday AM. Would've been awesome timing! Really really hoping for a BFP this month. I am ready!!!!
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Thanks everyone!! My first appt is October 7th. You wait 2 weeks to find out..then gotta wait forever!!! lol

BFP's for everybody!!!
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SLB: Congratulations!

motray: Your timing looks pretty good to me. Not perfect, but then I think rarely is everything exactly perfect when TTC You're definitely still in the running - now to settle in for the wait. Good luck!

AFM: Hanging out, waiting for O *taps fingers impatiently*. Really need to O today or tomorrow! DH has to abstain for Sat/Sun/Mon before his SA on Tuesday. I'm hoping my dropping temp for yesterday and today indicates O soon? Any thoughts? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/30954e
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Living: Looks like it could be today... How's the CM? I'm hoping I O today or tomorrow myself! I usually do on CD 14 on the dot... today is CD 16 and I still haven't. GRRRRR! Hopefully we both will ASAP and then get a BFP together!

AFM: I better O today... I'm starting to worry I'm not going to. I'm not even sure now if I have been having EWCM or it's just DH's deposit... Why is it when we weren't trying to have a baby I can pinpoint my O (on CD 14 too) with precision and now that we are TTC I can't figure out my body to save my soul? GAHHHH!!!! Oh well, at least we're having fun... or at least I was until my body went and got stupid on me. Oh well, I'll just try to relax and play this cycle by ear. If we don't get it this month, I'll just chart next cycle and hopefully avoid some of the O drama.
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Attached2Elijah: Hopefully today for both of us!

I haven't checked my CM today yet because we DTD last night and then almost again this morning (I told DH to wait til tonight! Poor guy! LOL) so I'm going to wait a few hours before checking anything I usually get tons of EWCM for a day or two, but I've changed so many things this cycle (diet, cranberry juice, no caffeine, and soy isos) that I don't even know what to expect!
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Please move me to Waiting to Know. I'm 1dpo and this was the best timing we've had so far... hopefully 6th times the charm.

Things were a lot different this cycle: I ovulated WAY early, I had a couple days with galactorrhea (I'm making milk a year after my daughter weaned), and I had spotting yesterday with O. Hopefully all of these changes are a good sign! Good luck to all of you, too!
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