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Anybody still around? I'd love the support if theres anybody still interested.

I've always been "thick" for lack of a better word. Once puberty hit, it just got worse. In my early 20s i was diagnosed w PCOS, but not really told what that meant for my weight. Years later i finally figured it out through trial and error. Since DS was born, i've gained 30 lbs, so now i'm pushing 300. I'd love to see the other side of 200, which i havent seen in years.

I'm insulin resistant, so have to really control my food to see any weight loss.

My goals:
Train for a marathon - be in marathon shape by my 35th bday (369 days away).
Lose 100 lbs

Towards that end, i have a Y membership, a new pair of cross-trainers, and we will be starting diet control on the 1st.
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I've been reading the book "Half Assed" recently. It's written by a blogger who went from nearly 400 lbs to under 200 lbs. It's been inspiring me. But, she was talking about her food choices and I realized when I go grocery shopping I really don't buy junk food. I tend to stick to the outside aisles (fruit, vegetables, lean meats, etc). I don't make  poor choices when it comes to the kind of foods I eat. My big problem is portion sizes and getting up enough energy to go work out.


It's kind of a catch-22. I want to work out, but I end up getting sick, and my immune system is poor partially because I'm overweight and unhealthy. Right now I'm getting over a cold. I should probably just walk over to the fitness center and take a walk on the treadmill to keep up the habit of going, but it's so much more tempting to stay home in my pajamas.

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Cristeen - I am insulin resistant too.  Do you take metformin?  It's helped me a lot.


AtYourCervices - LOVE the name :)  that book sounds fascinating, I am going to look it up


I had my first WW weigh in on Friday, and I lost 6.4lbs!  I am totally stunned - I followed points but I ate xmas cookies, went out for dinner and had half a bottle of wine...  I was expecting a modest loss at best.  I really like this program, it's been very easy so far.

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Originally Posted by AtYourCervices View Post

 I don't make  poor choices when it comes to the kind of foods I eat. My big problem is portion sizes and getting up enough energy to go work out.


This is how I am.  I wish I could cut out the pepsi and lose 30 lbs like people I read about.  I buy and cook pretty good food, but I like to be full.  I eat to my hunger.  I don't gain or loss. I stay the same.  when I drop down to even 1800 calories a day, I feel like I'm starving after about a week. 


I'm glad this thread is back.  Maybe we can start a fresh New Year's thread??? 

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Newbie here. Ideally I need to lose about 70 pounds. My goal is to lose 40 before we ttc again, hopefully sometime this summer. I also have PCOS. I've taken metformin in the past, and I'm thinking about going back on it.


I've been taking our dog for almost nightly walks/jogs for several weeks. My goal has been to go 10 miles a week, and so far I've accomplished that. I event jogged for a full mile - something I hadn't done in years. I haven't changed my eating habits yet - I'm focusing first on making a habit of exercising. So far I've made it through Christmas with a net weight loss of nearly 3 pounds. I consider that a major victory given all the baking I've done this month! I'm planning to start counting calories again with all the rest of the New Year's Resolution people.

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I'd like to join too for the new year. Actually, I started yesterday. I've started listing goals for myself and action steps to get there. My first step is to cut out Pepsi.  I've done that in the past and went for about two years without drinking it. I really started hating the taste of it after awhile. When I cut out the pepsi and started to work out, I dropped about 40 pounds in 8 months with no trouble. Unfortunately the kids got chicken pox back to back and i got a nasty case of strep.  Between all of that, I was out of my routine for a month and never got back to it.  I don't think I can go cold turkey off the caffiene and I've tried to drink unsweetened tea to get the caffiene without the sugar.  DIdn't work. I missed the fizz of pepsi. LOL. 


So my main goal is to lose 100 pounds AND keep it off this time.  To achieve that:


1. Get rid of pepsi (Cut down over the next two weeks until I am completely pepsi free)

2. Start cooking healthier meals for myself when the kids are at school. (I cook healthy for them for dinner but lunch for myself is ALWAYS something grab and go)

3. Schedule in gym time for me three times a week. Walk on my treadmill at home in the morning for a half hour


Going by last time, i figure 6 pounds a month is a reasonable goal to shoot for so I should be at my goal in less than two years.

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I joined Weight Watchers online yesterday. Anybody else on there? I'm trying to figure out this whole points thing. I've done okay with eating. Yesterday I spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes lifting weights. Today I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical. I'm going to take some "Before" pics.

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Yay for this thread!!!!  Can't remember how I found it - but I really don't care either! orngbiggrin.gif


According to my BMI, I have about 140lbs to lose....  but if I lose that much I'll look ridiculous (btdt!)...  so I'm aiming for a total loss of around 100lbs.  Right now, though, I'm going for 40.  My sugar levels are good, my BP is great (I have them checked at the gym because it's nigh impossible to find a doctor around here who will look past the external. eyesroll.gif I went in for a throat infection just over a year ago (I don't get sick!) and the first thing I was told was "you need to lose weight".  For a throat infection???  Talk about getting your money's worth...  lol.gif).  


Anyway, rant over.  orngbiggrin.gif

Re: diet - we eat an almost-exclusive whole foods diet...  I hate the taste of processed stuff, and it sends my DS loopy.  So USUALLY if we have "treats" they're home-made, so at least I know what's in them.  Christmas has been a real PITA for going off that though....  oops.

OTOH, I still prefer to eat a heap of fruit and veg, rather than treats.


Re: exercise - I have been incredibly slack for the last 2 months, after my most recent m/c at the beginning of November I have only been to the gym every week/fortnight...  but am getting back properly tomorrow (can't see the point of paying for it if I'm not going to use it).  I usually (well, before November) go almost every morning at 6am (5 or 6 days a week), before DH and DS wake up...  it's my "me time".  Tomorrow I'll get DH to take DS for a swim while I'm in the gym (same complex).


We are TTC...  so I'm concentrating on eating right and getting back to being more active....  so I shouldn't have to change too much if I do conceive.  That's the plan, anyway.  lol.gif


AtYourCervices:  I LOVE your siggie!!!!  lol.gif My DH sings it All. The. Time....  and now DS does as well - even though he's never seen the movie!

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Originally Posted by musicoholic View Post

AtYourCervices:  I LOVE your siggie!!!!  lol.gif My DH sings it All. The. Time....  and now DS does as well - even though he's never seen the movie!

Thanks! My friends and I quote that line to each other on occasion. It makes me smile. How odd is that? LOL!


So far, so good with Weight Watchers. Sometimes I feel like my husband is sabotaging me, though. I made a moderately healthy dinner last night, and DH still ordered pizza a few hours later. I ended up eating some, then this morning I researched how many "Points+" it was. Still within my weekly allowance, so my "diet" isn't completely blown.


I keep reminding myself it isn't a diet but a whole lifestyle change. I feel a bit better already. The one problem is my calf muscles are sore. I have to remind myself to stretch first.


Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and embarass myself here. I'm going to post my "Before" picture. I took it a couple days ago. Really, I'm embarassing myself every day by walking around with all this extra weight. I made sure to wear clothes that properly showed all the rolls. orngtongue.gif


So, here I am:








So, there I am. 5'8", 220 lbs.


I don't see myself as being that big. Seeing pictures of myself is a real shock. That double chin really bothers me. I'll try to post updated pics every month or so to show my progress. Hopefully we'll be able to see it. LOL!

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cristeen - I have the same goals - 100 pounds and a marathon. I really love running (I was an awesome xc runner in high school), so I hope this is the solution to my weight loss success.

AtYourCervices - I don't think you have a double chin. I'm also 220 pounds, but 2" shorter.

I'm joining because I know we can do this! For me, weight was never a problem until after children. Postpartum depression led to drinking and antidepressants, both awful for my weight. I'm not doing either anymore, but find myself eating more irked.gif SO I've been holding steady at 220 for quite awhile. I started jogging again 2 weeks ago and this will be my obsession for the next year. I'm not going to worry so much about food. We don't eat out so I figure the diet will just follow the exercise, a natural and organic approach to my weight loss. I really enjoy eating raw vegan, so I will be doing more with that, but I'm not going to obsess about it.

Let's look forward to a great 2011!!
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Happy New Year, everyone!


I'm back after a short hiatus.  I decided that I was spending way too much time on the computer.  I was checking in here daily and posting my food on The Daily Plate too, and it felt like some days I never got out of my computer chair.  I've decided that using The Daily Plate and checking in with you all really does help me stay with my program so I'm going to try and keep up with you all but limit my MDC time to a couple times a week instead of everyday.  Hopefully that will be a nice balance.


I'm starting back with The South Beach Diet today.  I've been off of it for about a month.  I gained about 5 pounds since going off, but am still down 15 pounds from when I started in August.  I've got about 135 pounds to lose still, so I'm in this for the long haul.


Good luck, everyone!  Make today a fresh start and do what you know you need to do to get healthy.  We can do this!

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I started a new thread for January.  Maybe if we get enough momentum, we can have monthly threads. 



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