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length of lochia after csection

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the thought occured to me the other day, how do they remove the placenta during a csection?

does having a csection make you bleed longer/shorter afterwards? I am 2 weeks PPD and still bleeding lightly (no clots though). I was in the hospital last week and alot of the nurses seemed surprised I was still bleeding? (what's so unusual about that? my OB said it could be 4-6 weeks)
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They remove the placenta manually - meaning that they put their hand between the uterine wall and the placenta to shear it off.

The amout of bleeding after the birth is typically the same. There might be more clots for a cesarean mom if she isn't moving around and walking alot (the clots are just blood that pools for a length of time, then comes out when you stand or move a certain way).

It varies so much from woman to woman. I have many clients who are still spotting or lightly bleeding at 4 weeks, while some are completely done at 2. Then others are still having small bits of blood even at 6 weeks.
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I had a section June 2002, I bled for 9 weeks. By 6 weeks it was lighter but still requiring a pad change every few hours.
I wasn't that active and didn't drive for 6 weeks so I was home pretty much all the time.
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My first c/b I had period like bleeding for 1.5 weeks and very light bleeding for 1.5 weeks. It was all over by 3 weeks.

My second c/b(almost 8 weeks ago) Heavy bleeding for about 5 hours (they almost start a pit drip) then light bleeding (barely a pad a day) for about 2 weeks then I just had the lochia discharge (very very light spotting) until week 5. I've just had my first ppaf : I'm not surprised though.

It just varies depending on the women.
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Fwiw, mine was much lighter after my sections.
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Mine was lighter then a vag birth. I bled for a total of 3 weeks. I passed only one clot. I was walking around as soon as I had feeling.(I had many belly surgeries before I knew that was best for me) It was fairly heavy for 2 weeks and then lighter for a week. After those 3 weeks it was very very light for another week.

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