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I hope everything is ok too, and it very well may be, but it is worth checking out. I do not know a whole lot about progesterone, but now is probably a great time in your cycle to test and I do not think it would be too late to start supplementing if you are PG.
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I will also join in and say I don't want anyone to leave.

AFM: 1dpo here and I went to the doctor to have a physical and pap. During the exam, my doctor told me my uterus is tilted (WTH?). So apparently if DH and I DTD in a "traditional" position, he's just going to be contributing into the side of my vagina and not at my cervix. It's good to know, but I'm po'ed that I didn't know this earlier. She said that during my difficult labor with DD the swelling could have caused my uterus to "scar down" in a tilted position. Does anyone else have this problem?

I also told her about my galactorrhea and she was about to "produce" a sample to have sent to the lab. Along with that, she ordered a full blood work-up for thyroid, FSH, anemia, etc. She was pretty confident that I'd be able to conceive, but I think she did that to ease my mind. I'm not going to know how to interrupt the results, so I'm going to need some help from you experts when they come in.
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Originally Posted by MommyMatsumoto View Post
During the exam, my doctor told me my uterus is tilted (WTH?). So apparently if DH and I DTD in a "traditional" position, he's just going to be contributing into the side of my vagina and not at my cervix. It's good to know, but I'm po'ed that I didn't know this earlier. Does anyone else have this problem?
its totally normal! mine has always been tilted untill after my 2nd pregnancy. so... growing up it was tilted, got preggo, then it went back to tilted afterward, then after the second pregnancy it is regular for the first time ever. they say doggiestyle is a good option for the tilted uterus folk. not so bad if ya ask me.

p.s.- tilted uterus folk....sounds like a band name.
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Hi, ladies

I've been taking a little break from obsessing on here because i've been really busy, but wanted to come on and see how everyone is doing. It felt great to take a break because i got so sad this last cycle. this will be cycle 5 for us, but it is a year and a half since we first decided we wanted to try for a baby. makes me so heartbroken to think about it like that.

Vivica.... puh-leeeease don't go. please.

I hope everyone's doing alright. Hi to all these recently joined ladies! this board is so hoppin'

I am 5dpo. My temp's been going down. harumph. but i know it's too early to mean anything anyway.

sending baby-makin' vibes to all of you!
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oh and does anyone have any thoughts as to why i have dotted crosshairs?
my chart
doesn't dotted mean "we don't really know what's going on so we're giving you these conciliatory crosshairs because that's the best we can do" hmm
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WOOT! EWCM finally showed up this afternoon. I'm hoping for a temp jump up tomorrow - I'll be completely stressed out if it doesn't happen by Saturday! Either way, guess I better jump DH when he gets home from work... lol
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Attached2elijah~ You sure did and thank you again lol. Well, I figured I'd introduce myself first then ask to join in on the party :P.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes!!! =D

I'm now in CD6, just bought my first BBT and yay that af is gone lol.
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I want temp jumps and dips! Guess I'd better get a BBT as well TT! I went on fertility friend for the first time and entered some "specifics" thinking that my analysis read back would be "super preggo hands down test now", buuuuuuuut guess it doesn't work like that LOL
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hello, friends! well, we're back here...
you can add me to waiting to O, please!
we recently decided that now would be an okay time to TTC so here i am
no high hopes this time around after our chemical pregnancy last year in august but we'll see i guess.
i have to catch up on the thread now!
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MommyMat: Another tilted Uterus here... and has been since before I had my son.. so 2 pregnancies with it and everything has been a-okay. My cervix is extremely tipped and like PP said, doggy style tends to work best for us, especially for TTC.

scarlet: Looks to me like you figured out why your chart had a dotted line, it looks solid this morning

Living: Yay!!! Attack him and catch that eggie!!! Hope you get your temp jump ASAP!

ryleeee: Yay!!! Good Luck!!!

AFM: I do think I am 2dpo (I started temping after all) and am having a slow rise because there has been a complete dry up of ALL CM, although I never did get MUCH EWCM but I think that's because DH's deposit was masking it... I did get enough to be pretty sure I was Oing. And sorry if TMI but when DH and I were DTD the other night, there was uhm.... TONS of lubrication and that only happens when I am Oing. So the only thing making me think I haven't O'd is the lack of O pains that I ALWAYS get... apparently BDing so much kept those at bay, I guess. So according to pretty much everything, I've O'd and we had EXCELLENT timing. I'm going to wait another day or 2 to be absolutely sure before I ask to be moved to the 2ww though. And Sooooo begins the obsession.
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Vivica and Attached2Elijah, I'm glad I'm not alone and I'm glad that it's not necessarily a big deal! Thanks for the comfort.
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mommym- i think almost every women gets told she has a tilted u at one time or another. it has absolutely no bearing on ttc. when im not o'ing, my cervix is practically stuck to the back wall because my uterus is so querky. always has been that way, and i conceived 2 children on bc, 1 on the second try, and 1 while not trying and bf'ing, dtd once that month, during a 4 mth cycle, accidentally caught the second pp egg. when i am o'ing, and cervix is hso, it's much straighter. but even if it weren't, there is no correlation between tipped uteri and difficulty ttc. if there were, believe me, there would be treatments for it, and we'd all be doing it! it's just incidental.
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mommyM, Vivica and Attached- yep I also have been told I have a tilted U. Born three kids successfully so I guess it didn't effect me too much. Our ttc issues are other.
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pretty sure i am Oing today (or possibly tomorrow) so here we go.
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Thread Starter 
Hi Everyone

mija y mijo - Welcome!

Living Sky - YAY for EWCM

no one leave unless it's for external to this board reasons . I would miss your contributions!!

me - FF gave me crosshairs today, so i am 3DPO. Now....comes....the....waiting. So I will be 13DPO the day DH leaves for a 3 week trip. Got my last + at 12DPO, so should hopefully know one way or another before he leaves. Although for some reason, he thinks it would be "so much cooler" to have me tell him over the webcam.
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Cycle buddies.
Tara2 4 DPO
Meander 5 DPO
Lydia 5 DPO.
Kyamo 4 DPO
Just Lily 5 DPO
Abbykins 6 DPO

No symptoms for me whatsoever. Thats ok. Next cycle I am going to try 75 mg soy, cd3-7.

Any of my cycle buddies have any symptoms. I know its early. I know if I have a really strong O sometimes the hormones make me queasy.

I also have a tilted uterus. Its not a condition, more like being left handed or righ handed or so my doctor told me. I dont know if it fixed itself after I had DD.
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Bleeding has stopped... BD marathon to begin probably Tuesday, as O is due Friday, Saturday at the latest. Time to start watching for EWCM and lining up the donors!

I'm beginning to get a little despondant about my chances of having a child... Being unable to get all the medical tests doesn't help. Have I mentioned lately how much the U.S. healthcare system S*CKS?!?!
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Stevi Our healthcare does indeed suck. I send you tons of love, support and good wishes.
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stevi- is it a matter of insurance? if that's it, would a teaching hospital like UMC offer you anything? i bet they have a free clinic type set up, wouldn't they?
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Jojo~ I guess if it were that easy, it wouldn't be any fun lol. Same here, today was the first time I put my temp on the ff chart.

ryleeee~ Lots of luck and baby dust!

Attached2elijah~ Crossing fingers for you.
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