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Gaining weight with twins

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I am reading up on gaining weight during pregnancy for twins and want to gain at least the 24 by 24 weeks, however, when I read up on it there is a lot of information that stated drinking milk is the best way to get the protein. I don't drink milk, my son is dairy/soy intolerant, so we just don't comsume either and am wondering what are some other ideas for protein that are traditional foods? Any advice would be great. If I have to drink milk, I will.
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Ice cream? Cheese?

I don't drink milk either and was pretty darned sick in the first trimester, but I still managed to hit the 24 pounds by 24 week goal.
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I don't drink milk either. I am not even close to the 24lbs by 24 weeks. I am up 6lbs by 24 weeks. If you count the 15lbs I lost and regained back.. then I'm up 21lbs.

I eat protein by eating chicken or turkey. I cook up batches and eat it cold out of baggies. I put it on everything. LOL Beef jerky too. String cheese, yogurt, nuts, protein shakes, eggs.

Really I try to eat health, and eat extra protein. But if I don't feel like protein, then I don't eat it. I'm really into veggies and fruit right now.

Ultimately I think our bodies really know what we need. Listen to it, and try to remain healthy. If your craving osmething sweet... stick to fruits and naturally sweet things. If your craving salty... maybe veggies and dip will hit the spot.

I was so stressed over the protein/calorie intake to hit the 24lbs by 24 weeks that I wound up almost crying in stress every day because I couldn't eat ANYTHING until like week 17. Stress I think is far worst than coming up short on protein for a day.
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oooh, just wanted to say that I read a pretty compelling article about Vit D during pregnancy (although cow milk has it's own issues, at least it has Vit D). I'm not sure where you live, but in areas with little sun (where I live in the Pacific NW), researchers are linking D deficiencies in pg with issues that the NW is riddled with, one of them being autism.
As far as how much to gain, etc, I think that it's building up a good strong reserve so that you can nurse two babies and sustain your own body, too. I personally gained 80 lbs, had 38 weekers, but they were still rather small (5 14 and 6 10). A friend of mine who considered peanut m & ms her protein source, and hot chocolate a sustaining food, birthed far bigger twins than me. Who knows! She also lost a ton of weight after the pg, to the point she gave up nursing. (I know the weight loss sounds appealing, but when nursing taxes a body so much it loses its' glamour.... )
Sorry if my post is a little quick, but the Vit D thing has been on my mind.
Best to you!
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I was taking raw ferm. CLO, but had to stop, I can't stomach it. I do get sun each day too so I should be ok.

I am in my first trimester and although I am not vomiting, I am so queasy all day. I have a prescrip., but don't want to take it. I am hoping it passes soon. Normally I eat a lot of meats but that has been one of my food aversions, I do get the cheese in, that's the only dairy we have here. The ice cream we buy is dairy soy free due to my DS intolerances. I don't have other dairy products, we use coconut milk for smoothies and coconut yogurt. I better look to see if either of those have protein. I never buy fast food and am not a typical junk food eater. Strangely enuf, I have been craving junk. I don't understand it. I've been dreaming about processed fries and things I have not eaten in YEARS and years. My homeade fries don't cut it. Its so odd. I haven't given in to the cravings but I did have a red robin burger which I ate and enjoyed while my family enjoyed their grass-fed beef burgers that looked nasty to me.

Once trimester 1 passess I hope I feel better. I would have no problem buying reg. yogurt and ice cream and do eat nuts. What are raw nuts? We buy organic walnuts/almonds from WF...are raw different?
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I thought it would be crazy hard to gain 24 lbs by 24 weeks but then I ended up gaining that much without any trouble. I did eat extra protein during the 1st trimester and as a bonus, it seemed to help with the constant nausea. Breakfast sandwiches with egg and cheese, Greek yogurt and Luna/Clif bars were some of my favorites. Like you, I usually eat meat but couldn't face it too often in the early weeks.
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I would just do your best, but not drive yourself too crazy with it! I was very slow to gain at first, but in the second/third tri the weight has come on toooooooo easily. (I know the babies need it... and that is absolutely fine - my point is just that your body will do what it needs to do) For protein - how about nuts, eggs, chicken, beans, yogurt, cheese? I'd say that is where I mainly get my protein.

I dont really drink milk either. If you can do cheese/yogurt, I would try and add that in... .not so much for protein but for calcium/vit d.
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My 2 standbys are greek yogurt and Orgain brand organic protien shakes, I do not think I could live without them both
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thanks everyone!
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I rely on my rice protein powder a lot. You can put it in anything you want. Make a smoothie, or I just mix it with apple juice and water mostly.

Otherwise stick to the foods you like that are protein rich like meats, nuts, greens, nut butters. With some work you should be able to make it work dairy/soy free. Although if you think you can do dairy, I recommend cottage cheese over everything else. It's easier to digest and really high protein.

Best of luck,
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I eat hardly any dairy, so I ate a steak, beans, and another side dish for every single meal when I was pregnant with the triplets. It was SO hard to get in enough protein.
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big ol' spoonfuls of natural organic peanut or almond butter...yum!
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My first post...not in denial anymore .

I am creeped out, my OB just told me to gain 30 lbs. (I have a normal BMI) and my last baby was SGA. When I was shocked at how little that sounded for twins she said, "okay 35 lbs". this seems like not enough to me.
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elf-- How much experience does your OB have with twin pregnancies? I'd be worried about a dr that set any kind of limit on weight gain with multiples.
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