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my friends and i have this little thing we do... if one of us needs to just vent (we don't want anyone to fix or try to fix or offer to fix or say they get it or that it is normal) we say "I just need to vent right now" and if we are looking for advice, a fix whatever i would say something like this "Ok so what do you think about this?" or "what would you do or what did you do?" and then we know someone is looking for some answers.
her parenting style sounds very different from yours so maybe to her it is alot harder, even if in reality it wasn't/isn't.
also you said you offer her advice, but when she does it to you, you get upset... sounds like you both need to have a heart to heart about what you are both looking for in your friendship... or maybe get caller ID if you don't want to hear all the complaining all the time. then you can pick the time you feel up to listening.